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Sunshine38 |
Listener - Virtuoso 9

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5.0 star rating

Hi, I am here. I want to be with you in your difficulties. Many people will be beside you when you are winning/happy and healthy.  I will be with you When you are anxious, depressed and down. I will hand hold you during your difficult days. Please speak to me. I will give total my unconditional emotional support.

Number of Ratings: 405
Number of Reviews: 160
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
Listener Since Mar 21, 2016
Last Active in last 6 months
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Chats 2,981
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Feedback & Reviews
I instantly felt less alone, more capable, and that I am likable as a person.
so attentive and really tried to understand exactly what i was going through. very encouraging and kind
Very great. Helped with everything and I feel much better
Nice person, felt so glad to have a conversation with this listener.
Thanks for listening!
Thank you so much for the help you gave me. I really needed it and I appreciate it.
Cool person - derpy hooves
Good dude. I liked his therapy stuff very well
Their advice was very helpful and it helped me calm down. Although my struggle hasn't 100% cleared off yet, they made me feel a little more positive. I am very thankful for them because they actually listened and helped me through this.
Very dedicated listener
Was responsive, optimistic and motivating.
Sunshine was helpful
Sunshine 38 has good listening skills. Asks good leading questions to get me to talk even though I'm shy.
Best listener of my life im so grateful
Good listener Im grateful
Pretty good it was mostly me just blurting out random stuff but they had some super solid ending remarks
That's good trying to feel like the other
They lesion well they are so kind I loved the chat
They are really kind and understanding. Listened and empathized.
Great listener, puts a lot of thought and time into every message.
Really nice and understanding listener
This listener provided a lot of helpful solutions to a problem I'm having.
i really enjoyed talking to them,i feel like they really care
He/she is a good listener
A beautiful soul that is helping me through this chapter in my life that I need advice with!
it really helped
They really are an amazing listener and one of the best I've had on 7 Cups. I'm glad to be talking to them
Good conversation
Very sweet and caring
Great listener!
Wonderful Listener, truly cares about helping others! Very Detail Oriented
Helped me soooooo much!!
very good and understanding listener
Good listener, restated what I said to make sure they understood me and wasn’t biased about my situation
A lovely person to chat with. Thank you for being here to listen :-)
Pretty good. Just not for me
Great listener!
They really helped me talk through my emotions and value myself.
I got a little confused but she was very helpful
They are doing really good
Very good listener and takes time to try and understand your situation, comes across very friendly
They were amazing
Lovely human being
Wonderful listener and helped me reach a new opening in my life!
Sunshine is an excellent listener. They are empathetic and patient, asking thoughtful questions in order to understand the what's going on. I came away from our chat with some good suggestions and a better perspective on what brought me here today.
Great advice and very kind
Goes in depth, Great listener and good advice
Sunshine38 is very sweet and patient and tries his best to understand your situation.
The listener was supportive and helpful.
Good listener. Very kind and asked good questions
Super awesome person. Is a true gem. Knows the art of listening. Wise with great insight and helps you see situation clearly. I highly recommend
Great person to talk to, very helpful and a great listener!
Sunshine was kind and empathetic, and helped me work through my feelings.
Super supportive!!
asked good questions
Perceptive and caring.
This person seems nice
Sunshine was very helpful and willing to listen to my crazy story that lots of different parts. i really appreciate the conversation we had
Sunshine knows how to show patience, wisdom and compassion :)
Good listener. Very attentive.
She is a good listener
Thank you for great feedback and pati
Sunshines listens and gets back to me and shows great empathy
I really love her/his empathy towards thier members
Sunshine was amazing, i got calmer within minutes of us talking. Super helpful!
Knowledgeable and friendly
Sunshine reminded me to give myself credit, and to take small positive steps. It was helpful, and I am thankful to him/her for their time they took to talk to me.
Good job thank you so much
helped me find solutions and didn't easily give up on me
you are so nice and calm, thanks for doing this
Thank you for your help
Sunshine has helped me so much with my relationship stress!!!! I would talk to Sunshine every time if I could!!!
Sunshine is wonderful. Gives good advice and asks many questions to best understand. Thank you thank you
Very empathetic and tried their best to understand the situation and did not judge anything
Very helpful!
So friendly and helpful.
I really did end up feeling better i feel more calm and less overwhelmed. Thank you
Takes time to REALLY listen, very thoughtful/insightful. Helped more than I could have imagined.
Very caring and lots of interesting ways to think about stuff
very nice and thoughtful
very usefull
Amazing listener!!! Helped me SO much!!! I was deeply depressed but helped me see a more clear picture. Very wise!!!! Thank you!!!!
Nice person. Shared details about themselves as well so made me feel less lonely
Great person! Just wonderful thank you so much!!!
Thank you so much
Really understanding, helpful, made me feel 10000x better if there were more people like sunshine38 in the world it would truly be a better place
I’m very glad to have found sunshine38, not only is he a good listener, he gives very good and practical advices! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Nice, kind, patient, sympathetic, advisor, experienced and talented
wonderful. very supportive wise and caring and clamed me down great to talk to and very understanding adn compassinate. thank you!!!!
Very good listener.
Very kind and understanding. Thank you!
Helped put everything in perspective and gave me clarity.
Very kind
Very wise!
Sunshine was great to chat with made feel at ease as this was my first time EVER reaching out...THANK YOU SUNSHINE 38!
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