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ThankYouForLettingMeTryingToHelp |
Listener - Scholar 10

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4.5 star rating

1) My response times are slow. Even when I am working on making them faster, if you talk with me please note there will be delays. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

2) I help myself when I help you.

3) I had a 7Cups Gmail e-mail address, but I deleted it from this Profile page on 06/Feb/2020 because it is NOT OK to publish it here.

4) Some issues with my Username:

  • 08/August/2019: On this day, I found out that "ThankYouForLettingMeTryingToHelp" should be instead ThankYouForLettingMeTryToHelp. It seems the first one is Grammarly incorrect in English. I am sorry for my mistake. Thank you for pointing it out, @Nada and @DestroyingAngel. 
  • 18/October/2019: On this day, a 7Cups Member told me this: "Your name is still incorrect. ThankYouForLettingMeTryingToHelp. We all know that if you are "trying" you are not doing. A man should not try his best, a man should do his best. Your name subconsciously sends a message that you will "try" which implies failure is the most likely outcome. ThankYouForLettingMeHelp would be much more appropriate and will send a positive message that you will help."
  • 14/November/2019: On this day, a 7Cups Member told me this: "Saying "trying to help" means you will do your best expecting nothing from those you encounter. The way your username is written seems perfect. To me it seems humble and that you know that not everyone can be helped."

5) Apart from being a Verified Listener and an Intern Graduate, my other roles on 7Cups are OR have been:

6) Some useful Links: (thank you @versatileStrings1578 for your help on the update of the list!!)

Inside 7Cups:

Outside 7Cups:

  • World Time Buddy ----> We are a global community, and we work in a lot of different time zones. Most things are organised in EST (New York’s time zone), and it can be useful to have some help working out what time it is for the people you are talking to, or when events are happening.
  •  -----> It helps to cheer up drab forum posts ✌

7. -----> This WAS the link to book an appointment with me. I am keeping it here just for the records, BUT I AM NOT USING IT ANYMORE :(

8. I also kept a Diary on 7Cups, which has been deleted. Info I have been given about this, by the person who performed the deletion, may not be allowed to be published here.

Number of Ratings: 49
Number of Reviews: 34
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since Jun 20, 2019
Last Active in last week
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 1,715
Cheers 49,535
People Helped 147
Chats 505
Group Support Chats 49
Listener Group Chats 28
Forum Posts 2,315
Forum Upvotes 2,056
Feedback & Reviews
Jamás me esperé que una sola plática pusiera en perspectiva tantas cosas. Me regaló su ser de manera increíble y me ayudó a ver que necesito ser compasiva conmigo misma.
He is much more than a listener, he is the moral support who will never abandon you and support you in the most difficult moments... He is reliable, you can akways trust him and he is also extremely competent
His help definitely improved my were so good at organizing my thoughts and ultimately actions.It really truly helped me a lot.Thank you.So much. :)
I liked it, helpful chat.
Leo is really helpful...he understands the problem and tries to give realistic solutions...his responses are delayed at times but it's he makes it up worthy of it
Kind listener who took the time to understand my situation and offer help. Thank you for your time and effort.
Cool and polite
Bueno oyente es atento y educado
Amazing, understanding listener.
Very good listener, very polite and careful and a good person!
I felt listened to and understood. I have ptsd and don’t trust easily but i have managed to open up here. I felt safe to tell some of my story and he is trying to help me move forward and accept. He’s a compassionate person and I’m looking forward to talk to him again. Thank you.
Amazing at helping! They really made me feel better
Very polite and respectful and friendly. Pays much attention to the context that is being communicated, very informed and attentive. He will become a true good dedicated listener. Very good start indeed!
great listener, tried to help me
Made me feel like I was worth something & helped me realize days do get better
Good active listening
Very kind and attentive.
Loved it creo que es un buen oyente
Great listener, very attentive
Una persona muy atenta y dedicada a pesar de que somos tantos los que tenemos problemas dedica su tiempo para ayudarnos
He asks the right questions and he's insightful, a great help!
it was all okay. thanks for the time.
Was helpful and a good listener
Really great listener!
A listenner, that listens and understands. Made me feel good about myself.
I think it’s really amazing that online live chats that are free, like 7cups exists. I’ve been in an out of therapy in my early teens until at one point i felt like i had enough therapy and quit. A couple of years forward I’m back to dealing with mental unwellness but I know therapy won’t cut it for me anymore and I need a different solution. and since I dont have close friends or close family that i can talk to i felt so lonely and decided to go on the internet. I spoke to Leo and it was amazing to talk and release everything to someone after I’ve bottled up everything for so long. He gave great feedback and helped me with a solution which was to go back to my family doctor and re-address my problem because the first time around that I went to my family doctor he recommended something, but it didnt work and he told me to come back for another solution but I never went back. The listener today recommended I go back and I think that’s a great solution cause I think it would help me to look for alternative ways to deal with my problems and to just talk to a professional for once would be good for me as well. And just talking and saying everything that I’m feeling and that’s on my mind and what I’m dealing with works so therapeutic as well, it’s great to release and share. So i feel a lot better now and I learned a great lesson today, that there is always help and that there are solutions.
good and patinet listener
well, i think it was really useful, i came expecting one thing but this helped me dig deeper into my own way of assessing the problem and find a possible solution :)
Excelent I like it so much
Really helpful awesome person
Very patient and supportive!
Really helped me feel a lot better. Thanks for the chat!
Really understanding and supporting and just talking to him makes you feel so much better. Thank you for the nice words.
Leo was fantastic. Highly recommended
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