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With an open mind & heart and a shoulder to lean on, ready to listen & support as we ALL travel our Jouneys together. Open to chatting about most things to ADULTS ONLY (The ONLY thing i DO NOT discuss is relationship problems/break-ups and lonliness), My schedule doesn't allow me to take on members/guests who need a course of repeated chats  - but I do check in and welcome people coming back after a chat to see how they are doing. I can chat with you, just listen, support and hopefully help you to help yourself work some stuff out (deep down in the quiet, we all have the answers inside and sometimes we just need to talk them through). I can chat with you for usually up to 45 minutes. Wishing you wellness.

Number of Ratings: 238
Number of Reviews: 100
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Listener Since Sep 2, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
they were very helpful and kind. i feel more confident and less insecure about myself
Awesome chat. Liked this person. So easy to talk to
Loved it! Awesome chat! Me ayudó mucho, gracias!
Great listener! A good sound board and supporter. :)
Great listener, sympathetic and friendly. Thank you!
Nice listener, supportive and patient
He/she is an absolutely great listener and he is very knowledgeable. He is awesome.
Great listener and also very insightful. A real delight speaking with them.
Awesome chat enjoyed it
Reddy was very helpful and was very responsive
I am greatful for the listeners.
He is a great listener and very supportive
Great advice and guidance and support
Reddy was a really good listener who was able to distill the root causes of my problems! I totally recommend them.
What a help! Bless
Some one who is full with empathy
he is so kind and helping, he makes you start feeling better with first words
Reddy is soo amazingly knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her today. She is completely honest, straight forward, and really takes an interest in knowing the details that matter regarding your situation. If you want to talk to someone who is WISE, FUNNY, KIND, and genuinely has your best interests in mind, she is the person to talk to!!! You might even learn some Irish slang along with way!!! ;)
Awesome so far!
Good listener and responded quickly
Reddy gave great advice and could relate to what I was feeling. This was my first time on this app and it helped so much. Thanks again
Very smart, informative, amazing listener 11/10
asked good questions
Someone who understands resilience. Very encouraging.
Very helpful and a good listener ❤️ thank you for everything
Fantastic! Just brilliant!
Focused. Active Listener. Good Feedback.
Great listener, rly understood.
Reddy is a really compassionate listener. I probably did his head in, but he didn't let me know it. He was kind, patient, and very supportive. Thank you again for your time.
This guy is amazing he gives you his full attention and really listens to you
Extremely insightful, respectful, and is genuinely a caring person. He really listened to me and helped me out when I really needed it. Gave me some great tips for managing my feelings and made sure I understood what he was explaining. 10/10. Would recommend.
He is awesome and so encouraging
Very kind and gave great strategies for healing, thanks Red!
Reddy is amazing and is already helping me feel ... me
Really really awesome dude, calm and collected and talked to me without judging. Was super real and helped me work through what all was on my mind. I feel more confident, I think. Thanks dude.
AMAZING listener....really just brought my mind to ease thank you thank you!!
Red was just so clear and i cried because they had pure facts and it hit me really hard
Such a good listener..very patient and considerate guy.I highly recommend!!
Provided a good talk and listened
Amazing listener. Truly someone you can talk to about anything and will guide you through what’s best for you. 10/10
Such a patient and kind listener. Very empathic making it easy to share. I felt extremely at ease and supported. He gave helpful suggestions for self-care. Thanks for helping me feel like I’m not alone. 😊
Very caring and very easy to talk to shows interest and asks questions
They are amazing and very caring
An insightful, compassionate and intelligent person truly a pleasure to chat with.
thank you buddy
Amazing patient listener. Gave suggestions on dealing with sadness and wasn’t judgemental. Would talk to him again 😊🙏🏽
responds fast and keeps convo going
Great listener and has great insight. was very helpful in working through some difficult feelings.
He was really nice and listened!
He was very caring
Absolutely amazing listener, took everything on board and was very empathetic and understanding. Can't recommend enough.
I had a very nice experience with Red. He was very kind, respectful, knowledgeable. Thank you again for your time.
Reddy is the best listener i have ever chatted to
Great response time, friendly and takes an interest into your journey
Nice guy. Very understanding
Red was very empathetic and felt very genuine and friendly throughout the whole conversation. I felt much better after our chat!
Very understanding and provides honest helpful advice. Very personable and unrobot-like :D Yay glad i got to chat with you. Be online lots I might want to chat with you more in the future
Absolutely incredible. So thankful.
super duper awesome
This listener was the best therapist I've ever had.
It was really nice to chat with Reddy, have a non-judgemental listening ear and support. It really helps me. Thank you so much
just perfect, thank u
fantastic listener. able to communicate clearly and compassionately with me. I loved the empathy this listener shared with every phrase they wrote. It was very relieving after such a difficult day.
Was absolutely amazing. Helped me realize so much. I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of talking to red. Made me feel safe and secure and I am truely grateful for everything they did.
Awesome chat. Feeling a bit better and comforted.
Great and caring listener with helpful and positive feedback!
a beautiful person with a beautiful heart, thank you for being my listener and helping me come out
very kind and understanding :)
nice person
Most uplifting and helpful person Ive talked to
Reddy is so great! Very easy to connect with, so understanding. Reddy is awesome!
Very professional and had good suggestions for me to look into. :)
Amazing Red instantly helped so much and continued to help through the entire conversation. Definitely one of the best chats I've had ever.
One of the best listeners you'll get. Seriously.
FANTASTIC! You are so kind and warm :)
very caring and logical, kind person. truly good.
Just a wonderful human being, cant thank them enough for their experience/help/empathy/kindness
You're so good :)
Very helpful, kind and good listener. Had good practical suggestions too.
Red's amazing!! She was extremely empathetic to my situation, and it really helped me a lot to get my situation off my chest, she even has a great sense of humor! I felt very comfortable talking openly with her. Started the convo hurting and anxious, ended it laughing and making jokes with hopes for healing in the future! :)
Probably the best listener I've had the pleasure to chat with. Open-minded, sweet, honest, and willing to discuss even the most taboo topics. Thanks, Red :)
It was good talking with Red, they're someone who can show you that things aren't as difficult as they seem
Red, really changed my way of thinking. For the better.

Thank you, Red. Seriously, thank you.
Reddy was really able to help make me feel better and was very kind and listened to me. I appreciate this
Immediately spotted the problem and helped me come past my issues. I'm very grateful
very nice... very very helpful... god bless you...!!
Thanks Reddy!
Really helped, listened to my concerns and made caring and helpful suggestions, thanks so much, feel much lighter already
wonderful listener. helped me feel lighter
wonderful listener. helped me feel lighter
So professional!!!!!
I'm glad to have talked to Reddy and so much so that I decided to follow them. Unlike other listeners Reddy gave me a list of ways to cope and put effort into helping me along with making sure I wasn't pressured.
Brilliant, wise listener!
Really nice person
Very kind and supportive
A great listener!
Very helpful! Good listener.
I feel much better and I need to talk to my mate and get some clarity.
1000000000 out of 10 would talk to again. Can keep a conversation and make you think.
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