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Coming, going, the waterbirds
don't leave a trace, don't follow a path.

I'm Charlie and I'm trained, verified and experienced as an active listener for both adults and teens. I like to support people who are struggling with something. Also people who aren't struggling with anything. And people who aren't sure whether they're struggling or not.

The poem is said to be by Eihei Dōgen, a Japanese poet who wrote it around eight hundred years ago. I don't know why I like it. I just do. My photo is the moon shining on the sea. There's some darkness and some clouds there but the light of the moon shines on everything. I like this too.

If I'm online, please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline or busy, please feel free to send me a message so we can arrange a time to chat. No topic of conversation is off-limits for me, not even difficult and distressing topics.

Thank you for reading my profile. I'm glad you are here!

In an emergency or a crisis: If you are in an emergency or a crisis—for example, if you are at immediate risk of suicide or other serious harm—7 Cups is not the right place, because we cannot deal with emergencies or provide crisis counselling. Click here for information about getting help: Get emergency or crisis support

Schedule: I don't have a fixed schedule. I'm online some weekdays between about 4:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. US Eastern Time. In the UK this is 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. On other days and at weekends I'm often online too, but at times that are not predictable. If you message me or tag me in a forum I'm usually able to respond within a day or two.

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Listens to Teens & Over 18
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Feedback & Reviews
Very responsive in reaching out to members in message boards
Nice chat,awesome
Helped me a lot i feel better yay
Actually good listener
Kind caring lovely chat
He's a great listener
Great listener! I really felt like I got something out of it as well. :)
really helpful makes you feel good
i needed that talk, thanks for listening so attentively.
Very helpful! Made things clear for me and extremely responsive :)
Very understanding. Helped me reach somewhat of a conclusion.
I enjoy my chats with RarelyCharlie, she's a great listener.
The chat is helpfull
Amazing support thnkuou
Their questions helped me take back a step and look at an aspect that is causing me panic from a safer distance.
Super kind. Easy to talk to. Great listener
Very attentive, fast responding, and kept the conversation going. Very helpful.
Amazing person and a great listener. Feeling liberated
Wonderfully responsive so far. And respectful. Also perceptive and inquisitive.
very understanding, good listener
You have been truly amazing. Thank you for taking time out to listen and understand me.
A very good listener, it felt like they cared.
Really helpful and caring, great listener!
Found me in the forum's after I posted about feeling rejected by listeners. Offered to listen to me when I didn't feel like anyone else did. I'm so glad to have connected.
Attentive and thoughtful, supportive listener.
wow amazing listener, gets what i'm saying
Very good listener, gives support, shows care. I can highly recommend
Friendly and discreet, tactful
Great listener, very kind
Really emphatises with you :)
He is a really good listener and very helpful
amazing listener! incredibly helpful xx
You're nice♡ thanks :)
Great response time. Very friendly and kind. Would definitely recommend Charlie.
really helped me a lot
They are very supportive and willing to listen.
An attentive and supportive listener who is willing to take the time to analyse a topic and to share their own wisdom, when invited to do so.
Charlie, actually stopped and listened to me with BOTH ears. I was not just a needy person behind a screen...during our chat I felt like a real person, with a real situation and real feelings. If you need REAL EMPATHY...then Check Charlie. A-class listener.
Prefect, caring, understanding person who is lovely ALL the time
Great chat was really nice
quick response time when in need, thank you!
very good at listening and helping me understand my feelings :)
Charlie is a very understanding listener :3 His patience goes to another level :") I felt at ease and managed to talk about my problems well :3 we need more listeners like Charlie 💙👍👍
Extremely helpful chat. Made me feel better about the situation.
Really good listener, does not take sides
Very helpful and insightful.
mature and helpful!
Helpful, understanding, and kind.
He's a nice lad and he knows what he's doing. Good job :)
This was very helpful for me. Knowing someone is listening and being helpful is such an amazing feeling.
Responsive and very compassionate
Charlie responded quickly and was a pleasure to chat with. I would recommend him as a top notch Listener. :)
They were very professional yet still connected and sweet. Asked a lot of questions when I didn t know what to say, but still not invasive or annoying. Really knew how to annilise what I was saying and what I meant. All around amazing.
Very kind and helpful..Felt like a family member... Thanks a lot...
Very good person...Really kind and helpful.. Thank you so much. . -Shil....
offered great suggestions
Really friendly. I feel comfortable around her
RarelyCharlie understands me
They were nice and listened to me ramble, which I do a lot. so thanks.
Amazing, thank you! So kind and attentive. Lets you speak as much as you want without interrupting. Thanks again. Take care.
our conversation helped me a lot :) I feel relaxed
It was good :) nice chat we had
An excellent listener, very empathetic and honest, one of the best I've had in a very long time. I'd definitely recommend them. Thanks!
Thank you for giving me another perspective on my issues.
Thank you so much
he's really helpfull
I actually felt better after talking to you
Great help with finding where I best post my questions and problems
nice chat
During the conversation I felt like I was chatting with a good friend - that's what the best quality of listening means. Thank you for your support!
He's welcoming and truly a professional.. and his manner of approach is welcoming and he gives a good listening eye and respond to your worries so well..thank you Mr charlie
This person is a great listener.
Thank you for listening to me tonight Charlie - you're a great listener :)
Thankyou for everything
They’re really good..!
Very helpful
Helpful!! :)
Good listener
Wonderful person to talk to, very sensible and wise.
He made me feel better
This is a really good listener. Charlie asks good questions, doesn't judge, and listens to what you say. I strongly recommend talking to this person. I've never met anyone on this site who can listen as well as Charlie does.
Thank you.
Helped me be reassured.
Stunning persone
I have never felt more understood. Highly recommended.
Greatly deeply appreciate the understanding and relating to an issue with out the immediate response to try to fix it or "positive" it away, thank you for your pure empathy.
Thanks, it was great to talk to you, very helpfull.
Wonderful listener, kind, empathetic, simple but extremely helpful replies, One of the very best.
Such a terrific listener. I love speaking to Charlie and feel blessed to know him. A+++++++
Terrific person. I want to have more chats as soon as our schedules permit, we are in two different countries. A+++++++
Very friendly and helpful person. I asked a question, and rather than just writing the response, she/he took the time to start a conversation with me to answer my question. Lovely person. A+++++++
Thank you for caring when no one else did :)
Lovely person- messaged me after reading one of my forum posts. A good egg. 10/10
Really Great
Really good
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