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Hi there!”


Hai there ! Welcome to my profile. I'm Anne, an active listener here. My favorite color is Yellow. I also love food especially Pizza (I love pineapples on my pizza). I have Mixed-type Bipolar Disorder, feel free to ask me about it. And I'm a Hetero-amorous Bisexual. My MBTI is ENFP-T


If I'm online, feel free to send me a message and talk to me but if I'm offline, leave a message and I'll respond as soon as I can. Feel free to talk to me whenever you need help with anything or simply looking for a friend to talk to.

You can trust me with anything, I would not judge or make fun of you in anyway. I like talking and helping people. I try my best to help at all times.

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?...
Butterflies can't see their wings but the rest of the world can
Rome is built on ruins and is quite breathtaking; what makes you think you can't be too?

Free Hugs!”

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Feedback & Reviews
she was kind and helped calm my anxiety, she tried her best to help me and talk me down. I appreciated it all.
Please listen to this supportive and caring person who can help you though any problem to give you the best advice. I've only spoken with her for an hour or so and I'm feeling a bit better after talking to her, she treats you as a friend that is in need. I love this person because I feel better but it doesn't mean my problem is gone but it does mean in that hour I started feeling like my normal self again. Love ya very helpful and supportive. 💛💕
An amazing help! Thank you!
They are very helpful and are great at helping you explain your problems
The best listener I have
You made me see the reality of my situation without judgement. Today has been super hard for me in everyway. You reminded me that although I may never get better, that there is still hope, and I can have a better life. Thankyou so very much.
They understood me right away and they are very caring!
It was just what i needed, I feel a lot better after chatting for a bit with QuirkyAnne
Really nice, thank you!
Very supportive and sweet!
Thanks so much for your i never been so happy
Thanks so much!
Very nice and attentive listener.
She was really understanding and gave great advice.
She's my favorite!
Absolute sweetheart!
She was so kind! she told me it was her first day and i was so shocked because of how amazing she was
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