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PaulLandman |
Listener - Scholar 7

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I know how it feels to need to talk to someone. Now I want to give back :)

I'm Paul. I'm 20 years old, and I'm trying to form a metal band. I do vocals

I just recently took up Wing Chun

I have spoken to people regarding a variety of issues. Depression, Stress, anxiety, or whatever it is, you name it. I also have personal experience in some of the categories of expertise. If you just feel lonely and want to chat about music, I'm here :D I'm looking for new bands to listen to.

"Only you can break the cycle that plagues you. There is a light, you just have to see it through"

"Don't let your mindset become what controls you. Speak right now, and make the choice to grow"

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Feedback & Reviews
So good
He is amazing. He patiently listened to my story with professionalism. He made me feel better and I will repit for sure!. Thank you Paul ^^.
he's amazzzzzzzing!!!!
A terrific listener. I had a really nice time chatting with him.
Great listener, funny and very helpful :). Would recommend for a good laugh and great support. Thanks Paul!
Mr. Landman is a great guy. His professionalism is what I liked the most, really practical and methodic in all his inquiring throughout helping me try to solve my issues. I suppose he could provide a more short response time, maybe?

I don't think a chat can solve anything, but I would certainly indicate Mr. Landman to any of my fellow crazy inmates! :-)
Nice, kind guy.. :)
Figured out what 10 years worth of therapists didn't know in like half, an hour.. half an hour people D; (future awesome therapist)
He's a good egg.
this guy is awesome :3
Paul is very empathetic and patient, which makes it easier to talk to him.

He is a great listener he will listen to the good bad and ugly he was great
Fantastic listener with a great ability to really listen to the individual and explore their perspective rather than assume. Highly recommended.
This guy is dedicated. He helped me figure myself out a little. He was mostly professional. Nice chat :)
Really good! He helped me with my mother after I got up to no good.
Good person and helpfull
excellent many thanks
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