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StarlitSky4762 |
Listener - Veteran 6

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I am a community leader for the Personality Disorders community.

For LISTENERS interested in learning more about personality disorders: How to support members with personality disorder - 7 Cups Forum 

For MEMBERS interested in Personality Disorders themed support groups: Scheduled sessions for February 2021  - 7 Cups Forum

No matter what your current situation is, I am here for you.
I am a trained listener with personal experience with mental illness.

I am available for 1-to-1 member chats! (scheduled chats only)
Please leave me a message me even if I am offline and we can schedule a time to talk. 

I have experience supporting members who struggle with:
Trauma, ptsd, self-harm, Borderline personality disorder, other Personality Disorders, Depression, Anxiety. 
Number of Ratings: 118
Number of Reviews: 91
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Feb 1, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 283
Cheers 140,067
People Helped 395
Chats 2,342
Group Support Chats 285
Listener Group Chats 63
Forum Posts 245
Forum Upvotes 216
Feedback & Reviews
Great at listening. Non judgmental. Let me talk but also showed she was listening. Enjoyed our talk
Really nice and understanding!!
Very helpful. Thank you.
Very helpful, I feel a lot better
StarlitSky is very welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and at ease talking with StarlitSky right away.
It is good talking to her. Not forceful, let's you talk in your own time
very helpful and warm
Thank you so much for listening and understanding my hurt feelings
Helpful!!!!! I love the person's mindset too. May you live long. Stay blessed!!!!
Very friendly, caring and calm
Thank you for listening
Sky is amazing. She takes so much time with me and helps me so much.
Starlitsky4762 was very helpful and supportive listener who got back to your messages as soon as possible.
That person helped me feel a lot better and they're doing a great job here 👏
thanks helpful
Thank you for being so kind, even if I was extremely depressed.
Very sweet and supportive. Helped me to distract and calm down! Merci
A patient, honest, understanding and reflective mind. Helped me through a long chat without being judgemental and angry. Is very rational and won't misguide you :)
Absolutely recommend this Listener. Consistently checks in, because I am easily triggered and leaves chat, and then they warmly remind me they are there to support. I feel I can trust them
Sky keeps and maintains a professional and warm air when communicating with me. I feel like she puts in effort into understanding what I am explaining.
Very helpful listener
kind listener put up with my rambling at a time when i needed it. thank you
she was awsome and realistic
Showed they were listening, understood what I said, and gave words of reassurance
Very helpful. Helped put some stuff into perspective.
Sky is an encouraging listener
Star is a very attentive and caring listener. They went out of their way to find resources for me. Very easy to talk to. They definitely made my day better.
Very knowledgeable, amazingly coherent in the subject, too sweet and kind. Very understanding, very supportive, one of the only two listeners who have ever been truly helpful or supportive. Goes out of the way to help and guide. Takes you seriously. Can't write enough about how nice it was to come across this listener.
Very compassionate and very understanding. Love talking with this person.
very helpful thank you so much
Very kind and understanding! Encourages me to do my best and is absolutely wonderful to talk to!
Helpful and kind
The best, hands down.
Sky is perfect for me. They spend lots of time with me and get to know me and support me perfectly.
They listen a lot and makes me feel at ease. They're pretty chill and attentive.
StarlitSky4762 was there for me during a very hard time. I needed someone to chat with during a time when finding a therapist during COVID-19 was next to impossible.
Impartial listener and provided useful resources.
Very helpful and suggests everything that could possibly help.
Comprehensive and light hearted :)
Good listener. I'm a case that needs more expertise about my disorders, but they did help me. Thank you.
He is a good listener and tries to understand the issue patiently.
Sky gave me helpful resources for support groups, I appreciate the tangible help Sky provided.
Sky is a good professional listener who offers empathetic words to those in need. Really glad I connected with someone like her!
Nice talking to you
Good listener. Thank you
I liked that they listened to me
She is a very good listener.
Extremely helpful!!
sweet and understanding
Great conversation and super helpful
She is a very extraordinarily amazing listener.
Good listener and pretty quick with reply
She listened and understood.
Amazing listener couldnt asked for better
great listener, neutral. good questions. recommended!
Very caring and genuine!
This really helped me.
Very calming and reassuring. Great listener.
Calming. I really.. really needed this. I didn't think I'd actually be heard. I feel a little less trapped in a way. Thank you Starlit.
Patient listner ..loved the chat
Patient, honest, and very helpful.
Very patient and always trying to help.
this helped me so much you would not believe... it helped me at least, i just needed to get some stuff off my chest. I loved it so much. It was just my experience, but i thought it was great
It was really awesome talking to her
The listener offered multiple different methods of support although I was not necessarily comfortable with talking, Was caring and very helpful
good listener she was actually kinda trustable
Helpful and attentive listener.
We talked for hours and she was very understanding, great chat!
Thoughtful listener who knows what questions to ask. Thank you for helping me see the situation more clearly. Hope you keep going :)
this person is so empathetic and intuitive
Helpful and caring, great listener!
vey good listener! helped me see things from a different perspective a be more open
amazing listener, was able of letting me express everything inside my chest and understand what im going through in details.
Very compassionate, patient, and kind.
Super Helpful! 10/10 recommend
Very good at what this person does helped when I thought I was never stop crying taught me something new in a hr of chat
this person was really helpful. he understood my problems and tried to help as much as .. could and im very thankful for the help i got:)
Very helpful! I got alot out of our talks
They seem very understanding
Very very helpful, a great listener!
Really sweet and compassionate
they were very kind
She is a good listener and has a lot of Experience in relationships
Was not judgmental and went out of their way to try to help
Very compassionate and thoughtful; really understood what I was going through and made me feel much better.
Understanding person. Made me feel like I contacted the right person to talk about my issues with
Very smart, understanding
very smart and gentle listener!
Great listener, great when you just need to vent
wonderful listener, very kind and patient
the BEST listener i have talked with so far
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