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'Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos el amor debería salvarnos de la vida'

 'If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life'

*Unable to take chats related to suicide for the time being 💛

 Incapaz de tomar charlas relacionadas con el suicidio por el momento 💛

*I may tend to take time sometimes when responding, or might abandon the chat due to reasons of my own, hope that can be taken into account when messaging me. I try to stay but have some health needs 💛. I will drop 🦴 when I feel in need of taking time. 

Es posible que a veces tiendo a tomarme un tiempo al responder, o puedo abandonar el chat debido a mis propias razones, espero que eso se pueda tener en cuenta al enviarme un mensaje. Hago todo lo posible para quedar, pero tengo que irme debido a mis necesidades de salud.💛💛Dejaré caer 🦴 cuando necesite tomarme un tiempo


​​​​​​My name is Lusio
Me llamo Lusio

*I practice and have unconditional empathy for all, because I believe we all deserve love and kindness irrespective of anything and in any condition. Currently studying psychology

Practico y tengo empatía incondicional por todos, porque creo que todos merecemos amor y amabilidad independientemente de cualquier cosa y en cualquier condición. Estudiando psicología

Hablo English y Español (Mi español  es no  fluido)

"Allowing others to help us and love us is a privilege we offer

Permitir que otros nos ayuden y amen es un privilegio que ofrecemos"

Juzgar es la naturaleza humana pero creo en juzgar para comprender que en herir. Creo que somos más de lo que hacemos e independientemente de lo que hacemos, merecemos amor.
 Creo que es importante ofrecer un espacio en el que se te entienda por todo lo que se ha dicho o hecho, que no sea culpable y castigado.
 El núcleo de esa creencia es esencialmente que todos somos más de lo que hacemos y, independientemente de eso, todos merecemos ser comprendidos y amados en todas las condiciones.
 Creo que, lamentablemente, el mundo carece de él, por lo que es más valioso ofrecerlo y creer que es la forma de vida correcta.
 Es algo que creo que yo también necesito y que el mundo necesita, por eso trato de ofrecerlo teniendo la suerte de poder hacerlo.

También he estado en lugares donde no he encontrado esperanza y nada más que tormento. Entonces sé cómo se siente vivir cuando nada se siente bien y la esperanza está muy lejos.
 Creo que compartirlo y tener a alguien con quien hablar, que entienda ese viaje, puede ayudar, incluso si no pueden ser los salvadores que necesitamos.


Judging is human nature but I believe in judging to understand than hurting.
I believe it's important to offer a space where you would be understood over anything that's been said or done, than guilting and punishing. I believe we are more than what we do, and irrespective of what we do, we all deserve love
Core of that belief is essentially that we all are more than what we do, and irrespective of it all we deserve to be understood and loved in all conditions.
I think the world lacks it unfortunately, making it more so valuable to offer it and believe in it being the right way of life .
It is something that I think I also need and that the world needs, so I try to offer it being lucky to be able to.

I have also been to places where I have found no hope and nothing but torment. So I know how it feels to live when nothing feels good and hope is far away. 
I think sharing about it and having someone to talk to, who understands that journey, can help, even if they can't be the saviours we need.

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Feedback & Reviews
Best listener. Very professional. I feel so much better
He’s amazing beyond words. Kind and patient. We need more people like you to make it a better place!
Appreciate him, he is an amazing listener. Really empathetic and takes time to go through with problems that you have.
He's an amazing soul. Full of compassion. Thank you for giving us your precious time.
precious human being with a golden heart and an inquisitive mind. highly recommended!
He is super sweet, kind hearted, a great listener, and a very caring person.
Amazing person understanding
He's a kind soul. Definitely recommended by me!
A very kind soul.
Best listener ❤️
He is absolutely amazing. So compassionate and caring. He is patient and such a good listener, he also helps to restore self love in oneself. A very beautiful person indeed :)
They are *cheff kiss* one of the best humans on this planet. Cultured, patient, empathetic, knowledgeable, kind... For lack of a better word, one hell of a good listener. I'm forever grateful I found them
He was very sweet, patient, and compassionate. I wish there were more people like him in the world.
An incredibly sweet and kind human ❤ you really took your time to respond and genuinely cared about what I was going through and made me feel less alone. I truly appreciate your kindness and hope that you take care of yourself and are as kind to yourself as you are to others.
Thank you for listening ❤️❤️❤️
Awesome listener, very compassionate, very understanding, was able to understand my issue, and help guide me to better understand myself.
Truly a wonderful soul. Its been a week since we last talked but I still carry the kindness he has shown me. I can’t believe that a person like him exists. a person who is capable of seeing you just as you are, respecting, accepting, and validating all your feelings and thoughts. Patiently listens to you, replies with such love and care in his words. I have been more gentle with myself whenever I fail. I was more in tune with my feelings and start to validate myself - I put a stop to all the denial. Because he has shown me the importance of feeling my feelings. It’s not wrong but a product of our circumstances. “You are doing all you can” I quote. Because of that, I am able to move past it. ☺️ I’m truly grateful for you, your patience and faith in me. - you deserve all the love and joy there is, Lusio!
He is very understanding. He is able to talk freely but in a calm manner too. He doesn’t judge you. He is a good listener.
Nice and very friendly
Buen soporte en español y en ingles.
Great listener.
Comprende de que le hablo, es comprensivo y se interesa
a good listener
Well. I don't know how they did it, every word was perfect, everything they do is perfect. Where does someone get inspiration to give that much good, have that much insight and power to understand others ? It's beautiful Es perfecto. Surrealista. Gran persona. Gracias por ayudarme
Perfect. perfect. perfect. Just brilliant. Kind with words. Very compassionate and feels and thinks deeply and makes it easy to feel understood and listened to. And very wise. Special person. Never had someone understand me and make me feel understood as much they did. Very moving and powerful
Perfecto Gran oyente. Sabe qué decir y cuándo decirlo y es amable, inteligente, comprensivo y sabio. Tiene una forma mágica con palabras que instantáneamente te hacen sentir cuidado, comprender y amar. Nunca conocí a alguien así. Tiene una comprensión profunda de cómo piensa la persona incluso antes de darse cuenta sí mismos
A great listener!
Excelente persona 100% recomendado
Thank you for reaching out to me ... you are patient, kind, and considerate and I wish you continued success! 👍🙂
Very patient and calm
Saved my life, literally
Very professional, he's really great at what he does. 10/10 helped me so much, literally God-sent
Such a very nice person ! Love to talk to this listener
I got so much love and understanding messages sent to me and I finally felt like a real person thank you so much 🖤
Let's us have a deep insight into our issues by asking the right questions and letting us flow. Best chatting experience ever
Excellent chat. Great guy. Very professional and knows a lot and understands
amazing person
Honestly I’m speechless, so professional really helped me a lot friendly. I’m glad you were my listener couldn’t have done this without you. You are a star!
perfect listener, great advice.
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