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River |
Listener - Paragon 5

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*** I am really sorry but I am giving up all my site roles as of November due to my health issues and personal life taking over. So I probably wont be responding to messages. ***

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. 

-Harriet Beecher Stowe

Hello everyone! *Waves* Its me, River. Welcome to my bio <3 

For members: 

I am here to listen about anything you want to talk about and be there for you. I might not be able to lessen your pain but I will try to share your pain and understand the situation you might be at the moment. I am also totally okay to talk randomly if you are feeling alone and ask icebreaker questions to eachother. I am usually good at chat related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, BPD, forgiveness, grief, trauma and abuse. I. however am not taking sexual chats, sorry about it! <3 

For Listeners:

I have been around 7cups from more than 2 years, so if you need any help about anything related to 7cups, please dont hesitate to leave a pm.

My involvement in 7cups: 

Forum Mentor Leader: I work on logistic and organization side of forum team and help with trainings and onboarding of forum team members. I am around if you ever have any questions regarding forums and leadership positions related to it in general.

Forum Mentor: I am a global forum mentor <3 

Global group mod: I help in group rooms to keep them safe place for everyone. <3 

My special twins: 

@Love8890 (She is mah soul sistah <3 We also confuse people all around due to same pfp hahahaha! I love ya Sel sel <3 )
@HeyItsRoo (Caught chu :p I miss catchiing youu <3 )

*passes out cookies for reaching till the end of mah bio*

Number of Ratings: 208
Number of Reviews: 66
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Nepali
Listener Since May 11, 2017
Last Active in last month
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 982
Cheers 324,045
People Helped 276
Chats 2,464
Group Support Chats 1,095
Listener Group Chats 733
Forum Posts 3,257
Forum Upvotes 5,373
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Feedback & Reviews
She's an amazing and kind listener. She's the best.
Such an amazing listener ❤️ We be soul sistahs ❤️ Love you Didi ❤️
:") bestest ever listener ❤🐐
A wholesome and active person who empathises with you and is ready to give advices to help any given situation.
They are a very good listener and was really helping.
She is great and lovely listener,and makes hearts💕in the chat which is great
River is the absolute best. always coming up with a solution. Amazing!
Super nice talks to u like a real friend :))
Very good person to talk with
They were very kind and listened to me about whatever I needed to talk about. She was very supportive and cared very much about my issue.
river is awesome!
she's kind, understandable, friendly :) Thank you :)
River Is so awesome
do you wanna build a snowman? Yes, yes I do.
Rose is the best!
Amazing listener
Great, very helpful, attentive.
Thank you for all your help. I am lucky I got to talk to you. You are so sweet and easy to talk to.
She is really awesome and great. I never felt more understood before. She was open-minded about my situations and made me see the situation in completely different way. I appreciate her for her help in it.
so kind and compasionate
Great listener.
Great help!
She did a great job in helping me cope with my thoughts. Never thought anyone could understand this well.
Such an amazing person that was willing to help me through everything and stay with me. She really helped me through a rough spot i am forever grateful.
really nice and understanding with almost immediate responses, kind of wish it didn't feel rushed though.
Very kind and thoughful!
She really helped me through my panic attack. My mind was off the cause as she led me through the five senses which slowed my heart rate down and calmed my nerves. I really felt like I was in a therapy session!
She was patient and understanding.
I was frustated when I started talking to her. But now I am happy. She is a big bubble of happiness who can distribute smiles all around. I am glad that I found her. If you havent talked to her yet, you are missing out a very great person. If you are reading this to know if she is good, then I recommend her as one of the best in stress related talks.
great great listener. Easy to talk to. (:
I felt cared when I talked to them. She was kind, professional and helpful. Asked questions that actually helped. I would give her 100 on 100. Certainly connecting with her again!! Thank u.
Very supportive definitely made me feel better . Supper sweet 😊💗
really understanding and kind
They are the best! Helped cailm me down.
Great help. I will certainly reccomend her
She's helpful
Overall nice
Great help! Made the member account just to talk with her again!
Wonderful! Definately recommend her!
You are a nice good listener
Thank you girl thank you so so so much
Pureriver is a good listener to me
I love how she understands me and tries to find a possible outcome to my difficulties..... she's really helpful and tries her best to help in any way possible
Nice person
I love her!
Really really nice and really helpful. I can't tell you how much important it was to talk to someone like you :)
I am glad that I found someone who understands me and listen to me without judging. She made me realize I am important and my feelings and thinking matters. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! She was friendly and easy to talk to as well! I felt like I could trust her and share everything!!!
Nice person, spent over an hour talking and was overall lovely and helpful x Thankyou x
She is very helpful in understanding.
I feel like someone actually cares and is always going to be there
Very good listener listened to me without judging
Really professional and nice.
Pretty good
Great listener.
A nice listener... 5 stars ... im happy i found someone to really listen to my problems :)
Pretty good.
Listened without judging me. Thank you
Thank you
It was good
She's very kind and
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