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Hello, my name is Juliette, a proud Iranian-American and visually impaired teenager. I am in 11th grade at a competitive school. I am a teen writer and activist/influencer. I love animals (I have 2 dogs and  some fish), hugs, and Taylor Swift (swiftie since '08). I have experienced depression and severe anxiety difficulties in my own life, and also have a history with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) behaviors and complex PTSD. I was hospitalized inpatient and outpatient a few times before for treatment. I have volunteered on 7 Cups for about three years now, however, I have created a new account. I do not take chats that violate guidelines, so please do not send anything of inappropriate nature. I am in no way a mental health professional, but I am here to listen, support, give advice, and do whatever else that may be needed. I genuinely want to see my members succeed, as I care for people deeply. My approach is more informal and honest in which I may share personal experiences to help, or relate to, a situation. I also draw a lot from the treatment that got me to recovery, DBT. I know as a younger generation, we don't always want to hear older people talk down to us or tell us "when I was your age..." I find the most supportive and authentic conversations are the ones where there is a connection between everyone involved. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I am also able to communicate a fair amount in Spanish, if need be (hablo español y me encanta la cultura y España). You are not alone, but it is okay to feel that way. Your feelings and problems are valid, and safe with me. We all have unique experiences, and that is what makes us diverse individuals. Maybe you can educate me a little too, as I am always willing to learn! I look forward to hearing from you! Sending a big hug your way. You are awesome!
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Feedback & Reviews
thanks for chatting and helping me, have a good time
amazing listener the best i have talked to in a while really listned and was such a kind human.Really helped me put things into perspective and understand what i need to work on :)
Good person feel safe to share
They helped me clear a lot of things up
she is good and understanding
they are so nice! loved her
Love talking to them! Lots of helpful questions and answers ✨
Incredibly kind and really helpful. How do people like her even exist? It's a miracle. So grateful I had a chance to talk to her.
Very good listener. Helped me a lot with their words. Recommend alot
she was super helpful despite the way i feel. she is nice to chat to and talked about something i love to help take my mind off things but spoke about the serious things in a great manner
Thank you for listening and being great
Replied back with lovely heart warming messages that had taken time and effort in to write and gave great advice.
So kind and thoughtful! Highly recommend!
She Listened to what I had to say and helped with the situation I was in
Loved it.
Very friendly
She is Really nice and already helped me!!
dude thanks so much u really cleared my head
They were very nice and understanding
She's a kind and empathetic listener Very helpful :)
She/he was nice
Really fun to talk to, understanding. Honestly would recommend talking with her!
very kind and empathetic. the best person i have spoken to on this site
She was great
Thank you.
Very helpful in advice and understanding
Shes nice
Really friendly
Takes time to answer and has a lot of empathy asks questions in a caring mannor
They were really helpful and supportive. I felt heard and understood. Thank you!!
Helped me a lot! I have no idea how I would be if you hadn’t helped me and thank you ever so much !
Made me feel super comfortable, supported, and I enjoyed her company.
Lovely person. Very caring and understanding
Sparklingsnowflake15 is a wonderful human being. She is kind and compassionate. I hope that she stays amazing
She’s great 👍🏼
Very helpful when it came to venting
she is a wonderful listener
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