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Healing begins here.
Do I choose to dwell in my pain?
Do I choose to heal?
The choice to hurt or to heal is ultimately ours to make.

Sure, it may feel easier to remain seated in that painful place… it may feel comfortable and familiar… but is that a choice that honors us in the highest good? Of course not. What would truly honor us in the highest good would be to make the choice to heal; to learn from the experience, to forgive and release, and to move forward. What would honor our being is the choice that leads us to happiness and love.

So how do we get to that place of healing? How do we muster up the strength we need to face our pain? Here’s how…

Acknowledge your pain: It’s there, it’s real, and it’s valid. Never reject your feelings of emotional pain… you’re feeling those emotions for a reason.

Accept your pain: It’s ok. What you’re experiencing is ok. Accept your pain, feel your pain, and own it (feel to heal).
Understand your pain: Where does this pain come from? What is the root of our pain? We cannot fully heal until we fully understand what it is that we are healing from.

Ask yourself: What would it feel like to be healed from this pain? By asking yourself this simple question, you begin to focus on the outcome of being healed and in that moment, you truly experience the feeling of being healed. Once you experience that feeling, you get a taste for it and you’ll begin to crave more.

Do the work: Healing doesn’t just magically occur… you have to work to heal your pain. Making the choice to heal is the first step of the healing process, but you must heal yourself to heal your pain.

Ask yourself…

“What do I need right now?”
“What would help me heal?”
“What steps do I take to heal this pain?”

These 3 questions will help you create your action plan to heal.

Love yourself: Be gentle with yourself throughout this process by harnessing that love within you.
Since every experience, every person, and every pain is different, there isn’t a single cookie-cutter action plan to heal. My biggest recommendation to creating a loving, healing shift is to ensure you cover all bases: Heal your mind, body and soul. Combine mental activity (such as journaling) with physical activity (such as yoga) and soul activity (such as meditation).

To hurt or to heal? That is a choice that you have. But I'd like to help you take the steps needed to reach to the state of peace you desire. Take me on that path with you, let's face them together. You don't have to be alone. 

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Feedback & Reviews
Best help i have ever had!!! Highly recommend
Really enjoyed the chat
Very helpful and sweet. I had a lot on my mind and talked a lot! And she was very patient and a good listener. This session really helped me a lot.
very kind and supportive listener
Thank you..great help..letting me get things off my mind...venting..thanks
You're wonderful.
She's sweet and helpful.
A very good listener!
Just the best
Amazing listener and responded very quickly. Very easy to connect with. An amazing person. Can't thank you enough!
An adorable person. And very helpful.
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