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Hello! My name is Reina. I'll start by telling you about me... I love to write short poems, songs, and stories. Music is my passion, and choir and english are currently my favorite subject right now. I also really enjoy yoga and meditation, I've found it helps reduce a lot of the stress and anxiety that occurs in my everyday life. 

Anyways, a little more about me...: I've struggled a lot with depression, anxiety, despair, lonliness, and even PTSD, so I know exactly how it feels to feel alone, like there's absolutely no one there to listen to you and I want you to know that I'm here to listen and be completely understanding. Even if you just want to vent and don't want me to speak, I'll be here. 

I've also had experience with self harm and drugs and actually have been in recovery for quite a while. I've been clean for about 7 months now. I want to let people know that recovery is possible with the proper help, and it may seem impossible, you may feel helpless, hopeless but once you've come to the conclusion that you deserve a better life, then you'll see that recovery is worth it. It took me a long while to break my bad habits and find the right techniques for me to get through it all but once I did, it made my life so much easier. I'm not saying it was the cure to my misery and my life turned into rainbows and unicorns but it did help me get through my most vulnerable moments. With that being said, I'd love to share all my techniques with you and help you to know that recovery is possible. Even if you relapse, instead of dwelling over it just know that we all mess up at some point it's just a matter of stopping yourself from getting back into old habits or putting yourself back at risk. You're not alone in this and I want you all to know that I'm here if you ever feel like relapse or have. 

You're all beautiful! I believe in you! I know you can do it if you put your mind to it! And always remember YOU ARE NOT YOUR ACTIONS! 

I'm pretty easy to talk to, pretty chill and laid back! I'm extremely good at listening and acknowledging your feelings etc. So message me if you'd like! :)




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