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Hi there. I've been helped greatly by people just willing to listen, and I would like to be able to do that for others now. I'm especially interested in helping with parenting issues, as I've often been a nanny and have years of experience. I can be blunt, which is usually not a problem when someone is willing to work to fix their situation, or willing to see things from another perspective. I am most often objective and impartial. I relate to thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but also think and see things logically. Life is painful, but know that there are people to help.
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Feedback & Reviews
This listener was mature and wise, the conversation helped me a lot in my life, it lets me change many things in my life, the listener was Collaborator sympathetic, thank you
They gave me a new tool to help me cope with issues. And they were very knowledgeable on certain aspects I needed help with. Very kind and caring. I highly recommend them!
awesome listener, excellent advise giver, immensely kind individual and extremely helpful and open minded person! :D
Very patient.
He/she helped me so much. Words can not express how good he/she is. Best listener I have ever talked to. :)
She helped me.. She got me.. It felt so good to talk with her!
Easy to talk to and made me feel like I was being heard.
She was extremely helpful. I can't say enough about her.. she is a huge blessing to me.. Definitely has made a difference for me.
Professional, helpful and empathic. I couldn't have asked for a better listener!
Amazing person made me feel like family
Thank you for not judging me.
Truly professional and really empathetic. A great listener who helps indeed.
He was a great listner!!
She is always there for me :)
thank you for your help
She is the most understanding person ever!!
Great listener who will open your eyes
great help and very comforting. One of the fewest I have connected with strongly
What a lovely person
RJordan is an amazing listener! Very non-judgmental, understanding, and empathetic. I like that RJordan is professional, but not cold; and also thoughtful in responses - really takes the time to think about what you say before giving advice. Honest, concise, and for someone who wants sound, caring, constructive advice. Great person to talk to!
great support...available whn u feel like talking to sum 1 and are can share anything..has all the experience
Really good listener. Listened and talked with me about some pretty hard issues.
This guy is the friend you can count on and hear you out. Even when you are at you lowest he will lift you up
Great listener and a supporter. Talking to him/her helped me a bit to uplift my mood :)
RJordan is the best, If you pay him, give him a raise

RJordan was the first one I spoke to about my problems on this page, so far I have no complaints, RJordan understood and read everything I have to say and was very helpful giving his own life experience for me to compare mine with. I learned something new from RJordan, thank you for listening
Was a really nice and kind listener! =)
helpful and a good listner
Helped me a lot, gave good advice as well as listening.
A very helpful chap, he clearly has his own experience of similar issues and empathised.
My venting was a bit complicated, but RJordan was very patient and let me feel heard and understood. I asked for an honest opinion and was given a wise and balanced point of view. I feel so much better speaking to someone that is unbiased. I feel like I can move forward with more clarity. Thank you so much, again. I'm smiling now.
RJ was very helpful with my situation. He listened to me complain (lol) but he did help me feel a bit better. Thank you.
great listener, patient, nice, supportive...the talk was helpful
I'm really really glad RJordan helped me! I feel a lot better now, and that only in 15 minutes hahaha! A great helper and listener! Thank you so much! XOX
Totally awesome and authentic!
So compassionate
RJordan was really good. She really lift my spirits and told me the truth.
RJordan really helped me because I felt I was being listened and supported. The tips and comments I received where perfect for my situation and they made me feel relied. I won't spend this night as bad as I thought I was going to spend it, and it's a great opportunity to be in contact with this nice listener tomorrow in order to check how I am feeling and dealing with my situation. Thank you very much.
Felt like an honest listener and connected as i had known the person. Conversation ended with a boost of positivity.
This guy is awesome. He's really sweet, made my first experience here great
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