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Hello, I'm MonicaQu a listener glad that you came across my profile. Hola soy una oyente y estoy muy feliz que has encontrado a mi perfil.  

I am able to talk to teens as I teach 15 and 16 years old. Also I can talk about most topics with adults about  anxiety, relationship problems, school problems just to name a few. I am able to talk about sex related topics but with not too much information. All other topics I'm fine with such as chats on Bipolar, depression and issues to do with Weight Management and Eating Disorders as I have family members who deal with these.

You can message me offline to make an appointment . I'm free most weekends during the day or night and sometimes around 5pm until 6pm on Monday to Thursday. Or else you can send me daily messages telling me about your days.

In my chats, I usually can talk for 40 minutes then continue another day and talk to only one person at a time. Listening to you, means a lot as I know some things you can't go to a friend or family member that it is easier to do where you are anonymous.  In my chats, you can expect a non-judgemental place and feel like you are talking to a friend. 

I can take chats in English or Spanish.  

For listeners, 

I am a teen/adult listener and have been a member since 2014 so you can come to me for any problems or if you want to refer a chat you can tell them my username.  You can find me in Listener Support Room, or High School Room for teens. I am also part of the Spanish Speaking group so if you come across a Spanish speaker or you are a Spanish speaker yourself, send me a message. :)


Some cool information about me : I'm an Anthropologist and study Spanish at university. I have been in Ecuador for 3 and a half years now. I'm originally from New Zealand. 

I have been involved in a variety of projects like the : Red Cross, Refugee Service and I am a yellow ambassador where students at my school could come to me to talk a bit like 7cups but in real life.  I really like coffee and like to use Stumbleupon as it interests me to see what random page I come across. I also like to destress by going to rumba (dancing latin rhythms at the gym)

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Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Spanish
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Feedback & Reviews
Great chat! she listens well
Moni was incredibly responsive and interested in what I had to say
Very professional and compassionate. Would definitely talk t them more.
Helpful, asks the right questions.
Very kind and sympathetic
Really nice and sweet
Really understanding and validating, calmed me down nearly instantly
They asked me good questions that I can think about
she helped me a lot
Very friendly. Asked good questions. All in all amazing.
Amazing listener
Good helpful kind
Very easy to talk too
They were very nice and listened to what I had to say. It felt nice talking to a person.
Helped me better cope with how i was feeling and really kind and calm
amazing listener and relates very well
The most understanding person I've ever met
Amazing help to me
Really helpful and great listener ❤
very lovely good listner
amazing person! totally recommended
Really nice, respectful and understanding!
She's doing great!
we had a really nice talk
She's a real sweetheart.
Great listener, beautiful name.
It genuinely felt like I was communicating to an actual human being rather than a screen.
very understanding listene
she was great listener! she didn’t judge and supported me all the way. helped me with my problem. im glad people like her exist!
she understands and its like she can read my mind because she knew exactly what was happening to me, i loved the talk:)
Writes lots, shares so much good input, really listens, and shows a lot of compassion. Monica is a great listener!
very kind and helpful
Person was helpful
super awesome listener
she is a absolutely great listener because she really understand and listens to me. I have talked with her too many times!
She is really kind and always asks the right questions!
Really great listener!!! Makes me feel like someone understands me
A good listener, tells her opinion and asks good questions
she nice for me
amazing listener
Was quite nice and respectful.
I liked it, helpful chat.
Thanks I enjoyed talking with you
Was very helpful and kind
Very nice and accepting
Monica is nice and helpful
Very polite, pays attention, interactive, confortable to be with and compassionate. A true good listener!
She’s great. Really professional and caring.
amazing. she truly helped me out.
she was very understanding and patient with me, even when it was hard for me to articulate what I wanted to say.
Friendly person.
MonicaQu is a good listener and tries to understand you
An awsome listenner asking the important questions.
reall good listener
Sweet and supportive, although her answers seemed a bit choppy.
The listener was very relatable. She is compassionate and tries her best to help you. Highly recommended. She'll make you feel better.
very understanding towards everything
she is amazing and helped me alot
Amazing listener and very helpful! Thank you!!!
She's nice, no stress
She's an amazing listener and so personable! I feel like myself around her!
It’s going great
she is awesome to talk to !!!
MknicaQu really listened to what I had to say and I appreciated her checking on me.
I felt that I was able to finally talk to someone about my issues and still feel wanted even after talking about how I felt on certain topics. Very nice and doesn’t make me feel dmall
She was super nice, listened well and really just calmed me down. This is hands down the best experience I've ever had on this site!
Really receptive, responded quickly and was very polite
Asks questions and was very nice and understanding
Very nice and patient person.
She was super helpful and a great listener :)
open to listen...
It went pretty well
she is just awesome and very caring great listener
Incredibly helpful
Awesome listener!
great listener best I found
Very good variety of resources and responds very quickly
Thank you to MonicaQu for spending the time to listen to me and my woes. She provided a friendly ear, gave me links to useful information. Really apprieciate her time and thankful for finding this site as I didnt have anyone else to speak to.
Gave me many helpful and thoughtful options to sort out my situation.
Awesome to talk too
amazing, to be honest
Speaking with MonicaQu has helped comfort and calm me down so far.
Very nice
Really helpful and informative
Very good!
Very undersatanding!
A helpful person, makes me feel so better and with professionalism
She's a really good listener
I think she s an amazing person , and anyone with a problem wont be disappointed to talk to her
Excelente persona
kind and caring
Extremely professional but not on the edge of being ungenuine. Very helpful and willing to look into resources for you.
very nice!!!
Incredibly understanding and doesn't use that typical sympathetic attitude. Extremely professional.
understanding and patient.
Thank you!
amazing, very caring, helpful and understanding. I feel so lucky to have had this conversation.
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