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RamonaWinchester |
Listener - Discoverer 4

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"I know sometimes you feel like you can’t fight, and I know sometimes you feel like you just can’t love yourself and when that happens I want you to remember that you are enough as you are."

-Jared Padalecki

About me...

Why did I become a listener?
My life so far was full of struggles - but I believe that things can change. It might not change my past but I could change other people's futures. I want to be able to inspire others. I'm well experienced due to my job - I worked in a mental institution for one year and took a crisis response course there, later I took the H.E.A.R.T. - Online video course at which I found very helpful and I joined the verifying team lately. I would also describe myself as a very empathic and nonjudgemental person. I'm trying my best to be a good person and a good listener here - but I cannot be perfect. I sometimes struggle finding the right words not just because English is my second language and because listening to stories full of pain. Sometimes I don't know what to say. How can I make a person feel hope again when I wouldn't know either. Please be patient - I'm just a person like you.  <3

If you want to send me bad feedback please give me the chance to hear it directly from you. I won't treat you differently. But I hate hearing stuff from behind my back without getting the chance to talk about it. Thanks.

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Number of Reviews: 34
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Feedback & Reviews
I felt welcomed and in a safe environment to talk about anything. It was a pleasure talking to Ramona. She has a very kind soul and huge heart.
RamonaWinchester is really open and social, a member who took problems as a reason to help, instead of feeling bad. Someone who is nice to talk to, and friendly at the same time.
Without a doubt I have to say Ramona really cares about my story. She found and picked me up, when I was broken on the ground. She's lovely and compassionate.
Ramona showed me a path where I thought was no path left to go. She helped me through my panikattack and made me smile. In the end we were talking like friends and she offered me ongoing support. Ramona is a very kind listener that tries her best to make the world a better place.
You are awesome, don't let anyone tell you the opposit.
She responded quickly! Was very patient and understanding, helped me with lots of things and offered to help in the future. Much appreciated, I recommend her to everyone
I think they're nice, helpful as well. It was nice to have someone to talk to.
Best Listener I found here so far!

She didn't judge my problems - and made me feel less alone - we were talking just like friends until we became friends and she even sent me a christmas card and present. She would give anything for her friends I wish I could be like her - she became my rolemodel. Thank you so much Ramona!
Sehr nett und locker, wie mit einer guten Freundin zu sprechen:)
Schon in den ersten Sätzen ein positives Gefühl vermittelt bekommen :)
Ramona ist sehr einfühlsam und verständnisvoll - ich habe schon mit vielen Listenern geredet, aber bei ihr war es anders. Sie war ohne eine Wertung einfach nur offenherzig und liebenswert. Sie hat viel Erfahrung auch durch ihren Beruf im Krankenhaus - ich bin ihr wirklich sehr dankbar. Thank you so much
Really good listener, thankful to her i have the power to speak to someone!
So thankful to have met her!!
She is honestly and genuinely the biggest-hearted listener I have talked to on here! She stayed with me even though I may have not been completely open....
Die liebe Ramona war wirklich sehr nett und sympathisch. Sie half mir einen Moment des Alleinsein zu vergessen. Wir sprachen über meine Probleme. Zum Schluss zum auflockern über ganz normale Sachen. Sie hat mich aufgemuntert und mir gezeigt, das ich nicht allein bin. Auch wertvolle Tipps hat sie mir auf den weg gegeben. Daher, danke nochmal liebe Ramona für deine Zeit und deine Geduld mit mir ❤
Warmhearted, reliable and honest listener.
Very warm an accommodating
The world needs more people like you Ramona!
She found the right words even when I shared my whole negativity with her she stayed posituve and showed me a better way out of the darkness and my deathwish. She's a reallife angel I owe her my life. I wish I could do more to thank her than just leaving a good review! ♥
Thank you so much Ramona. You are the best.
You are a wonderful listener!
Freundlich, Empathisch und einfach eine gute Seele.
Der Chat mit ihr war wundervoll. Danke
Very kind and empathic. It felt like she truly understood my whole situation. I felt like giving up today but talking to her made me finally feel less lonely and loved. She has this compassion for everyone around her that's truly beautiful.
She is a very sweet & patiend & kind listener ,
who exactly understand what you're talking about ,
& answer you , like she reads your mind...

Thanks 7 cup that helped me talk her.
Ramona was very helpful, she is very nice and sweet. Truly one of the best listeners here.
I met many listeners here, and I can say with confidence that she is one of the best here. Very helpful and sweet. It was absolutely nice talking to her.
She was able to understand my feelings like no other. I'm very thankful.
Her kindness changed my evening and inspired me to Always Keep Fighting
Kind and beautiful young girl. She helped me a lot with her compassion and understanding personality
I talked to her before I joined 7Cups and she was always such a sweet person. She told me about her inspirations and helped me through rough times. I just want to say Thank you. With all my heart.
Ramona is a very kind and empathic soul and was able to understand me in way that noone ever did before in my life. She was able to convince me to stop hurting myself and to Always Keep Fighting! I highly recommend her. Beautiful person
Sweet girl
Good soul
very helpful
Responsive, good person.
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