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Previous Username: BrownEyedBeliever1


We all have a story, with a lot of good and bad chapters. I know that you’re probably going through a lot right now, but I want you to know that there is still hope to change for the better. I’ve been through a lot, personally, and I’d like to be there for those who have no one to talk to. I, just like you, want to find myself, my place, my identity, the real me, and I hope I can brighten you up at least. I currently live in Malaysia although I'm not Malaysian and I enjoy, singing, music, movies, art, books, traveling, and learning languages, so if we have something in common let me know :) 


*(Verified Listener)*


- I'm not good at dealing with LGBTQ+/Sexuality issues.
- I never give out my social media handles.

<3 Music is my life <3

If You Let Go, Boy, Lovin' is a Safe Card, You Don't Have to Play Hard<3


My listener twinsies are the lovelies: @WiselyBlue <3 and @glassmarble <3

I believe in God, in love, in a better tomorrow, in happiness, and in that there's an end to every sorrow, I speak Arabic, English and Turkish :) I'd appreciate it if you left a review, Thank you.



Number of Ratings: 112
Number of Reviews: 28
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Arabic, Turkish
Listener Since Sep 23, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
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Chats 380
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Feedback & Reviews
smart listener and helpful one, wish u all the best
Lovely lady, she's very elegant in the way she talks. She made me feel much better. She responds quickly. Very professional, helpful, and empathetic. Doesn't sugar coat, which I like a lot, unlike others who talk cliché all the time. I like her very much actually, and I know it's not relevant but she's every guy's dreams., hahaha. Thank you
Love this listener :D
Very nice, I would talk again for sure 10/10.
This listener has a great personal manner and has helped me a great deal.
I would gladly stay in touch and ask for more advice and talk when the need arises.
Brown eyes is attentive, caring, professional, quick to respond and truly helpful. What more could you ask for
I love talking to you, you're funny too :D
Wow, I can't understand how a beautiful human being like her still exist on this planet, this woman is very light-hearted, amazing, honest, helpful, an angel, really an angel, you've inspired me to become a better person, you inspired me to be optimistic. I think I even fell in love with you. How can I ever thank you for all what you did, I hope everything in your life becomes as beautiful as your lovely, pure soul. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU
Really understanding and won't judge you
She really did a great job.She was nice and helpful.
Helpful, nice person. Thank you!
AMAZINNGG!! One of the best on this website, she gave me great tips, responded quickly, acted professionally, she has a beautiful heart and I love the way she talks, so calming, this listener is the best of the best!!!!!!!
Excellent active listening
Awesome!! Superb!! showed me the correct and moral path.
Response time is a big thing, and BrownEyedBeliever1 responds very quickly. She is such a good listener, and yet can contribute with her past experiences and knowledge when she needs to talk and/or give advice. If you're feeling down or just wanting to talk to someone, this girl is someone you need to chat with. I promise you'll feel better than before you came here! Nice, genuine people are so rare to find nowadays, but BrownEyedBeliever really is one of them. I have no doubt you will enjoy talking to her
Wonderful listener, compassionate heart. God bless!
really sweet, understanding, practical and down to earth
Made me feel like they understood and that my feelings were valued
The listener is very nice and understanding. She listened well and very supportive. With her skills she manage to lead the client to decisions and calm the client's feeling.
Great woman - very good listener
Very helpful listener.
This listener is truly a believer... And the beat... No matter with what problem or intention u come tobthis listener... U will deel positivity here... This listener is a believer of great things... The things that really can change lives for better...
A. Love Ly Angell
Made it so easy to open up when it was a difficult topic
Very professional yet allowed empathy to personally help with my problem.
Nice person.
made me think alot about things i have not considered
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