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Self-Care/School Runs
Hello all. As at January 20th I will not be available on 7 Cups for a while. 
Hello. How are you? That's the most underlooked but yet frequently asked question people ask. Why is it so underlooked? Because most of us don't use it correctly. Our default answer is usually 'I'm okay' or 'I'm fine'. Even those who ask this question, do not ask it out of concern but as a conversation starter, most of the time.

So now I ask you,

How are you?

Answer truthfully, this time


​​​​I don't judge. And I won't ever judge. Because I don't know who you are, and what you carry inside. 

"Everything I  do, I do for a change."


↷ I am a teenager who spends her days reading and writing, and also watching YouTube videos with her headphones on.

↷ I love 7 Cups. It is a place filled with so many kind and loving people. I call you all my family.

↷ I am an intovert, and I love meaninful conversations.

↷ I love designing, and I can be very sensitive to colour.

↷ I am empathetic, and I understand what you go through very easily :) Not as much you though, you know how you feel best.

↷ My favorite colour is purple. I think it's a magnificent colour.

✔️ I am a verified listener: This means that I have been proven to have active listening skills and qualities such as Empathy, kindness and understanding as well as professionalism. I take listening very seriously, and I put my heart and soul into it. For me being a listener means being a good friend!

 I am a forum supporter: I keep the sub-communites safe and spread positivity in the forums. My main focus though, is in the Depression Support Community. I help make the DS forum a place where anyone and everyone can seek support and feel loved and not judged. Join our comminty, we'd love to have you!
✔️ I am also a room suporter: Being a room supporter means that I guide the flow of coversations in the chatrooms, making it a safezone for all who come in! I make sure that the room is free of conflict, and that no one feels left out or not included. I am a room supporter for the 'Teen Only Zone' Communtiy and the 'Disability Support 'Community. Those are amazing forums which I am honoured to be a part of.
✔️ I am part of the Listener Sharing Circle Team: The Listener Sharing Circle (LSC) is a wonderful discussion for listeners to share their goals and experiences on their listener journey. It is a wonderful time to connect with other listeners and hear the wonderful tales of being a listener! I host the circle every Wednesday at 8am-9am EST!

Although everyone is awesome on here, there are people I have met that made me feel I mattered. Like a jigsaw block that finds it place in the puzzle.

♡ TextingPals

♡ SuryanshSingh

♡ Auarashi

♡ hopedreamlove

♡ Daf8

♡ jv13076


♡ AlwaysForYou197

♡ Mishi3015


There's so much people to mention, and even though this space might not be enough, My Heart Is.

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Listener Since Jul 21, 2020
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Feedback & Reviews
I love her! She's so helpful and understanding!
shes very sweet and kind.
an amazing person help me with al my problems
shes so Lovely n heelped me yah shes great
Very supportive and good advice
A really great first experience, I do think they're very understanding and I would love to talk to again whenever I get the chance.
You were reallt nice and helpful thank youu
she's really helpful and definetely a great listener
Nicole is good at what to think and is friendly..we didn't had much of a conversation but however it was ..i think i didn't made a mistake choosing 7 cups
really calming for attacks, i can almost hear their voice in the messages
A way too amazing person 😚😚😚
i like talking to her
One of the most human people I’ve talked to here, it’s very refreshing
We actually really enjoyed chatting
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