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Please note, my current focus is mostly on caring for fellow listeners on the site through the Care Team and my other roles within the community. Meaning, I have significantly less time to take member chats.

 I am occasionally taking chat requests when I am online, however, if you wish for a more structured chat at a set time with me feel free to book using the following link:


About Me:


Hey! My name is Skylar or Sky, I recently started to come out as non-binary. I use They/Them pronouns, I'm 16 years old, my birthday is May 11 2006, and I am from England. I have a strong interest in psychology and I love to support people. My goal here on 7 Cups is to hopefully make some kind of positive impact on people's lives, I will listen and talk to you about pretty much anything that is on your mind.

What do I do outside of Cups? Well, as much as I do not like to share any personal information - My love for supporting people in any way I can does not stop when I log off from 7 Cups! From September, I will be starting the new academic year as a Teaching Assistant Apprentice. - Meaning I will be both gaining qualifications and supporting young people who struggled (aged 4-11) within their lessons at school when they need extra support as well as being a friendly face they can approach.

My roles/responsibilities:

- Verified Listener

- Subcommunity Leadership Team Outreach Assistant

- Room Supporter for the Newbie Hub Subcommunity

- Listener Care Team Guide

- Project Agent for the Care Team


When Am I Available?


The times I am available can often change, however, if you want to request me personally I have listed the "online statuses" you can look out for on my profile.


Green Status - If you see the green status on my profile, that usually means I am online or I have 7 Cups open and ready to go.

Orange Status - If you see the orange status on my profile, that usually means I am online but not actively using 7 Cups. Sometimes I might use this when I'm completing extra training, or I have 7 Cups open in the background when I am busy. Feel free to request a chat when I have this status and I will respond ASAP.

Red Status - If you see the red status on my profile, that usually means I am offline, I usually still check 7 Cups occasionally when I have this status so I will respond when I can. Still feel free to message me, I will respond when I'm free.

Profile easter egg: Wish I could shoutout more listeners but here goes one:

shoutout to @LavenderHere, everyone's favourite cookie delivery person, look out for them around Cups and be sure to ask for cookies! - Thank you for all you do for me and the rest of the community, and of course thanks for the cookies!

Growth Path Timeline
Feedback & Reviews
Very nice and compassionate, nicely listened to everything I had to say and tried her best to help me out. 💜
it was good. they were helpful and comforting
Thanks for making me feel better
Just a really compassionate and kind listener!Helped me a lot💖💖
Such a nice person ❤️
very helpful and constructive conversation :)
Amazing, they were so helpful and I got some clarity on some stuff!
great listener, really understands you :)
They are just an amazing listener! Even after out first chat I felt like they were someone I could talk to about everything 😊
Very nice to chat with, definitely recommend talking to them. 👍🏼
Skylar is so nice!
I feel like I'm actually being listened to and they're so easy to talk to
this person has been an amazing listener
made me feel heard, they’re compassionate and asked good questions that helped me
made me feel heard, they’re compassionate and asked good questions that helped me
They made me feel so much better, they're probably one of the best listeners on this site.
Great listener, listen well
Very helpful analyzing questions!
Great listener and pretty resourceful, very helpful too. Has a great future!
i liked them because they mad eme comfortable
They were a great help in analyzing and asking right questions. They were very resourceful
nice and understanding listener and open minded
was super helpful and always had calm and collective feedback :)
Great listener :]
Very welcoming and sweet!
They really helped me, and they listened to what I had to say, and I would definitely recommend :)
Very understanding listener. A very warm person.
Really kind and listens well
Listened well and was supportive
Very good at listening and helped me out of my mess
he's a very good listener, I didn't feel judged at all :)
They were an awesome listener! Loved talking to them! ❤️
really listened without being judgemental and i love that. super sweet too 💞
very sweet and kind, i feel like i can really express myself to the person.
thank you for telling me at first what you can or cannot do, i felt quite safe and at ease whilst talking to him, even though he can't make decisions for me he still helped me, thank you
GeorgeM75, was very kind and understanding!
very kind and thoughtful
very responsive
Awesome help and made me feel better
Listens to you and is quite patient, helps you too in terms of well listening. And can somewhat know what you're looking for...?
Amazing, helped me
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