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Today I Become YOUR New Best Friend!
My AMAZING twin for life is MrsBrownEyes.

Hey there! My name is Phillip, I am a 7 Cups Of Tea Intern, and starting from this very moment I wish to become your new trusted friend who has both been through, seen first hand and dealt with issues ranging from: Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, Family Stress, Panic Attacks as well as Self-Harm and who feels that with his years of experience in dealing with these sensitive topics is confident that he can assist you or at least lessen the burden of your issues.

My main areas of expertise and a keen constant focus for me are: Anxiety, Breakups, Bullying, Depression and Managing Emotions.

Helping people help themselves is what drove me to not only become a trained active listener, but to also excel in all fields thereof and constantly better myself to be the best listener I can be for each and every one of the unique souls calling out for support.

Availability: My internship hours are from 8AM-12PM UTC/GMT+2 Monday through Friday. Though I am online due to my work from 8AM-10PM UTC/GMT+2 and may be available for chats during that period of time. I am generally off weekends as it is the only time I actually get to wind down myself, however in certain situations/emergencies I may be available as needed. I have converted the above times to a couple of popular timezones for sake of ease, first set of times are my official internship hours and the second set of times are my optional hours that I may or may not be available on (though response priority is given to existing members/listeners after hours).

Australia (Perth)/China (Shanghai)/Singapore (Singapore):
14:00-18:00 / 14:00-04:00.

Brazil (Manaus)/Canada (Montreal)/United States of America (New York):
02:00-06:00 / 02:00 - 16:00.

Croatia (Zagreb)/France (Paris)/Germany (Berlin):
08:00-12:00 / 08:00-22:00.

Ireland (Dublin)/Portugal (Lisbon)/United Kingdom (London):
07:00-11:00 / 07:00-21:00.

Lebanon (Beirut)/Romania (Sibiu)/Russia (Moscow):
09:00-13:00 / 09:00-23:00.

If I am online feel free to click on the [ Chat Now] button, else if I happen to be offline then please don't hesitate to click on the [ Leave Message] button and I will get back to you as soon as possible, PROMISE!

More about MrsBrownEyes:
As the alias hints, she has brown eyes! She also happens to be my very dear twin (which means we work together as a team to support each other in our endeavour to help others and share accountability for each other). I'm going to label the whole outcome of this to "fate" as nothing else but that wonderful wizard can ensure such two like-mind individuals can meet up, follow the exact same path AND handle a situation in the exact same way... It was twin at first sight for us! I am truly ecstatic! Jasmine. ❤ -04/07/15.

I am looking forward to being able to make a difference in your life! Until we chat, please just remember that you are an AMAZING person, that you were handpicked and placed to be on this world to overcome obstacles and fulfill goals which only you can, destined to do great things. It will be my honour to make your acquaintance, to guide you in the shadows and see you rise up as you assume your rightful place amongst humanity!
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Feedback & Reviews
Absolutely wonderful!!!
youre amazing
The best listener so far :)
Talked to him for about 3 hours and I haven't felt better! Seriously worth talking to!
Absolutely lovely. He gave wonderful advice, he was very patient, and was willing to chat about other things besides mental health. I recommend him highly!
Philbear is one of a kind and genuine. I remember the first chat we had. It was hard and it was long. But Phil new how to speak to me, how to listen to what I was really saying when I couldn't. Phil was available most of the time when I chimed in. He encouraged me. And may e hurt when I hurt. Right now I still chat with Phil. I know he is not a therapist (yet) but I do know if he was I would hire him. I do hope 7cups recognizes his commitment and hard work he puts in.
Good listener and really helpful.
I wanted to thank him for helping me the other day, some of the things he told me really stuck and woke me up that Im not alone, that what is done is done, and made me feel really safe and empowered. He is a great lisener
very very helpful , great listener
thanks for hearing me out :)
Helpful, compassionate. I made a friend today.
He's very helpful indeed. And actually understands and know what I'm talking about. Very good and bright listener.
So calm and rational, really helped me to work through some issues i was struggling with. Am grateful to have spoken with him and will continue to do so
He's really awesome, nice and empathetic. I'm so glad I talked to him, thank you for listening -I.
He was very compassionate and non judgmental. He gave me clarity in my situation that I was seeking for some time. Thank you again!
One of the most genuine guys I have ever talked to. Maintains his professionalism while expressing empathy for you. Makes you feel like you are talking to a very caring friend rather than a random person, someone I would recommend to anyone!
good talking u phil
Very compassionate person :)
I must say, this person is the MOST COMPASSIONATE LISTENER I've had talked to thus far,I wish more people were like this during moments of sadness and worry,I highly recommend him!!
Philbear was wonderful. Warm, emphathetic, helpful. He really helped me a lot to subvert my negative thinking. I am so glad for this service and so glad for Philbear's time.
Good friend
He's very patient and tries to get to the root cause of things. I appreciate that. I hope he gets to help more like me. He's very supportive.
Seriously one of the best listeners that I know. He was really helpful and caring and didn't get weirded out by me
Very empathetic. Felt very comfortable sharing. Would highly recommend.
Great Listener My All Time Favorite.!!
Большое спасибо, мой друг, за твое время, терпение и помощь.
Really amazing person :) . Great patience and made me feel a lot better . Thank you
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