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This Listener is currently on a self care break. Thanks for understanding :) 😊

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Hi there! Welcome to 7 cups. It is a safe place here.
My name is Rainy. I am here to listen & support you if needed. <3
My pronouns are she / they. My triggers include very short responses to texts, such as 'ah' 'oh' 'k'. 

A bit more about me:

My timezone is SGT! Search it up, if you don't know what it is ^^
I always believe in inner beauty. As long as you are beautiful on the inside, you are beautiful.
I regularly poof for breaks, sleep, or homework. 👀 I'm so so sorry if I happen to poof during a chat!

More, idk, personal-wise, I'm a mega potterhead and Dream Team fan 😄
I. Love. Candy.
My aesthetic is softie and I'm 15-17, aka a slightly older teen. I do not take adult-related chats or particular chats like sexual health, porn addiction, etc. Thanks so much for understanding ✨

..Did I mention that I love candy?
Ok enough about me. What about you? Well, I know one thing about you. I know that you are amazing and you should never give up 💖

Topics I have experience in:

~ Severe anxiety
~ Bullying
~ Depression
~ Family stress
~ General mental health
~ Grief 
~ Loneliness
~ Managing emotions
~ OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder )
~  Panic attacks
~ Self-esteem
~ [just added] self-harm

~ Sleeping well
~ Social anxiety 
~ Student life
~ Work stress
~ & more

A full list of the topics I'm comfortable providing support for is just a scroll away, the starred topics being ones that I have experience with. <3

My status:

💚 - Green means I am online, and ready to chat! I may be free, or have 1 chat right now. As I dislike taking multiple chats at once, so I can focus on each of you all, I will switch to orange if I already have 2 or more chats. Response time will be around 1-4 minutes. ^^

🧡 - Orange means I am online but I am busy with another chat( s ) or am in the middle of another thing such as hosting Sharing Circle, participating in a check-in session etc! Response time will be around 2-10 minutes. 

❤️ - Red means I am offline, and not ready to chat. If you want, you can leave me a message and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Please be patient as I could be sleeping. Response time will be around 10 minutes ( if you are lucky )-20 hours or so.

People I admire:

Dr Seuss ( I know he is no longer with us, but his books and quotes are the best )
" Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined. "

All the wonderful people at 7 cups!
( including members, mods, listeners, ATL, room supporters, etc; even newbies <3 )

People I like:

Talker 💜
- Hehe, talker you're really a talker!
You are so so sweet and you're a lengendary talker..😎❤️
Also you're the master of having tags and being a mini mod and / or bodyguard of too many people 😂
Once you get to know talker, she is gonna  💅wow 💅 you with how amazing she is.

Pebs ❤️
- Pebble never sleeps..😂
Also, I learnt that you're also a huge potterhead! :D
Yaay potterhead squad, plus you're always nice and ready to lighten someone's day. 
Stay..well, super 😮 Oh, and you were probably the first or second
to ever get mentioned on my profile
( #pebbledontpoke I think ) so that's cool. 💁‍♀️💝

Rosy 💖
- Eee!! Thanks Rosy for listening to me!
I really appreciate it 👉❤️ and you're also so amazing to chat with.
Btw, yes I will recommend;
she is comforting and more of a therapist-type
instead of just listening to what you say, hehe. 😆

Tasha 💗
- Friend-material right heree 😶
You'e very kind and comforting,
and can be really funny / joke sometimes 😛
Plus, I love the sessions you host.
A generally lovely person to be with!! ✨✨

Jess 💕
- Jess the rabbit 😮
You are so supportive and understanding. Your emojis are the best 😌
A great Listener, Peer Supporter and LRoom Supporter.
Actually I may have missed out some, because you have too many amazing roles hehe 👉👈❤️

Sya 🧡
- Sya the red pandaaa!! You're awesome 🥺,
and although I haven't known you that well, you deserve to be on my bio anyways.
Oh, and also you have the same timezone as me.
To me, that matters a lot 😂👍

& more

My current roles:
( TW, slightly bright colours; although it might be too late when you see this. I thoroughly apologise, idk if this is counted as bright colours so I am not going to put a huge TW and a lot of spaces if that's ok. <3 )

Teen Listener
Sharing Circle Outreach Team
Listener Room Supporter ( working towards this! )
Room Supporter ( working towards this! )
Verified Listener ( working towards this! )

Tags because yes:



" oh wait the old 7 cups emojis are gone...😮 "

Thanks for reading my bio! :)

Here is my old bio, if you are bored and want to read it despite it being out of date 😌 it still has some awesome quotes tho, ngl-- I might add them into my profile soon when I have the time 👀💖
If you don't, then just betray your fingers by scrolling down for a long time.

life is tough...
but so are you <3

if you want to req a long chat,
OR if i'm offline, busy for a long time or not responding,
leave me a message or use this form to book a chat! :0
click     |
these   \/

( i used my sister's email to create it ;-; rip )

🧋rainy / rain 🧋they / them🧋lgbtq+ ( demisexual & genderfluid  )🧋im here for you!🧋
activity status : online  -  busy


hi there! the name's rainy. i see you have stumbled upon my profile 👀 nice to meet you!!
i love to read, draw, listen to music, and sometimes bake ^^
i have a cat and a turtle 😃
has acrophobia, trypophobia, atelophobia, claustrophobia, trypanophobia, a lil bit of cynophobia, some aerophobia, arachnophobia and more 🥲
love to use emojis, don't mind me hehe
my maximum response time should be around 2 days. <3

fav quotes :
" it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. "
" rainbows have a way of making the world seem right. "

" we could complain because roses have thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses. "
^ from talker ( emotionaltalker2260. )
" follow your dreams. go back to sleep. "

also, i will try to attend to all personal requests but jic i'm busy, please be patient <3
i DON'T take any topics related to sex or sexual topics, suicidal topics, and please refrain from things such as all caps, skull, needle and blood emojis etc, as well as very brightly coloured text and 'death / very extreme' topics, being very sorry! they are triggering for me :/

7 cups join date : dec 2020

if you ( or even anybody related to you! ) are actively suicidal, self-harming, or in any other way in crisis, please click here --> 🌹🌹🌹

~ if we..
go down,
then we
go down together <3
thanks for visiting my profile!!

#pebbledontpoke #proudoftasha
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Feedback & Reviews
Super super kind and understanding. I really felt accepted and would definitely recommend! Thank you so so so much!
felt very listened to and validated, very cool and very kind
Very helpful and kind
is a good listener, patiently replied to me
understanding lovely
very nice to talk too, and caring
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