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Hi! You might have come to this page to reach out and talk to a fellow human, or find solidarity and rapport in what you're going through or working toward. I'm glad that you've come so far regardless of what circumstances brought you here.

If you're a first-time visitor, please take a moment to check out the Categories section of my profile for a list of subjects my chats most commonly thematise. Those are topics I feel most versed in, mainly ones I've been acquainted with myself.

While I'm a little harder to be stumbled upon in person due to energy and time constraints, I would still be glad to hear from you and to get to know you better. You're welcome to message me at any time, but note that my availability varies and that my initial reply may take a while if my status is not set to online.

During less busy times, I enjoy writing, reading, digital art, music, tabletop games, hiking, and surfing. I'm the happiest when spending time in nature and at the sea, and after deepening bonds through cordial and authentic conversation with people I relate to and connect with. 


What else can I tell you? It seems to me that everything has its proper emphasis; and finally I want to add just one more thought: to keep growing, silently and earnestly, through your whole advancement; you couldn't disturb it any more violently than by looking outside and waiting for outside answers to questions that only your innermost feeling, in your quietest hour, can perhaps answer. 

Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer. 

― Rainer Maria Rilke (Letters to a Young Poet)
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if these were the Olympics, he'd be Phelps. Kia ora!
Really good listener, professional, helpful, feeling really good talking with them.
He was very nice and helpful
Thank you! You're the best!
Awesome listener!!! So insightful . He really understood me :)
I came to Ben after being hurt in the worst way possible. He was very supportive through it all. He is honestly one of the best listeners and he was very validating of all of my ordeal. He made me feel safe even though I didn't feel good. Thank you, Ben, for being my angel.
Ocyboo is amazing!!! He is one of the most calm minded soul I have come across on 7c! He is the one you can completely depend upon, while in distress. He instantly connects with you (mentally) and tries to help you in every possible way!
I hope God bless him wherever he stays, and make his life easier soon. :)
- Person.
Ben was very kind and patient, spent many hours to talk to me. Was very insightful and made me felt really validated. As I already have been feeling a lot of emptiness and grief, he was gentle and understanding with my emotions. Sometimes when you are feeling so small and shattered, there's no instant fix indeed, but talking to someone who is so understanding as Ben, would make you feel less alone and someone is being there for you. Thank you so much.
A good person that means what he writes and cares. Thank you for being a friend for my brother E.
Ben was genuinely supportive. persistently impartial and fair-minded. super compassionate as well. Offered an insight and genuine interest in my case. Listened to my situation and approached it with as much professionalism and tact as I could need. His messages were beautifully written and comforting. I highly recommend this calm and collected individual :)
Balsam für die Seele, dankeschön OceanChild.
best listener, really understood me and was such a big help!
Very uplifting while sensitive and conscious to my current feelings and emotions, I felt that I was in good hands from the start.
great person all round
After many ups and downs with listeners Ocean was refreshing and invigorating to talk to, as his name says!
I appreciate Benjamin he was very charming and helpful!
Excellent listener, active, quick-witted but also very very calming.
thank you so much, your help was very soothing to me
Perfect! Great thought-provoking questions and infinitely understanding and nonjudgemental attitude
An amazing listener. Thank you!
Attentive, focused listener, non judgemental, always makes me feel deeply cared for and understood!
Ben is such a calming, warm, loving presence. Like a friend you've known for a long time and met again. He is gentle and caring, but knows how to use words in the right way.
I'm dealing with drug abuse and people treating me with respect and care without being judgemental, scoldig or condescending are rare... I got teary when I realized that my issues are symptoms of something deeper... He provided insights that worked for me and I feel so hopeful now. Thank you love
Ben is a good listener and a mod:) Polite,helpful and respects:)
He did it again! He is so freaking amazing. I was having a panic attack and he helped me so much I feel much better! Thanks Ben, for everything!

He knew what he was doing. Great balance of comfort / empathy and knowledge / professionalism
5 star listener for sure. Always caring and reliable. One of the best people to talk to for a beautiful and genuine interaction. Lots of respect for this guy :)
Ben is the most kind and intelligent listener Imve ever experienced on this site. He provided me with support while helping me through some difficult feelings and remained calm and collected throughout the entire conversation. He's absolutely wonderful.
Five star listener
Ben was lovely and I'm sending lots of happy thoughts his way I hope he's successful in whatever he wants to do and that he is surrounded by people and things he loves. Thanks Ben!
Probably the greatest listener to ever walk the earth. Most kind and compassionate person I've ever met. Professional, but also personal and heartwarming.
Great listener! Really gets to know you and has a very positive and welcoming spirit. One of my favorite listeners!
He is very sweet and motivatede to livey life in the best way... My relationship ows you ! Lots of god wishes for you sweetheart.
He is such a special human being. Very knowledgeable, caring and experienced but still always sooo humble & approachable & down to earth
Thank you you were very helpful.
Patient, understanding, empathetic, helpful, and just all round makes you feel better than before the chat
Attentive, truly caring and understanding
OceanChild is a genuine person who carries a beautiful soul and a passion for helping others anyway he can. He is a great listener and very encouraging! I am very glad and thankful to have made his acquaintance.
He is such a lovely listener, I appreciate his help so much and he is very understanding and empathetic.
Ocean child helped me alot and gave me alot of good feedback and perspectives that i can work and grow with. Very helpful
He's so patient with you and provides thoughtful responses to your problems.
Didn't judge me in the slightest and opening up to him was easy even though it was a hard topic for me to deal with. thanks to his warm and embracing approach.
Big heart and big brains
Ben is a magician of smiles ^-^ he fished me out of the requests pound and doused me with care and support and made me feel so much better that I made a members account after our chat! I don't know how you do it but keep doing it! xx T.
Thank you for everything!! You are an angel & lifesaver. ♡ Ocean forever ♡
A very great listener who knows what to say and make you feel oh so much better.
Ocean's an icon of care and compassion in group chats and 1 on 1's. I always love talking with them and feel better as a result of our conversations every time.
OceanChild is very caring and empathetic, and shared personal accounts to relate to my problems. Awesome person :)
Has listened to me several times and never once been judgemental. Supportive and considerate individual. Would recommend.
really understanding. amazing listener to talk to. helped allot.
Greatest dude around.
Hes very kind and actually cares :) your a great person Ben
Lovely and inspiring listener. Friendly, polite and patient like a rock! Thank you for all the time and understanding, youve been a big help. x :)
Very kind and thoughtful listener.
He's great
So incredibly kind-hearted and helpful. He took HOURS of his time and went with me from being a hot crying mess to feeling calm and understood. Talking to him felt so natural too. Big fat five stars for your effort and love for helping people!
Amazing in every way
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