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PrincessoftheHighlands |
Listener - Helper 4

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Hello, world! I'm Scotland, and I'm so happy to be here to help others. I'm a rape survivor and former foster child. Growing up I battled bullying, abuse of many kinds, depression, overcame a suicide attempt; and don't let my PTSD control my life any more. I'm here to support, love, accept, and be the friend or sisterly/motherly figure anyone needs. Talk to me, tell me what you need and if I can help. I'm willing to just listen or give any advice if you wish.

Feel free to call me Scotland, Mama Scotty, Sis, or even just my username to your own comfort level. Or just enjoy my cute icon if it makes you feel better in any way, I'm just here to help any way I can!

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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener, really really helped me through the night. I don't know what I would have done without them.
Very good and understanding. Very kind.
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Jester of Smiles Ellen Jump Start Anxiety Depression Managing Emotions Panic Attacks Love Bug Refresher Test Anxiety ACT Therapy Affirmative Reflection Chat & Text Listening Ace Loyal Friend Tick Tock Fellow Friend Five Steps Hang 10