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SenpaiXD |
Listener - Virtuoso 10

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Need someone to talk to? Need a helping hand or someone to vent to? I am your person and together we shall go down the right path and strive for a better future. I'll take you by the hand and show you the positive sides of life and give you a boost whenever you feel down. Let's do this... together! (´。• ᵕ •。`)
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Number of Ratings: 367
Number of Reviews: 140
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 12, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 782
Cheers 206,874
People Helped 309
Chats 3,319
Group Support Chats 1
Listener Group Chats 0
Forum Posts 284
Forum Upvotes 459
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Feedback & Reviews
One of the best listeners I found here on 7cups. Senpai really gave me some insights on what I can do and a direction to help with me and my problems that I’ve been having the past couple of months, all in an effective and professional manner :)
A truly amazing listener, one of the best I have come across here. He is a kind hearted and a wonderful young soul. Helped me quite a lot and gave detailed advices. Most of all, Senpai noticed me! All the happiness in the world to you :)
Sendai helped me through the most difficult and confusing situation I've ever dealt with. This person is the most comforting and outgoing person I've probably ever met.
Very supportive person. Helped more than I can say.
they really helped me they are really nice and kind !
Very helpful and helped me get my thoughts out and aligned :)
Great person! He helps you through your problems step by step, without judging you as a person. The response time on a message is incredible. I could not have asked for a better person. After his advice, my problems seem easier and I am able to manage. Life just seems better now.
I love him
Fantastic listener helped me out so much gives good advice 👏🏽🤗🙇🏽‍♀️
They helped me realize the root of my problem and talked me through how to solve it as sweetly as possible
I am very happy to be able to talk to Senpai. He/she will listen to you and won't judge you. Senpai made me feel comfortable talking about my problems and gave me advice that is very helpful. I could feel senpai wants to really help and he/she is pleasant to talk with. I am grateful to senpai because he's/she's caring and very warm person. Take care always Senpai!! It was a pleasure talking to you!
Incredibly supportive and understanding towards my problem. I felt I was able to open up without the fear of being judged. Thank you for offering me so many helpful suggestions! :)
he/she's a good listener
Was very helpful in my journey of self discovery on what I should do in regards to my issue. Very supportive and kind. I didn't feel judged or not believed in. Many thanks to senpaixd
He's been a support I longed to have and for that I'm grateful for his assistance
Absolute BOSS, gives so much clarity and structure to the situation you're in and gives perfect guidance/direction

Senpai was very helpful. He made me feel very comfortable and encouraged. Although me issue is going to be mainly a battle with my inner conscious Senpai gave some very useful tips to help break this seemingly immovable barrier that will hopefully help once I sum up the courage to take the first step towards change. Thank you a lot Senpai :)
Very caring and professional listener. Thank you for cheering me up and help me come up with some solutions to my dilemma. It was really eye opening and I just can't thank you enough. Definitely one of the best on here :)
Just so Awesome and Helpful .
You are amazing I wish you abundant blessings God should richly bless you!
awesome person
They were so friendly and positive. They gave me good tips on how I should handle it and made me feel confident in actually dealing with the problem. They gave me really good advice, like how to say that I am struggling towards my significant other. They made me feel comfortable and safe. Kinda like a supportive hug telling it was alright. Really a great listener.
They were very friendly and understanding, They gave me tips and really helped me. A very good listener.
They're great really
They were really helpful i was having a pretty bad moment and they helped me think it through and make me realize things i never thought about and see the situation under different points of view. I felt understood and my mood really got better! Real great!
Very appreciative of his time and what he said to me. Will always remember them. Thank you Senpai for making me feel a lot better!!! It was great being able to talk to someone and have him listen deeply.
Worked with me through problems and came up with several solutions!
Very kind and understanding!
Senpai was an amazing listener that put my heart at ease. Thank you for being that listening ear when I felt like nothing was going right. Thank you for making me feel wanted and taken care of. It's nice to know that a quality listener like you exist in this world. I hope the best for you and I'll be back soon ❤️
Non judgemental, awesome listener :D
Senpai is very friendly and talking with him seems like he truly cares for you. He is also very welcoming. I really appreciate for everything, thank you senpai.
truly helpful, amazing listener, insightful and comforting
very very helpful, insightful, funny and caring. wise and compassionate
Senpai helped me come up with solutions and alternatives to my addiction and i am very grateful for his help and time with me. Thank you for taking your time with me and being so patient yet so kind with me. You are a cool and smart person. Thank you again!!
