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Hi there.. welcome to 7Cups! :)

I am available to take Anxiety chats. Please message me if you would take to talk or message :)

All the best





I hope to back and available in the next couple of months. Thank you for understanding



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Feedback & Reviews
wonderful listener
Very thoughtful and kind.
Very helpful. Thank you so much.
Roadie is someone truly special, someone who gives his time and his wisdom to help you come to terms with what you're facing. He never judges you, never casts doubt on you, and is there just for you. He doesn't tell you what you should do, but trusts in you to know what's best for you. He's calm, patient, and very very reliable, and I really do consider myself so lucky to have the chance to connect with him. This man might well be the best listener I've ever come across. For the first time in far too long, I feel like I'm in control of my life again, and all it took was half an hour of your time. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over.
Thanks Roadie for making me feel better and optimistic.
Roadie was super kind and put in effort into trying to answer some questions I had. He was apologetic when he couldn't find something out despite it not being his fault.
Roadie is a great listener. I received prompt responses and the chat really helped. Highly recommended.
Excellent listener and very emotionally in tune. This was my first time using this website and he definitely helped me through what was bothering me. :)
Thanks for listening roadie, you have made me feel lots better!
Roadie is wonderful, fabulous, extraordinary... I admire him too much.
He said the things I wanted and needed to hear. I'm very grateful.
He's the best I've talked to so far.
I gave slow responses and it took me a little more time to open up to him. But Roadie is patient and it he truly cares. At times we don't need big words or promises that everything will be ok in the end. His simplicity and the ease with which he moves , the way he breaks down big issues to small bits giving a fresh perspective and something a reason to have hope, faith and trust again. He not only listens but he also makes one connect to the light that lies deep inside. I wish I can write more about him :) Thank you :)
Extraordinarily wise, trustworthy, caring, and level-headed. He helped me make sense of the world when it all seemed to be falling apart (and in less than 30 minutes). I will be forever grateful to Roadie for the help he gave me.
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
― Leo Buscaglia
Thanks for not underestimating the power you hold.
"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me." I am quoting Shakespeare, but it cannot match the beauty and grace with which Roadie handled me. Having someone accept us just as we are is the ultimate definition of friendship. The more you feel like "yourself" around someone, the more likely that person is truly a good friend. *Reverance*
Good Guy, Reminded me of someone i once knew
He's really great... helped me feels a lot better than I felt when I started out!
Supportive and helpful
Roadie is just an absolutely marvelous person. He's caring and compassionate, and by far one of the most honest people I've met. He's a good source of comfort, and is very informative on a lot of topics. Regardless, I know he spends so much of his time ensuring that other listeners and members feel good that it's kinda hard not to love Roadie. Keep being awesome! -C
Is a good listener, I really enjoy talking with him, he was such of help to me!!! he really understands
Roadie is great. I really appreciate him :)
Thank you :)
Roadie was attentive and kind, he gave me a safe space to vent my emotions out and allowed me to feel comfortable enough to open up at the right moment. Extremely pacient and gentle. Awesome Listener ^_^
Very kind, helpful, and respectful
Roadie is awesome!!
Sorry for leaving so early.
Though I lack the virtue of patience, I'd like to thank you for your effort.
The world's gonna need "Roadie"
Great listener, lots of patience and empathy, really skilled at helping you resolve your issues. Made me feel a lot better after talking to him. Makes you feel comfortable during the entire conversation. Loved him!
Roadie is an amazing and very kind listener.
helped me think about my issues more clearly so it's easier for me to work on a solution.
This listener is so thoughtful and kind. I felt comfortable during our entire conversation. I would describe this listener as patient, understanding, caring, and friendly. Definitely made me feel better when I was feeling hopeless! =]
A genuinely lovely listener. Patient and caring :)
Honest and gives a nice perspective.
Sweet, nice, kind.
Caring, inspiring, affirming.
Supportive, outgoing, and professional.
Great listener & support
Incredibly understanding, friendly and helpful. Just an angel
Great listener! Very Understanding :)
Ty For Being Here To listen
One of the best yet.
the best listener. thank you.
Really excellent! Helped me a lot when I was very upset and confused
Really supportive and thorough. Didn't try to scrap at the problem or give hearted advice. Gave the feeling that they truly cared completely about your well being. Was also very understanding, giving personal feedback.
He's been helping me a lot, talking a writer is great. Since they understand a lot, I really feel great, I'll be sure to find him if I had some problems.
Very good listener, very helpful, helped me put alot into perspective.
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