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Listener - Specialist 4

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Hello there! I'm Porong and I'm a verified listener of 7cups, if you're in a bit of a pickle, take a few deep breaths, and let's chat yeah? :D Nothing feels better than having a great conversation with a friend. I want to be your friend and I sure as hell hope that you do too. :) 

Number of Ratings: 114
Number of Reviews: 48
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Filipino, Tagalog
Listener Since Feb 18, 2016
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 163
Cheers 52,871
People Helped 209
Chats 793
Group Support Chats 1
Listener Group Chats 6
Forum Posts 9
Forum Upvotes 3
Feedback & Reviews
Really empathetic, cheerful and smashing guy. Loved talking to him and wouldn't reccomend he does anything different!!!
He was very helpful and he was funny he makes me forget about my problems. Thank you a lot!
Really empathetic, patient and kind Knows how to listen, pays full attention and isn't judgemental. To sum up, very helpful!
Good listener, helpful feedback
He was wonderful!
He was great! very comprehensive!
He is very caring and understanding. Friendly and funny too. Helped me a lot. Thanks :)
Very compassionate, kind, empathetic and caring.
A really good listener, he'll give you hope when you thought no one would give you one. He's caring and would really let you feel like you're not alone. Kudos! :)
Porong is such a great listener and should be a listened therapist
amazing person
Chuy siya OvO)
I like this guy
He really put effort and time into helping me figure out my problem .. very kind
Very helpful and caring. Really helped me when I was feeling so very down.
great experience
Amazing help. He nailed everything right on the head. This is exaclty what I was looking for.
Encouraging and genuine.
just awesome ! Talk to porong about anything!;D Awesome listener
Awesome listener. You'll never regret talking to someone like him. :)
Porong is such an incredibly warm and kindhearted presence trying to cheer you up and help you finding a way through the problems you're facing. Talking to Porong feels like talking to a very good friend as he cares a lot about you and your feelings. They might just be one of the best if not the perfect listener out there and I am so incredibly grateful and glad that I was able to talk to them about my problems and feelings!
Really great to chat to and helped me calm down!
Excellent listener. Really got to the bottom of my problem. Would highly recommend Porong.
Thank you! Very nice person.
He's definitely an incredible listener! Thank you Porong! (:
Very good adviser
Nice simple listener, that made me feel comfortable about talking
thank you for making me feel that i am not alone :)
Thank you for listening, It was simple but helpfull
Listened with no judgement.thank u madde ne smile.
Such a simple problem, such a simple conversation, but it felt so nice to just tell someone my troubles and have them understand. Porong was like a friend talking me through it. So great 🙂
Felt really good.. You are a very good ans patient listener..
Porong explainedthe reasons behind my problems quite correctly
Amazing, very different approach, much needed new outlook
Porong is a truly caring and insightful listener. I feel much better after our chat, it was really meaningful to me. Recommended 100%
Very good listener
truly excellent
Helped massively improve my day and helped me see that my bad thoughts weren't backed up with evidence so they aren't the truth.
Well, he's just a great person. He really says the right things that make you think that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. He's great.
Listens very well and is very good at making you feel comfortable. Very helpful thank you!!
I've been facing lots of hard times because of my previous depression and talking with porong gave me such a great relieve. I hope all listerners could be as empathetic towards a person like me :)
He was understanding and very helpful. He understands perspectives. I like how he encourages me. Great listener.
Great listener! Thank you so much.
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