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*A moment of silence for Emily- we all love you and we will always believe in you. I will never lose hope, my love.*
Click this link to view a tribute to Emily also known as Happy-Feet or Brightheart116 or Emily (Created by @ZoodleEz)

Hi I'm Ley (Pronounced: Lee) and welcome to my sorry attempt at a bio....

If you read all the way to the end you get a prize

Anything in purple is clickable

I've been here for a year now (This isn't my first acct. don't worry I did it legally)
Anyway I have a variety of nicknames including
Basil, Basilbee, Bee, Bye-Law, Leg, Let, Lays, Lays chips, Seri....if you have anymore let me know.

I have my own demons and dark moods...its weird


I don't pretend to be captain weird, I just do it

If for whatever reason you don't wanna talk to me, don't worry I understand click the link below to find your perfect listener

Don't take life too seriously, you wont make it out alive

 -Pronouns :She/Her
-Personality type: EFNP- Campainer
Find yours below
-I came out as Bisexual last August and I live in a house full of Homophobics.....Life is very interesting lol
- I enjoy listening to Spotify, playing sports (Softball, Volleyball, Tennis) Singing, taking long walks and finally but to save ze best for last..... Sleeping!😂
- I live in the southeastern part of ze United States so my timezone is (EST... UTC-5)
- I cannot talk about anything that is about anything sexual (porn addiction, sexual health, rape)
- I have directly experienced LGBTQ+ problems, Grief, Anxiety, Self-harm, ADHD, Breakups, Depression, Loneliness, Panic Attacks, Racial Discrimination, Self-Esteem (Yes, I know it's a lot)
- I provide a very comfortable and safe environment where there is no judgement and I listen to anyone in any walk of life.
-  My schedule is pretty iffy so I apologize if I am not able to get to you very fast.

A day without sunshine is, you know, night

My Roles

Active Teen Listener- I support teens through compassionate, and epathetic 1-1 chats

-Verified Listener-  I've been verified by the community for my commitment and dedication to active, quality listening.


·Peer Supporter - I support my peers/other listeners after they've had an upsetting or difficult chat. Listeners, feel free to send me a message.

-Listener Room Supporter- As a LRS I support listener I support listener rooms by holding activities, welcoming new listeners, doing outreach work to bring more people into chatrooms and so much more!

​​​​- Room Supporter- A Room Supporter is a listener who has been trained to support members in a group support setting and is integrated into the support team. I am currently helping the Newbie Hub Chatrooms and LGBTQ+/MOGII chatrooms

- Forum Supporter-  As a Forum Supporter I am the caretaker of the forums in my topic based category(ies) of choice. 
I have chosed Teen Only Zone and LGBTQ+/MOGII Support

(Roles explination courtesy of @itssoren and random masterposts.....I was too lazy to do it myself

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.

Random info nobody asked for🙄
Birthday:July 31
Pet Peeves: Slow walkers/drivers, people who are obnoxious and they know it
Favorite Tv/Book Genre: Manga and Anime
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Only the mediocre are always at their best

"thanks, y'all I don't mind supporting others gives me an excuse to play music in the backround" - Capricorn1009

"So like 8 to the expodent of 3 would be 8 thrice?" -ezoodle

"And well.. My hand got stapled to my desk by a angry employee.. It hurts just as bad as the first time.. " - BiaKiaSia

"Dont lick rocks it's bad for you-" -korosensaiwho

"Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t eat craft supplies, cause it’ll taste like glue." - KindNutella926

"Don't tell I said that but oldie side is immature, teens act ten times better than adults." - Anonymous, 2021 😀

My saviors

Before we start....allow me to introduce you to my bestieeeeeee


I may be in love with thing I don't understand is why she's cold.....

- @lookatthestars22 (They're forever stuck in space
-@Mamtasha22    ( The sane titan...beastie)
-@calmingMermaid5761 (I wonder how well she swims)
-@shiningstars1 (Sister Stars- Starfire of the Titans)
-@Paprika001 (My birthday party planner- Silkie)

My Long Lost Not- Twin Brother😜
-@shiningsky3745 (A revolution addict- Robin)

-@funnyapplehehehehe (Well....this guy. He's interesting.)
-@imsidhere (The sweetest guy ever)
-@itssoren (He forgets he's a mod)

@Rhlexia520,,@Fujitheflowerboy, @KayEHS, @Crackedracc, @Greenchoice1, @Sia1325, @VicK5123, @WoahtasticOswald, @Zoup, @ConsiderateParadise6717, @Astro0koala240, @itssoren, @Zie0520, @JamieB5, @AgreeableGlobe340, @Bubbles2025, @CuteOrange213,  @Starmelon7, @NaiK15, @helpfulGem04, @Iamsidhere, @Greasemonky, @Robby05, @Akira000, @EmmaE, @Bearhugsxaesthetic, @Joyfulwaterfall695, @Sunshinegiraffe123, @DonaldDraper, @SpaceOrchid, @BabyFoxBoy, @Positivepumpkin22, @Fallenstarss, @MollyT, @Emily328, Kieran000, Daf8, Jv13076, Golden3doggo@CharmingTalker8509
Dont worry about ze's random

(If you wanna be added to this wall of shawsomely shawsomeness, just let me know!)

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday

My availability system is super easy!!!
Red: I am AFK but feel free to shoot me a message!
Orange: I am most likely to be helping a member, I will get to you A$AP!
Green: I am available to help!!
I also do casual chats....just don't come to me cos you're horni that's just wrong
(That above applies both to listeners and members)

Who included me among the ranks of the human race?

You are unique
You are smart
You are talented
You are worth it
You are special
You are valued
You are amazing
You are loved
You matter


So...welcome to the end......I actually don't have a prize for you.....

Last Updated September 10, 2021


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Listens to Teens
Languages English
Listener Since Mar 11, 2021
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Feedback & Reviews
They’re really understanding! :D
Very nice Great listener
Ley is a complete legend. 😃
Have never talked to such pure hearted person before.
Listens with care
Nice chat and very respectful.
A very sweet listener. She made me feel comfortable
she is super sweet and just let me rant
Was very supportive and helped me solve my problems
Really supportive and helpful. A good person for the broken world.
She is the most helpful listener ever! I really think she is the best so far!!!!! I love her spunk and awesomeness!!! I am reallly pleased!
Absolutely amazing person.
asked me hard questions and is making me think more than i could by myself!
great person very helpful
this person is super helpful
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