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Number of Ratings: 330
Number of Reviews: 106
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Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Feb 5, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
Made me laugh, helped me feel not alone, validated my feelings, and was able to direct me toward other trains of thought.
A great listener and really easy to talk to. Thank you so much for helping me!
Absolutely wonderful. Listened, understood and gave some great advice. I feel a lot less guilty about my problem now then when we began.
Was amazing listener and gave great talk without being overwhelming. They were kind and patient.
She was very helpful. Gave good insight while remaining objective.
Great listener
She really good
Helpful and non judgmental
very good
Very helpful
thank you
Thank you for your kind words.
Very sweet
Super kind and helpful!
A beautiful soul An angel Thank you 💖
I am glad there are people who listen and really feel what you are feeling. Thank you for your time.
Very helpful, feel comfortable talking to him/her
i love this person
Thanks for talking... you're polite and have great nature...I will surely remember this chat...
thank you
encouraging words
so helpfull, I'm braver now, thank you :)
tells the truth even if its hard to hear but needs saying :)
Harsh truth was all i needed to hear. Thank you
Its good
Great listener. Highly recommend
Great listener
Direct & helpful. Thank you
super helpful and knowledgeable and understanding
a good listener was very helpful. open minded and very understandable.
super good listener.
Very nice
Thank you.
Thank you.
Great listener
five stars for all
very nice
really patient in hearing me out and trying to understand my problems.. thank you for all your supportive and kind words. thankful to have met you.
You are great.
They were really helpful and seemed really mature in their way of responding
Wasn't super quick but I also gave you a lot to process, so that's understandable. You understood the situation really well; thank you.
Really helped me take a step forward when I needed it
This listener obviously cares very much about helping those in need...he/she is the most worthwhile listener I have encountered on this site. Tryitout is an asset to 7cups.
A really nice, compassionate person
Thank you
We haven't finished our conversation yet, but I can already feel that he's caring, kind, and empathetic!
Helped me get more perspective on an issue that had been bogging me down for a while.
They are so lovely, they really helped.
Very nice
has Great advice fast respone and not judgemental solved my problem and made me feel alot better
Best guy. Great Advices. Understanding.
thank you
Thank you (:
I appreciate the empathy and the time
Very supportive!
Thank you for saving my night and being my friend. You're awesome
I am so happy to have talked with Tryitout. Very helpful and encouraging, helped me calm and taught me a lot of things. He/she listens well and is very comforting. I hope for best for them!
She showed a lot empathy and really made me feel better
great chat!
Thank you
Worth trying it out, if you trust my review, fellow members and guests
alot of help very quick to respond and gave me good advice
so far so good!
well done
This person was very kind, I'm sure English may not be their first language but I was given grade A advice.
Very good listener, and very helpful.
Great spirit and great advice.
Good listener
Great advice
very polite and helpful/ good listener
Helped me to think rationally and reassured me that it would be alright
Very nice, warm-hearted and kind person.
Very nice, caring and warm-hearthed person. It was really nice to have a chat with them about my problems.
She was an amazing listener. She responded very fast and gave me the most helpful advice. I know on this site you're not really allowed to give advice but I needed it so much. Thank you so much for your help Tryitout!
Thank you :)
cool dude!
Thanks for everything..made things much clearer
So far so good👍🏻
you are great :)
Empathetic and helpful. A little off-putting not using full sentences in some cases and typing in shorthand. But overall a good experience
The best ever
Very supportive and provided logical answers to my emotional stress. Really helped me out, I appreciate it.
Thanks friend
Thank you for your time , patience and kindness , I appreciate your help and support xo
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My manager is very impatient and often criticises me. I cant take criticism well and have a low threshold of stress. What can I do to get stronger (to cope) on my own and without changing her at all?
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How to forgive someone who cheated on you?
March 1st, 2017 5:11pm
Why is he ignoring me after breakup?
February 23rd, 2017 11:02am
How to get closure from my ex? I feel I need it.
February 14th, 2020 3:48am
What to do when you feel you are not good enough for someone?
February 17th, 2017 2:27pm
Why are we fighting over small and stupid things?
February 17th, 2017 7:40am
How do I know if I'm in a toxic relationship?
February 24th, 2017 1:13pm
Can or should I ask my significant other to stop talking and to not associate with his ex? If so, how?
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I can't talk to my family about my problems. What should I do?
June 27th, 2017 9:15am
What do you do when one family member wants to angrily vent to you about another family member?
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Is it okay for my family to make fun of me?
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How do I deal with a religious family as an atheist?
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How much exercise is too much?
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When I forgive someone, should I strive to "forgive and forget' and not hold on to pass mistakes or should I "forgive but never forget" and keep my guard up?
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How can I ever begin to comprehend the loss of my child?
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What's the best way to deal with emotional blackmail from a partner?
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