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ShiningPanda13 |
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I'm an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience consulting - seven years self-employed. I understand the doubts and fears that come with the hustle, especially those that come after the way certain vendors and partners treat you.

As a female working in the science / technology industry, I have a lot of experience dealing with women's perceptions of the way men may or may not intend to treat them as differently - and how to professionally maintain a level of poise. I have also observed the power dynamics that men face through organizational hierarchy used to degrade, bashing/bullying/one-upmanship. It's really hard out there! 

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Listener Since Jul 6, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing person.. If you get her as your listener, remember you are definitely going to feel better.
Thank you, I really appreciate your listening
Incredible listener!!
greate listener
It was good they gave me some uplifting advice. Helped me think about things
great listener
They were so nice to me.. very understanding.. I'm happy they were there to listen in the hard time I'm having.. you have been amazing . And thank you I'm happy I can still talk to you an vent when I need it.. people like you are the reason people like me are here today... You deserve so much ❤️
she is a good listener and i can openly say my thoughts and my feelings to her
Brilliant, kind, helpful. Seemed genuinely interested and wanted to help
Listened very well and gave helpful guidance.
A rare soul and someone who will listen empathetically and give realistic suggestions and a sound perspective. She’s always so helpful and patient and shares personal stories to make you feel like you’re not alone
A good listener and helpful
Went trough 7 listeners, and glad I kept my faith, because I ended up with her. A really good listener and definitely made me feel better about the situation I was thrown in. Ask the right questions, which just make you almost stand back and look at it from a different view point. Cannot recommend enough!
Listens very well and very helpful
Panda is a very intellectual listener. She have gone through my issues patiently, gave me useful and honest feedback.
Very generous with her time, and effort. A very kind person to chat with. Thank you for everything.
Good listener and genuine person
really kind, And respects alot
she replies fast is very good listner
Really nice person and very understanding of my issues.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
She is one wonderful listener, who is professional, kind and warm with her words.. it feels as if i got virtual hugs from talking to her. I wish all good things happens to her.. I wish her days is better everyday.. full of happiness, laughter and goodness.. i am blessed to be connectwd with her through this platform..Thank you ❤
Thank you so much... sorry for the time you had to spend on me... great listener...wish you all happiness...
Very well spoken, compassionate, empathetic and tender. I enjoyed our chat.
A truly wonderful listener!!
AMAZING listener, patient, understanding
Exceptionally helpful and caring. Really appreciated the chat and ended up feeling much better as a result.
@ShiningPanda13 was awesome..... she listened to me... and was very helpful.... she was very understanding... Thank u so much 7cups
Amazingly helpful. Truly took the time to understand and offered great advice.
Very good on relationship advice or break up advice ;)
A great listener, intelligent and very helpful. Thank you! :)
Very attentive and understanding. Thanks :)
Nice to talk with someone that was willing to listen!!!
very nice and helpful like taking to a friend
very nice and helpful like talking to a friend
Really helped my problems
I want to thank ShiningPanda13. I think what he/she is doing is very important and I'm so glad there are people like her willing to share their time to help out people.
Really helped me out
Hands down BEST listener on the site. Killed me with humour, intelligence, empathy and patience.

THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. IT MEANS THE WORLD. This site is so lucky to have you here.
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