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SweetDreamer69 |
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Hey there!❤ if you wanna talk about anything, then feel free to message me!

Due to my busy schedule and roles here on 7 cups, I'm unable to take member chats.

My roles here on 7 Cups-

Safety Patrol Member - I flag profiles that are not as per the 7 cups guidelines.

Care Team Member - We reach out to our fellow listeners listeners (new as well) to see if they need any assistance as we want them to have an amazing enriching experience here. If you feel that a listener needs a check in, please fill this form here and we will reach out to them -

Verifier Team Member - I help in getting listeners verified. If you're interested in becoming a verified listener, please go through the criteria here -

Verifiers Team Outreach Mentor Leader 💙

Group Support Outreach Program

Room Supporter - Relationship Support Room and Newbie hub Room.

Safety Patrol Outreach Team (SPOT) member - we reach out to listeners whose profile needs to be changed/modified in order to help them follow the 7cups safety guidelines. (Please feel free to drop a message if you come across any listener account that violates the guidelines of 7 cups and we shall do the needful!)

Anonymous Evaluation Team

Quality Mentor - As a quality track mentor, my main focus is to help with improving the quality of the listeners. Few things we can do is - mock chats, and I can help you improve the areas where you need to work on, show you around and give you important resources links that might be helpful in your listener journey. I can also help you prepare for any leadership role that you might be interested in. As well as clearing all Active Listenings. I am currently accepting new mentees. So feel free to drop a message ❤

Topics I can help you with -

Anxiety, Depression, Breakups, College stress, bullying, financing, exercise motivation, eating disorders, diabetes, family stress, grief, forgiveness, loneliness, sleeping well, weight management, and social anxiety.

Topics I don't take at all -

Bipolar, OCD, Sexual abuse, domestic violence, self harm, LGBTQ. (It's either because I have no experience about the topics or I'm triggered by those topics. I'd prefer if anyone sending me message takes care of this. Thankyou ❤)

For these topics, please connect to other awesome listeners here -

"You think you're alone but you're not. It's not about what you want, it's what you got! Reach deep into your soul and pull out that strength that's been hiding inside all this time and soon you'll find that your state of mind will change for the better. You'll soon realise that pain is just like the tide of the ocean. It comes and goes. Just take it slow and soon your heart will grow back to how it once was!" ❤️

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Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Jun 21, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
she is Remarkable, admiring. I am inspired. Hope you get all you Wishes fuilfilled and you get the best of everything. ❤ - CA asp.
Excellent motivator
Had a heart to heart conversation. Was really attentive, sweet and understanding. Thankyou....God bless you!
a heart to heart talk. guided me in the right direction.
Very sweet. Helped me alot. Thankyou so much!
Thank you
Very kind and helpful, thank you so much.
This was a wonderful chat in a time of need. Supportive and sweet!
Very personal and responsive learner.
Thank you for being a great listener. I really appreciated her time and effort in understanding my situation.
Very nice listener
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