Lovely, lovely, lovely human being. So happy to have been able to have a conversation ❤️ -E
Senpai was very kind and wise, thank you for helping me. I feel so so so much better now because of you :> You are a great person to talk to and you made the conversation really easy. I could express my thoughts easily with you!
supporting, caring, professional, helpful and really smart. thank you xoxoxo senpai, you are the best listener on this website. i hope everyone can come to you so you can make them relieved and happy after like you did with me. : )
Very very helpful and supportive!
Really very very helpful and understanding. Was very quick in responding and I had a really easy conversation. Thank you so much for the support!
Extremely kind and compassionate! I felt so much better after we spoke. Very understanding and I felt safe to be open and express how I was feeling without fear of judgement.
I love you Senpai!!! Thank you for your insights and knowledge. I will take them with me and I will be back soon for you~ You are such a sweetheart
senpaixd was a terrific listener. he was really nice and caring especially towards my thoughts. he is really smart and gave me great advices. i recommend other people who struggle with self-esteem to talk to him. i felt like i can try again once again... thank you senpai
Wow, Can I say that this listener is one of the best out there? You really made me feel great after our chat just like you said. Thanks for hearing me out and letting me vent. You allowed me to see the other side of things and brought my motivation back. I am glad that they have someone like you on this site. Thank you so much for taking your time even tho I went over. I will be back again, Senpai!!!!
He was really friendly, Very quick to respond and constantly brought in new perspectives to the conversation. Easy to talk to, listens well and is overall very caring. Would recommend!
extremely helpful and supportive. Very smart on various subjects and helped me a lot on working on my thoughts back together. Because of him, i was able to move on. i recommend this listener to everyone! he really cares about you
Senpai is a nice listener and made me feel happy afterwards. It seems like I was talking to a real professional. He was very smart and knew what to say at the right times. Thank you so much for making my day.
a great help and a comforting listener, very smart and knows what he is talking about. thanks for your insight, i will be applying them to my daily life. i recommend senpai to people who are lost and in need of a new perspective. thank you so much.
he made me feel so much better afterwards even when I didn't think I could. he made everything seem like I could get through it. definitely someone to go to for help!! 👌
came with a mindset of not going to get better, did not EXPECT THAT I WOULD EVEN FEEL HAPPY AGAIN. SENPAI really does care and he really made me feel that way. amazing, simply amazing.
incredibly helpful, very real with me and i feel like i can become a better person afterwards. thank you for the great amount of support and suggestions you give me, i will be using them. very smart and wise.
Senpai XD is a great responder and will take time to help you with your problems. He (I am assuming) is very sweet and compassionate, while maintaining an understanding, compassionate, and professional demeanor. He helped me to think through my issues I was having about something that felt enormous for me, but helped me to break down my problems and think through them logically. As a true friend to all those he helps, I hope that this review shows his actual awesomeness. He is not afraid to share anecdotes from his own life as they relate to yours, and he seems to really care about you as he is giving advice. He really helped me to see the root of the issue I was having with my friend. Overall, I would give this man 100% simply because he have me tricks to help manage the amount I overthink and cannibalize trivial thoughts. SenpaiXD is #1.
He really did help me and I felt opened up to him and not shy at all. I would recommend him to one of my friends if they need therapy
SenpaiXD could relate to me on a personal level. I felt that he understood me really well and was like my lifelong friend that I never knew I had. Thank you for cheering me up. You really are amazing.
Amazing listener, really helpful 🙏🏼
He's good.
very kind and generous. a really great listener that understood on a deep level. i was able to analyze my own mistakes and learn from it. thanks for letting me made me feel great afterwards
Hes amazing and understands, he helps with problems and makes everything seem small and able to get through, he is definitly the person id recommend to people :)))
Kyaa! Senpai noticed me! Best senpai you'll ever talk to. This senpai deserves thousands of love letters. Senpai is very human, doesn't sound like suicide hotline! An awesome listener who gives you hope. Cute and have cute tastes, ALSO a smart weeabo0! Seriously.
very helpful and caring. I feel so much happier after talking to senpaixd. he really made me feel like that it's going to be okay and made me realize that things that i didn't know before. thank you for allowing me to progress on again~
thank u SenpaiXD :)))) you let me see things in another way. i am just happy that i get to know what i want in life now. thank u for making me realize that. you really made me feel super duper happy
I love you. You really are one of a kind. Keep being that amazing person you are senpai. I feel so much happier and relieved after everything we discussed. I have no words but just want to say thank you. Thank you for making my night much more beautiful and letting me see life in a different perspective.
