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Hej! My name is Lily, and I am always happy to help those whom may need it - with a vast amount of personal experience regarding OCD, depression, anxiety and Eating Disorders, specifically Anorexia Nervosa - amidst the newer LGBTQ+ parenting, pregnancy, and miscarriage.
I lecture in Law and Philosophy, and enjoy the aforementioned alongside art, tea, and reading. I'm an accordionist, Jewish and a decade-strong vegan animal rights activist.
I speak both English and Swedish fluently, and I'm very happy to take conversation requests in whichever of those you are comfortable with. I am also relatively competent in Norwegian and Hebrew. 
I live in South England with my spouse and our children. I moved here to attend university in my younger years; thus if you want to discuss moving and settling in, life at university, or anything else of that calibre, it is something I have myself done and understand. 

I'm an active advocate of the Accio Books! Campaign, the HPA, and B-eat - all of which are brilliant charities, and do the most phenomenal work - they deserve all of the support they can muster. Please do give them a gander:

Everyone deserves help, and the quality of that help shouldn't be defined by anything semantic. Not financial situation, age, relations or background. That's why I'm here. I'm endlessly grateful for and so honoured by all of the glimpses you give me into your lives, no matter how big or small. I adore this and I admire you all; you make me a better quality of person. Please stay safe.

Contact me anytime, and I'll do my utmost to respond as rapidly as possible. I do however seem to be manically busy at the moment; drowning in research and little clothes - so it may be a couple of days. :)
**I keep Shabbat, so I don't use technology on Friday evening-Saturday evening. If you message me in these times, I won't see it until Sunday - I do apologise! Please be patient!**

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Feedback & Reviews
Really Amazing human being
Really great
Thanks so much!
So so intelligent and yet so compassionate and caring, she is honest and genuine and truly cares. Lily listened and talked with me for hours and really made me think. I couldn't be more grateful, I can't ever thank you enough.
Very nice
Beautiful soul.
Tack för hjälpen. Du är så snällt Lily.
I absolutely love Lily. So kind and caring and brilliant. Thank you so much. I'll be back for sure.
Sooo kind! Showed lots of compassion and made me feel A LOT better!❤️
Best person I have ever spoken. You cannot get a better listener than her.
I really like talking with her :) she is very helpful and understanding ^^
Absolutely lovely woman. Helped a great deal and should consider a career in therapy.
You are a wonderful listener and have helped me so much, thank you
She is amazing and kind and I love her loads
Thank you Lily
Thank you for talking to me :)
Really really sweet. The best listener I've spoken to on here :)
She is a very caring and sweet person, I really loved to talk with her.
So knowledgeable and kind. Like a real friend doesn't make you feel like a problem.
Love her, she's so caring and kind and always sticks to our appointments
She is the best, so helpful and such a good listener
Sincere, honest, incredibly thoughtful, connects so well and is so polite. Wish there were more stars to give
Thank you for all of your help she is the best can't thank her enough absolutely amazing. Helped me think logically about my problems and made me determined to fix them
Lily is an angel, I never knew a couple of hours could help and improve my quality of life so much. It was so lovely to speak with another young accepting mother on here! I wish the best of luck with your partner and your twins, I'm sure all four of you will have the best of happiness! Thank you so much, you've been amazing.
- Niamh 💖
Best I've ever spoken to what an amazing woman :) x
Lily, you're wonderful. ❤
She really listened and understood me, I'm forever grateful to her!
Really sweet and helpful. Best person I've spoken to on here :)
Thank you so much. You were so understanding. Best of luck with everything!!! She was so good with helping me calm down and understand myself, thank you again Lily.
truly lovely
Amazing and such a great help!!!
Such an amazing helper and talker.
Literal lifesaver -Lily is so understanding and always has a Harry Potter quote to save the day!! I'm sorry she has so much personal experience but she really is using it to help people like me and it couldnt mean more! you are one of a kind Lils and a truly selfless person!! xx
Love her, so helpful and always willing to listen
Thank you for listening. It's my first time here :) x
It was great, helpful too...
Amazing listener. Literally saved my life. Thank you so much Lily
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