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Do you feel, that, sometimes, like the world has left you behind? I understand the feeling very well, and have seen others feel it too. I've been through a lot of ups and downs in my life, and it has given me a desire to assist those in need, like you. I will do my best to listen to you with an open heart and open mind, and give you my perspective on whatever you're facing; expect questions! I look forward to talking with you. And remember: you'll never walk alone.

Crois-tu, que, quelquefois, le monde t'a abandonné? Je comprends la sentiment trés bien, et je l'avais vue dans les autres aussi. Je connaissais beaucoup des hauts et des bas dans ma vie, et ça m'a donné une volonté pour aide ceux qui sont en détresse, comme toi. Je ferai mes meilleurs efforts pour t'entendre avec un coeur chalereux, et te donner ma propre perspective sure tes problèmes; anticipe des quéstions! J'ai hâte de parler avec toi. Et souviens-toi: tu ne marcheras jamais seul.

Credi che, a volte, il mondo ti ha abbandonato? Capisco il sentimento tanto bene, e l'avevo visto anche in altri persone. Conoscevo molti tempi duri nella mia vità, et quello mi ha dato il volontà per aiutare quelli che hanno esperienza i difficoltà, come tu. Faró gli miei migliori sforzi per ascoltarti con un cuore gentile e una mente aperta; anticipi alguni domandi! Mi auguro di sentirti presto. E ricordi: non camminerai mai da solo!

Crees que, a veces, el mundo te ha abandonado? Entiendo este sentimineto bastante bien, y lo había visto en otras personas también. Tenía muchas experiencias difíciles en mí vida, y eso mi ha dado la voluntad per ayudar aquellos que están en la angustia, como tu. Haré mis mejores esfuerzos per escucharte con un corazón amable y una mente abierta; anticipa algunas preguntas! Espero oír pronto de tú. Y recorda: tu no caminarás nunca solo!

