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Rose644 |
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Hello, hiya! And welcome 💕

A little about me:

I’m Rose. My pronouns are she/her.

My interests vary from organic chemistry to history of corsets.

I have no triggers, although please be respectful.

I love reading books.

My nicknames include, Roseey, Roseeee, Rice, Roae, Royal Rose, Rise, Pose, vampire and Rosen.

My response time varies from minutes to 48 hours.

I'm a verified listener and host Sharing Circles.

I'm also a room supporter.

You are awesome, don't let anyone convince you otherwise 💕

*Have some comfortcookies*

"The comfort cookie queen" 🍪


I might take time to reply, but that is because I'm finding the right words. I talk to only one member at a time so I can give my undivided attention to you.


Jessrabbit7 💕, Jess you are my best friend. You are everything best in the whole universe. You are always there for me, and are a source of support. Words cannot do justice to how much you mean to me. Thanks for being here for me. 

The helper seeks to help because they know what it is to be helpless.


My Almost listener triplets:

♡EmpatheticLavender2924 and ♡ Hope2103. They are the best and my kind-of-besties. They are kind and compassionate. Thank you both for being here. 💛💜🖤


You are awesome and you matter ❤


Some quotes for my friends here:

"The Sun needs to set before it can rise again.", for jessrabbit7 my awesome Sharing Circle co-host.

"If everyone was same, the world would rather be a very boring place to live.", for MollyT  my fellow lurker.

"Stars are always there, the difference is at night you can see them while during day you can't." , for SofiaStardust, my vampire best friend.

" Silence is a weapon and a shield, ", for precious Pebble7447.

"With great responsibilities and powers .....comes the great need to nap.", for ConsiderateOrange2567, a person who listened to me rant about corset and hairpins.

"Have a great day, may the odds be ever in your favour", for Christine my booklover and Fandom sharing sis.

"Roseey are red so is the danger sign", for Ezee the Ezoodle, who gave me the name Roseey.

"Sunshine is the warmest and most precious thing to me",  for Allie sunshinegiraffe123, a great friend.

Stares at all night awake Rose", by FallenStars, a truly kind soul and a great friend.

"Not every conversation has an aim", for iamsidhere.


Number of Ratings: 9
Number of Reviews: 8
Listens to Teens
Languages English
Listener Since Jun 20, 2021
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Feedback & Reviews
She’s really helpful
Rose was so nice, understanding and made me feel better. One of the best listeners here!! I totally recommend Rose
She’s super nice and listens very well
actually helped me. lovely personality and doesn't judge you
Rose664 is really patient
very good and shes very nice I liked her
Very supportive throughout!
It was good. They were a patient listener.
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