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~On a self break~
Hey! I'm Shreya, 17 years old and welcome to my star world 🌟


Unfortunately, I'm unable to take new 1-1 chats due to my roles and sessions I host but click here for browsing listeners! 😊


This doesn't apply to listeners who want peer support. Feel free to pm me if you ever want some peer support 😊💙


Just like stars, I believe that we all can glow up in our life just like they glow up in darkness ✨

You are not alone. If you ever feel like venting and get it off your chest then I'm always here to be all ears for you. I'll listen and support you 😊.

My online status

If I'm online (green colour symbol) that means I'm free and available so you can hit me up!

★If I'm busy (orange colour symbol) that means I'm in a chat so kindly drop a message and wait for me to end. It usually takes me an hour with a member.

★ If I'm offline (red colour symbol) please don't hesitate to drop a message but you'll have to wait, I may contact you within 24 hours.

If you are having a panic attack

Try taking deep breaths and remember everything is okay, you are okay, you are safe now, everything will be fine, I'm here for you.


Chats I'm not comfortable with

Anything sexual-related, such as sexual health, problems, assault, rape.



My roles over here


★ Verified listener

★ Chatroom moderator for newbie hub and self-harm recovery community.

★ Peer supporter 

★ Room supporter 

★ Listener verifier 

★ A daily check-in host





★ I co-host daily check-ins in TL every Tuesday at 1 pm ET with @azuladragon34

★ I host daily check-ins in TL every Sunday at 5 am ET.

★ I co-host fun game sessions in the TCR every Monday with @emotionalTalker2260 

★ I host sessions in the SHR every Saturday at 12 pm ET. 

★I host sessions in the TCR every Thursday.


My twin listener

@SparklingSeashells - She's just amazing! Very kind and sweet. She's my best friend and like a sister, a person I lean on. You can refer to her in my absence 💙.


My dear friends and some amazing people


@Pebble7447 - She's so cool and can relate to me, but pebs you need to start sleeping and stop poking 😛👻


@imlistening01- One of the awesome friends of mine! and so kind, thank you lis💙


@ezoodle - Hehe she's someone I'd call my partner in crime, I love you a lot ezy! 💙👻


@huriefpain - He's my brother and a wonderful person, someone with who I share everything, thank you💙✨


@calmingMermaid5761- She's the sweetest and kindest person I know, always helps me and is there for me (and offers me cookies too😛) thank you merm💙


@VicK5123 - He's a great person, I always have fun and feel better when I chat with him and someone who isn't scared of me 👻💙


@Sankalp244 - He's a kind soul and a very fun person! he's some who shares a lot of similarities with me 💙



@azuladragon34 - One of the playful people I've met over here. She's an amazing person and my lovely friend 💙 


@emotionalTalker2260 - A wonderful person and she always knows how to uplift a room! And is a talker just like her name 💙


 @jessrabbit7 - A sweet kind soul I'm glad to have met. She's always helping me and is awesome! Thank you jess 💙

A few star quotes




Thank you for reading my bio 😄

Hope you have a good time ahead 💙


Number of Ratings: 23
Number of Reviews: 20
Listens to Teens
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 20, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 79
Cheers 38,226
People Helped 75
Chats 446
Group Support Chats 68
Listener Group Chats 90
Forum Posts 79
Forum Upvotes 84
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Feedback & Reviews
Starla is so sweet and understanding.
I love this human so much.. Mabe the chat was so good because I already know her ad she's a friend but it made me feel less alone. I love her. She is one of the best conversations I've ever had. Stay your amazing self. Heart ghost will always be here :D
Understanding and supporting. Loved every bit of the conversation...❣️
I would give 10 out of 5 stars if possible! Shreya is such a lovely person, and wonderful beyond words. She has every quality I could ever want in a listener and is helpful to both members and listeners. Keep being you, Shreya, you make a huge impact on cups really..😌🖤
The best listener ever! She's so kind and warm, I felt so good. She changed my whole perspective on myself and life, I feel so much confident and good about myself. I really love her, no one has ever shown me such warmth and I can't help but cry happy tears. Thank you so much star, you literally are a star, I'm so thankful to you since you basically saved my life and I really love you, thank you so much once again ❤
Amazingly helpful, real Good
I left the chat with happy tears because of the difference made. I felt so much less alone and stronger to fight for what's right. Amazing how one person can help shape a life :) Thank you so much :)
Starlasky was so nice and so understanding. Talking to her really helped.
Very nice and welcoming. I felt very cozy and safe.
Seems very kind and helpful and willing to listen
She really can help and listens you very carefully! She always had a good responses for everything
starlasky is so understanding and kind when it comes to talking about your problems. she is able to relate them to her own personal life and gives really good thoughts and opinions which helped me think everything through!
Starla is the best person I've ever met, and incredibly kind
Totally amazing we had a great talk toge
good listener! pretty helpful;)
She asked questions to understand the situation better and was really nice
very helpful made everything clear and in perspective made me feel comfortable and conf
She’s super sweet but I don’t think she really understand what i’m saying to her because she kinda keeps asking the same questions.
It was soo good. Helped me feel good about myself. The listener was soo patient and very comforting!
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