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"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."- Winnie The Pooh

I believe that all people need something to do, something to aspire to, and someone to love.

I believe that angels walk among us, because God is a really busy person-solving lack of world peace, world hunger, etc.  He sends angels to us even in human form to help the cause.  Look for, look harder.

I believe what you seek, you shall find.

I believe that we all have something to learn from anyone and everyone that we meet.

I believe that happiness is a journey and not a destination.

I believe that kindness matters, always.

Oh well, that's just me.  I BELIEVE.  Enough about me, how about if we talk about you? heart

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Listener twin @LuLuRings

Eyes to the ground. Head bowed. Love in my heart. If we could only just think....."Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together". - Eugene Ionesco . Please let us all be kind to ourselves and to one another. 

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Feedback & Reviews
An amazing chat! Helped me sort through my thoughts and feelings, really empathized with and validated me. I feel like I am gonna be able to move forward feeling a lot better and clearer as I make some decisions.
Wonderful listener! Gave me a safe space to let everything off my chest and reminded me that I wasn’t alone. Definitely a go-to listener!
Really great chat and listener. Giz let me get everything off my chest and helped me know I'm not alone in what I'm going through. Sometimes it's just good to have someone to be able to open up with without judgment, and they definitely were that for me. Thank you!
great job talking to me, felt great
A great listener! She was totally focused on helping me.
They are great!!!
SparkyGizmo was the best listener I ever met. She focused on me 100% with words of encouragement and support. I was going through a bad time and she lifted me up and made me smile.
Best listener ever I love the way you talk
an amazing listener she helped me feel safe. was there for me all the time, Sparky is so kind and empathetic I really enjoyed his her company
Professional, empathetic, understanding, and let me get everything off my chest without judging how I feel. Left me feeling a lot better, thank you!
They were super supportive and really got to a personal level with me and really were there to support me and give me ways to think about situations that I never thought about before and realizing that I don’t have to do everything and things won’t fall apart it’s really amazing. They are super sweet
They are so understanding especially of just little things like making the chat really safe and comfortable. They really focus on what you need from chat time to be the best listener. Thank you!!
They listen to me so well and made me feel better
Amazing listener; empathetic, kind and patient, giving you the space you need to talk about anything to want to share!
empathetic, patient, reliable, one of a kind :)
so helpfull and encouraging and knew how to comfort me as i talked through something i was afraid of. really like this listener and hope he knows that
I loved that they knew exactly what I'm going through without me telling them much :) and they validated me :)
she is the best , very caring and supportive , big hugs
Loved it, very loving and caring❤
she is great , very easy to talk to
She is very warm and welcoming. I felt that I was talking to a sister and not just a listener.
she is the best ever
You helped me a lot,you gave me your time when nobody made me feel a human again.Thank you so much and I wish all the people here with problems speak with you because I know for sure that they will feel a lot better after*hugs*kisses* and all the beautiful things in the world
she was great , very caring and thoughtful
she is one of the best on this site
a great chat with a trusted and genuine listener , that really cares
Great listener, who has an eye for what someone needs and shows genuine care over how you're doing :)
a great chat with a lovely friend
she was a nice listner, very sunny and bubbly
Excellent listener and caring person.
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