Creus que, a vegades, el mon t'ha abandonat? Entenc aquest sentiment tan bé, i ho havia vist també en altres persones. Jo coneixia molts temps difícils en la meva vida, i això m'ha donat la voluntat per ajudar aquells que sont en perill, com tu. Faré els meus millors esforços per ascoltar-te amb un cor amable i una ment oberta; anticipar algunes preguntes! Espero amb interès de parlar amb tu. I recordis: no caminaràs mai sol!
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Feedback & Reviews
Incredibly gifted listener, wiser than people twice his age, I felt comfortable and heard talking to him.
They were extremely patient with me and did not judge me at all. They let me talk about things very sensitive to me and the only reason I was able to talk about them was because they were non judgmental which made me feel safe. It helped me to vent about thing and I felt better. Thank youuuu
I could not even say how much I’m thankful to you for spending 2hrs talking with me. It helped me in such a profound way that gives me so much more clarity about myself and the situation! Thank you for making me feel heard and understood, truly.
Was very kind and generous
Thank you for all the time you dedicated to helping me, we spent like 2 and a half hours here and i grew so much and learned a lot about myself. This is by far the most productive 7cups session i've had and i deeply appreciate your willingness to accommodate my unique needs
Greeat to talk with yoy
so nice and helpful ❤️
young and understands the hardships surrounding those my age
Thank you for listening
Lovely. Just so lovely.
Escucha, escucha, y ayuda mucho. Y no juzga. En serio gracias. Muchas gracias.
First Listener I've had that was able to respond and give advice the way I needed. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Amazing listener 👍
good and helpful. informative and attentive listener.replied quick. thank you for the infos you provided me with.good luck .
thanks you help me so much
she/he is good. helped me alot
Thank you so much :)
Excellent! Really listened and understood me and I felt free of judgment!
Very kind and understanding listener :)
Very attentive and truly listened.
Amazing listener and is so willing to help with any situation you have
Really listened and understood, gave solid responses quickly.
Good listening skills
Very attentive and helpful
Very down to earth and kind.
lending an ear is helpful but showing that you care at the same time means so much more.
Listener was kind, patient and understanding. Thank you so very much :)
Nice and empathic
Very great listener and understands
Thank you so much for listening! I feel better tonight just having talked to you and having someone to listen to me.
A great person to talk to, gave me a lot to think about and spoke to me like a friend rather than an advisor which is exactly what I needed. Would be more than happy to talk to him again.
Very helpful and respectful. Took the time to listen and showed he cared about my situation.
Caring, compassionate, great listener.
Was having a rough night, and this conversation made it 100% better.
So friendly and supportive - a great listener!
Wonderful listener!
Such a lovely and compassionate individual. Made me feel valued and listened to. Thank you lots
Nice listener, very helpful and understanding.
Great listener! Was so understand and empathetic :)
StJaume was all I was needing at the moment: someone who was there for me, to listen to me. Thank you for your kindness and availability.
He's a good listener and I really could relate to him since we went through similar problems
Compassionate and great listener.
Such a great listener, amazing response time and I can't be thankful enough for the help from this one.
Thank you
Is an amazing listener, he is really comprehensive with everything.
It was good to have someone to listen to my concerns and be open to my sharing. He also gave me some good advice and steps I can take in regards to my relationships, as well as encouragement.
A great, understanding listener.
nice and understanding
Not helpful for me.
The single best listener I've ever found on this website.
Very helpful. StJaume gave honest feelings and advice towards my situation. Got me thinking and gave me clarity.
Very empathetic
This listener is really great love from. India
Despite the heaviness of the topic the listener was very supportive and empathetic.
She was really helpful and kind. She take her time to talk with me about anything and makes me feel comfortable. Thank you, amiga mia. Saludos desde Argentina.
Most helpful listener I've come across, very helpful. I felt a lot more confident in how I can handle my issues after our discussion-thank you!
great convo, thanks buddy
he was amazing what a wonderful person. Thank you so very much for listening.
Excellent listener! Very encouraging and honest!
Support from StJaume's was fantastic
thank you
Very understanding
St.Jaume was really friendly and helpful. I feel so much better after our chat! Thank you so much! xx
This was very helpful. I had nowhere to turn and I have not felt this relaxed in a long time. This is a fantastic thing you're all doing!
StJaume is a very understending and kind listener. You feel that he really cares about you and try to find the best way to help. He is the first listener I have talked to, and I'm happy to talk with him.
Really helpful thanks!
Great, quick responses too!
Always quick to respond and can grasp the situation you sre in very quickly. Makes sure you feel welcome and comfortable which allows you to express yourself more freely
So kind and helpful.
Great listener and really takes the time : )
Busy (I assume handling multiple chats), but empathetic. Thanks for the receptive ear
Excellent listener. Helped me get my mind off of the problem while giving me room to think about what he had said to me. Will definitely reconnect with this listener. One of the best. :)
Super sweet and genuinely cared about me. Thank you :)
Very good listener. Thank you for helping me out.
Great with response time and follow-up! A really caring person who checks in on your comfort level and keeps a great, safe, judgment-free zone. Awesome listener :-)
Very intelligent. Thank you for staying with me through a rough patch. You are surely a Saint. To have this wisdom.
You're great :) you really helped. Thank you so much
Amazing listener. Helped me a lot.
Really did a good job of talking me down from a pretty much panicked state and helped me see my problem from a different perspective.
Really appreciated talking with StJaume. I've spoken with a lot of 'listeners' who don't really listen or give me the space to think about my own thoughts or feelings and StJaume was the opposite. Very nice and helpful and patient. Thank you!
Really helpful and nice and caring and sweet and really knows what to do. Lovely listener!!
I Don't know how to thank You, So by imprinting these words for you Is really how i can Repay i think. Thanks StJaume. I want it to be special So, It's for you
I don't know you, You don't really know me, but just my story, There will be thanks from heart whenever you think about this little story. I am happy to know You. Lots of best wishes to You.
Helped me begin to clarify my own feelings and was very easy to talk to. Caring, genuine, understanding listener. Thank you!
StJaume is a caring, thoughtful soul. They really took the time to listen attentively and help me sort out the bad place I was in. Really helped put me in a peaceful place. Thank you!
Very patient with me.
Very kind listener.
great listener
Thankyou, this is my first ever experience with an online expertie, and you were definitely worth the try, very kind and affable. shrewd and picked up on my problem very quick, thankyou so much.
Nice & Awesome.. & its really pleasure if i can be part of your community..
Its just awesome..
this person was very comforted and cared very much with my well being. a great job all the way around
I thought StJaume was a very good listener. He clarified what I was feeling by stating everything back to me, which was really good because it made me clarify everything myself. He was very good, and I will definitely come back to talk to him again. Thank you for being there for me, StJaume :)
It was relieving and fun talking to u:)
StJaume is a very good listener. Just talking to them has helped me feel better. I feel like someone actually understands me.
Very very helpful
In glad to know there are people to talk to when needed
He's very nice :) Thank you. Obrigado!
I felt like StJaume really empathised with me and was able to point me in a positive direction.
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