Made me feel really good about myself. Great listener with detail to attention... I feel really cared for. Thank you senpai. I'll be looking forward to talk to you again.
He was patient and heard me out and came up with useful questions to bring out my story.He won't judge you and is insightful .when i connected i was just to overwhelmed with emotions not only did talking to him calm me down but also cheered me up and he was naturally so kind and reasonable.A real cat charmer one I came across for the first time and :D
My mood was so bad in the beginning, and honestly I don't feel like anyone on this site can cheer me up. But then I stumble upon this wonderful listener. Senpai took the time to evaluate things with me and make sure I am well off in the end. One of the realest people you'll ever meet. I like how he doesn't try to cover things up instead tells you the honest truth so you can learn. Love it and you will be hearing from me again from your kohai.
Gave me quite a huge motivation. Thank you! Very excellent listener. Empathetic and caring. Love you!!
extremely helpful!!!!! thank you. made me feel like i can do it once again. thanks for bringing me up in my lowest. one of the best listeners on this site and trust me... i have tried a lot of other listeners.
Senpai was able to make sense of my confused emotions and was able to calm me down after an unwanted turn of events. One of the best listeners out there!
Senpai is best senpai! He's easy and comfortable to talk to like a close friend! Very professional, like talking to a real therapist!
i feel like i was talking to a professional. definitely made me feel a lot better and improve my mood, thanks Senpai.
Felt completely pissed off, but Senpai manage to calm me down and just simply let me vent out my feelings. Honestly, thank you so much. You are really amazing at what you do, I just wanted a listener and you are that. Thanks for making me feel better man. I really appreciate it.
really helpful and help me get my life together, a sympathetic and friendly listener. definitely one of the best on this website compare to others. thank you senpai.
thank you senpai... you are really kind... thank you so much... you are one of the best people on this website
Comforting :D
Just like a real genuine therapist, very professional and made me so happy at the end. Thank you for helping me Senpai :,)
The best ever! Iloved the way they helped me and how the cared about be even though i was shy talking to them in the beginning. I will be talking to them again.
Thanks for helping me Senpai, your kohai is very happy because of you. thank you so much for being so caring and giving me a new perspective on things!
honest and caring. best listener on this website! thank you SENPAIIIIIIIIIIII,
just like a professional therapist, i would love to talk to you again in the future, thanks for making me realize the positive side of my situation!
quality listener on this website, definitely recommend him out of the other listeners Ive been through. thank you senpai, for being the exceptional one
better than what his bio said, talk to senpai because he'll make you feel like you are worth it! thank you so much
amazing, he really does notice you.
Senpai is one of the best listener on this website hands down. Willing to help and go the extra mile just to make sure you are okay. I feel cared for and loved by this amazing listener. Honestly, just go talk to this person because he will definitely make you feel wanted and cared for. Many thanks to you!
i love you. you are amazing. thanks for being my senpai. yay
I had so much pleasure to talk to Senpai. It feeled like we were good old friends. Definitely will continue our conversation~
many hearts for senpai
Clear and concrete. No bullshit given. One of the many listeners on here who doesn't sugarcoat and I really like that. The others don't even address the problem but he gave me a step by step process and help me back on my feet.
I feel like I have a real Chance at being real again..
Senpai is a quality listener on this website that I will definitely recommend to people who use this website. Thank you for making my day much better and simply just let me vent out things. Thanks man, you the best.
this guy is awesome. he made me realize what i couldn't by myself. m a happy chappy after talkin to him
Down-to-earth nice guy, got a lot of potential in you dude. Keep up the great work and I hope you can achieve your dreams. You rock man! Thanks for cheering me up.
Amazing listener that went over things step by step and list them out like a real professional would do. Ease my stress and anxiety about the future by giving me a sense of reality check. Thank you so much, SENPAI!
SenpaiXD is a great listener. he gives helpful advice in a quick time so you wont get bored
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