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Listener - Marvel 8

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Hello and welcome to my page. I'm glad you found me. Even though my tender age(23) i lived through a lot of trauma and struggle in my life but i found the way out of the darkness. It taught me a lot about life and i would like to share this wisdom with everyone in need. I'm sure i can provide support for you :). If I'm online feel free to write to me if not send a message and I'll try to answer as quickly as possible. I tend to take every requests personally and I would like to help you in any way I can! I hope you will be satisfied with the little light I may bring into your life :) .
Number of Ratings: 222
Number of Reviews: 87
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hungarian
Listener Since Feb 10, 2017
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People Helped 536
Chats 6,029
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Feedback & Reviews
He is a positive and kind soul. Created an accepting situation so that I could open up more. Helped me thinking clearly. He is a good listener and support.
really nice and listens very attentively it feels really welcoming talking to
amazing listener! i feel like i actually took a step forward
A fantastic listener! Knows how to keep a conversation going, and makes you feel at ease.
Really understanding and easy to talk to
Very dynamic and understanding.
Feel much better
great listener, great advice
understanding and helpful
A genuinely nice and caring person. He offered useful advice and helped me gain perspective. I highly recommend working with Oziris! Thank you!
He was helpful for me
He listens and doesnt seem to judge.
Best listener ever
Great kind caring
Wow! Such a kind, patient and loving listener. I had an intense topic to discuss, as a female, and he was so caring towards me and allowed me to vent anger I've been keeping inside of me for years. When others turned me down, he was willing to be attentive and lend a hand. 11/10 would recommend!
Kind and compassionate. A great listener for anything!
helpful and understanding
Tomi is a wonderful listener who let me talk freely about my experiences while asking open ended questions which really helped me gather my thoughts. He's very open minded and kind which you can tell immediately. Paying attention and having a personal approach to each person he talks to really makes a big difference. I hope he feels lots of love in life because he's genuinely an amazing person and deserves so much of it! When he reiterated things I already wholeheartedly agree with, like remembering to love yourself, I felt really validated! Thank you so so much!
Competant about selfharm question. A very good listener. Thanks again
You’re so nice. I wish you well. Thank you so much for being kind. God bless you always
Really helpful :)
Really insightful, really nice :)
His words were like a soothing balm over my tire soul. Sometimes we just need the light of another to light the way when we are not in the right headspace. Thank you, kind sir.
Great kind caring
One of the best listeners I had so far. Oziris was very helpful, didn't judge, allowed me to talk... a lot lol. Very grateful for such an amazing listener.
Very helpful. :)
thoughtful and nice. i recommend him
he was really good at helping me with stuff.
Good what can I say
Best listener ever i talkes
very helpful and kind. best listener ever!
He was really helpful and it's great that he really tried to understand my problems.
Thanks and great listener.
I just started to chat but I feel like his a good listener
Great listener!
good nice helpful
An awesome listner who's so professional while being friendly and pleasant. Doesn't think less of you no matter what and I've never seen anyone so non-judgemental. Thank you so much. I wish you will be rewarded for the good you do!
Very lovely and warm person to talk to
Extremely thankful! :)
Very good listener, emphathetic, kind, filled with great ideas.
Thank you for being here and for being such a kind soul.
Great support, especially from a guy
Really nice, patient and helpful person. Very, very patient :3
Biggest helper
Wonderful listener!!
A friend you'd want to have :))
very smart & caring
very helpful, accommodating, and objective. i am thankful to have spoken to him when i was at my lowest.
really nice
An amazing listener thank you.
Very nice! Is very understanding! Can keep a conversation! :)
Friendly compassionate caring and patient..Thank you for listening.
Made me feel better, very friendly and empathic.😊
Nice person, lots of empathy!
Great friend :)
good listener
Very helpful understanding and compassionate. Best Listener I've talked with.
Nice and really good conversationalist. I felt welcome and could even make some jokes along the way. Somehow encouraged me to take life less serious.
Very helpful, feels like an old friend.
Thank you 😊
Tomi is a really good guy.
There aren't good enough words for Oziris! Quite understanding and got a positive vibe that is contageous
He's is one of the best listeners on 7 cups, he really is an asset to 7 cups.. just so happy to have such an interesting conversation with him. He knows exactly what to say in the moment and gives perfect insight into the problem, patient, understanding and just..such a lovely soul. Wish I knew people like him in real life. He can bring people up even when they are at their lowest. Teared up many times while talking to him.. he just touches the heart. So grateful to connect to him when I needed someone the most.
Thanks Tomi.
He is friendly person!
Thank you for all your help, one of the best listener out here, truly.
he's really good...a good listener and very friendly
Very open and transparent. He's good he can relate to people easily
So sweet and extremely patient and caring. I can't express enough gratitude for listening to my rant at the lowest point of my life.
Such a great listener. I felt so much better after talking to him. All my anxiety was gone.
the nicest listener
Great advice.....
Beautiful experience
Oziris was quite empathetic and helpful; he was approachable and it was really easy to open up to him!
:) I can't thank you enough.
:) just what you need
He's nice.
Oziris is a patient and passionate listener. Very professional and willing to help!
Very helpful, cannot recommend him enough :)
Great guy
Such a nice listener and motivator with a true spirit to help. Keep it up. God bless you.
Good and energetic listener. Try all possible support n help. Keep it up
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