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MissyR70 |
Listener - Expert 9

Listener Rating
4.5 star rating

Hello I am a trained active listener and am here to listen to any issues you may be having. No sexting please. I am an intern here at 7 Cups.Issues of a sexual nature are not really my forte.

Number of Ratings: 312
Number of Reviews: 77
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Oct 23, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 252
Cheers 62,559
People Helped 485
Chats 943
Group Support Chats 0
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Forum Posts 58
Forum Upvotes 81
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Feedback & Reviews
Great to chat with & she knows what she's talking about.
very nice. enjoyed our talk.
She is very direct and straight to the point. If you need someone to tell it to you straight, she's the one to talk to.
She is one of the most kind and compassionate people I've met. She truly listens
She's the most wondeRaul person
Very helpful
An actually good listener
Missy is caring and kind. Her responses are thought out and well put.
Good listener quick responses
Really helpful
Thank u
thank you
She is nice,and better than some people I recently spoke with on here.
Great listener
Amazing Listener
very kind
Awesome person
good person
great listener
Thank you for listening
MissyR70 was quick to respond and seemed sincere. It was a good first experience for me.
Very nice and understanding. Makes you feel like there are truly people that care.
Great ideas
Missy was very helpful and made me think about things in a different way and it made me discover more about myself. Missy helped me to calm down . I loved 7cups more after that conversation
Compassionate listener
Missy was understanding and said exactly what I needed to hear
Shes good
very good thank you
awesome helped me so much
This person really takes the time to listen when you know you can tell your problems to them in a fun way that makes them want to know you. Awesome listeners!!

Provided support in a very patient way.
Your words gave me a hope , wat I was looking for
Very helpful!!!! Wonderful!! Great experience!!!!
Really really nice listener
Sypathtic to my problems and very caring
She was very helpful.
She understood my grief better than I was expecting. It is nice to know someone cares enough to share the hardship of their journey to help someone through theirs.
She was nice.
Super helpful kind she is amazing
Great listening and very helpful
great listener and very helpful
good listener
Great listener.
Good listener, offers her honest opinion of your situation, not just general platitudes.
Great listener and professional, helped a lot!
Very insightful
very helpful
Quick to answer back.
good listener
Very supportive.
Thank you for listening!
She was empathetic and patient. A definite assest to 7Cups!
Very kind and compassionate. Made me feel cared about during our conversation.
Great x
very helpful
thank you
Great responses
Very Kind
Good active listener.
Missy was awesome. Ty
thank you for listening
she is kind :)
awesome person to talk to
she is very nice.
Kind listener, thank you!
patient listener
Thank you
very encouraging
Amazing !!
Good listener. Thank you for your time and empathy.
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