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MxSkeleton |
Listener - Master 9

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5.0 star rating


My bio, roles and other important information are located below. This section is just for recent developments and notices :) I am currently NOT taking new long term chats.


Want to schedule a chat with me? Click on this cute little face to use doodle to schedule a weekday chat with me! \(^▽^)/ My weekends are free.

My Best Topics:

Anxiety/Panic Attacks



Imposter Syndrome related feelings.

Intimacy support*

General Support

no sex chats please, that's against the ToS and guidelines of*

My Roles (〃・ω・〃)

Verified Listener

7cups Supporter

7cups Welcoming Committee

Safety Patrol Team

Former Involvement:

Appreciation Team Member

Former Discussion Writer for the Anxiety Sub Community

Former Anxiety Forum Supporter

Positivity and Gratitude

Anxiety Forum Supporter

Former Social Soldiers Team Member

Hey there, my name is MxSkeleton, but you may call me Skelly, Mx Skelly, Skele or just plain old Mx (Mx is pronounced like mix) I was formerly known as MissSkeleton, but that no longer best reflects my gender. I'm a Verified Listener that has been a part of this community for a few years. I have completed several bouts of training both on 7cups and with the Navy. I have no triggers so all topics are welcome, though I tend to stick to my top five. I am still accepting short term member chats. I am non-binary, and my pronouns are they/she. I am happily married to my lovely husband. I love travelling, photography, art, videogames, cyber security and aiding others. I also enjoy cooking and I am vegan. I speak Dutch comfortably though not perfectly, and English natively. Feel free to drop in and just say hello, talk about your day, I would enjoy your company very much. I am sending you all positive vibes and I hope you feel fantastic. 

Listener Twin

Number of Ratings: 125
Number of Reviews: 52
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, American Sign Language, Dutch
Listener Since Oct 15, 2016
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Non-Binary
Progress Path Step 425
Cheers 81,985
People Helped 269
Chats 1,359
Group Support Chats 126
Listener Group Chats 44
Forum Posts 246
Forum Upvotes 262
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Feedback & Reviews
Very good and kind listeners
Great listener! Very helpful and nice :)
Patient and caring
She is a warm and kind person who really wants to listen to you. She also gives great advice, but the fact that I felt welcome was really really nice
Skelly is an amazing listener, one of the best I've ever talked to. She is very kind, compassionate, non-judgemental, and let's you be in control of where the conversation goes. She is such a great help, you can tell she really cares and takes you seriously. Makes you feel like you really matter! Absolutely wonderful.
Very sweet and helpful
She is without a doubt one of the best listeners I’ve ever had!! I can’t express enough how present, kind, thoughtful and intellectual she is. I’m so pleased I reached out to her! She truly helps you! And she genuinely listens to your problems; patiently and with positivity. She gives long, detailed answers; providing both perspective and personal insights to your situation. She’s amazing. Thank you so much, bud! I had a great conversation with you xx
They really helped me in a time of need and I appericate that so much more than words can describe
I feel calm and at peace with myself. I hope everyone finds a listener like you!
She is a really nice person and I feel like she cares
she's really `great and helps a lot
Good listener and helpful person
very good listener i trust her fully
Amazing 💗💗 panda
She was extremely helpful to me, and provided great empathy to me when no one else would. and truly listened and cared.
Good talking
She was really nice and helpful
She answered quickly
Absolutely amazing, I couldn't ask for anyone better.
Very kind and supportive
Absolutely lovely.
she was a nice girl
The best
marvelous, proffesional, attentive listener. what more could you ask for. a true gift to 7Cups service.
very sweet.
Best listener on here.
was really good. provided a refreshing, third-party perspective on my issues. 10/10 would recommend
extremely empathetic and supportive with every message
She is so sweet and understanding!!
An amazing person to talk with!
By far one of my favorites. Such a great human. I had a lovely time and will definitely be contacting again! Maybe, if she is accepting, we'll being sponsee/sponsor -shrug-
Thank u so much for at least talking to me
She's amazing
My first chat here, and I'm glad I got her!! She's very professional, offers good advice, and provides a calm and helpful environment. She even made sure to make me feel wanted at a time that it was very needed :)
They were really empathetic and comforting
Helpful, sticks to the guidelines of 7cups while being good support!
Very good.
Very helpful! She is a wonderful guide and made me feel comfortable.
She is a great listener and is very empathetic.
Incredibly amazing.
Really wonderful and helpful girl
Incredibly awesome.
Thanks MissSkeleton. Its like you understand what im going thru
She is ever so nice!!!
it was amazing so kind and really good advice
she is amazing gives great advice and talk to you as if she knew you for forever.
Super nice!! They helped when I didn't feel very good and made me feel better! (:
MissSkeleton is patient, understanding and seems to be a genuine person.
very helpfull and very kind no need to change
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