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TiredWithJoy |
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Hello.  I have dealt personally with ADHD, addiction, marriage difficulty and loss of family members. I have experience dealing with family members with mental illness.

Have you felt that in one little moment, it all implodes. Know that in this painful moment, "This is Not Everything You Are"

The reason I am here is summed up by Frank Turner song lyrics:

Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings,
about fire in our bellies and furtive little feelings,
and the aching amplitudes that set our needles all a-flickering,
and help us with remembering that the only thing that's left to do is live.

Is your past like the saying: "everything that I have ever loved and had to let go of has claw marks."  Let's chat about how to let go of the past for a brighter tomorrow.

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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener. Is always supportive and kind.
I think you are best listener here. I feel like I can talk to you about anything and you do not judge me. It feels safe. I have found a really nice friend. Thank you!

I have known this person for a year now. He's been helping me out come out of my issues. I have never seen anyone as good as him. He's a true friend.
Nice, warm and friendly. Just is here for me, and that helps to go through the day
Great to talk to a successful married couple.
Cute couple. They are great.
absolutely love them.
Great listener all around!
Sincere, honest and caring person, just is here wgen I need to talk, appreciate him so much!
Very helpful, kind and responsive. There was one moment where a question was repeated but was very receptive to feedback when I pointed this out. I felt welcome and cared for. Thank you.
It's nice to know that even a stranger can care about others problems.
I love her
A good listener and a good person. Highly recommended.
Friendly, caring and supportive, made me feel understood and cared for as well as shared some of his story which helped me so much to feel better
Thank you. You're awesome. Just amazing. Really Thank you.
muy buen oyente
I am so glad I can talk to this listener. In a way he has kept me accountable since I could talk about things that were going in my life, on tbe other habd he was just there, understanding, supportive and a real friend who wishes you get better and move on with life. Thank you!
he has obviously a huge amount of experience dealing with feelings, negative or positive and knows how to treat them, that's worth a lot more than it might seem.
Fantastic listener. He really cared about my issues and shared some of his own experiences.
He is very caring a good friend he cares about you
thank you so much!
TiredWithJoy was very a very gracious listener. Thank you.
Great listener! Not a single moment was awkward. and they knew what to say!
Great person and very good listener. It helps to have a sounding board to your own thoughts and feelings. He helps you realize that you have most of the answers already and they just need to be pulled out.
Thanks for being my listener
Thank you so much
Good to know there are people like him...
Very professional
Awesome! He really cares about you! And the things he said are from his heart!
TiredWithJoy is an older listener who is patient, kind and supportive. Really helped me have a more upbeat view of everything. The world is truly nicer with people, like you, in it!
It's been really great so far.
He is awesome. Thank you and wish you get exhausted with joy Sir. My best personal regards.
liked her supportive chat and empathy!
This was my first conversation and she was insightful, and I felt much better after our chat. I will be chatting again with tired with joy.
great so far
Love them. Wonderful.
Very good.
Very perceptive and helpful Listener.
Thank you for your time and understanding. I felt safe and comfortable sharing what was troubling me. I appreciate your support and kindness.
very patient and kind
So kind.
Great listener. Compassionate.
Thanks very much for helping me and being patient.
is great
Most thoughtful, thought-out, mature conversation yet! Many thanks, TiredWithJoy.
Amazing listener! He read me and my feelings like a book (which was closed)!! I am grateful I could speak to you today. Thank you for reminding me :)
She really helped me prioritise my problems and look at the bigger picture. She asked the right questions and uplifted my spirits!
A very empathetic listener, who asked me the right questions. Thank you.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this listener! This person truly cared and took the time to empathize, work with me, and ask thought-provoking questions. (Better than many professional therapists). I was not disappointed. Not once. I am in awe!
Genuine listener. One of the best around!
You are the best :)
Very Compassionte
Wonderful conversation. So kind and helpful
Thank you were awesome.
U r an amazing person..very sensitive towards others feelings and u understand a person exactly the way dey want to..Thank u for ua valuable words.
truly caring, gave some cool tips also and really connected with the story
Pure gem. Professional, honest and straight to the point. Helped in just under an hour more than anyone else did in years!!! Thank you!
Absolutely wonderful person. Very caring and a great listener . Very patient. Thank you for everything you have done for me
Very understanding and caring listener.
TiredWithJoy offered a unique, first-hand perspective on helping a depressed partner. Great, practical advice!
Awesome at just letting you talk and guiding you towards figuring out new ways to look at the problem.
She is absolutely fantastic. Truly empathetic and strong. She talked me through one of the most questionable times in my life and shared her strength with me! :D
Really helped me turn it around. I will be back.
A wonderful person to talk to. Knowledgeable and offers good advice.
He's an awesome human bieng and listener.
Great guy. Empathises like no other. Best listener on here by far. Glad to have stumbled upon him. Great guy!
I absolutely love this person . He has a heart of gold and will listen to your problems and tries to guid you into you making your own decisions,,
The person. Is angel. Right here on earth and I am great full I meat him
Very caring listener who offered great insight.
He helped me find what I was looking for. Thank you.
Thank you
Thank youuuu awesome person
Great listener, he could help anybody.
Saved my life
Talked to me for a long time and was very understanding when I was upset about a pet's potentially terminal illness.
Understood that there were multiple considerations to my issue.
He's truly wonderful!
A meaningful session, helped me a lot. A kind, generous, and wise person. Thank you.
Truly worthy of the title of listener.
Truly one of the most worthy people who deserve to be called a listener on this site.
TiredWithJoy really listened, was easy to talk to and had great advice.
Wow! There should be a "Men's Forum" and this guy should lead it. Solid, caring, experienced advice. He gave it gently, but with enough of a "guy's touch" so that it connected with me. I deeply appreciate what he did for me tonight.
This listener is 5 star. Just what I needed.
Great experience , great help it all came down.
Extremely empathetic, helpful ,kind, funny, inspiring plus he lovesss good music! What could be better?
Extremely helpful and kindd! Amazing
So helpful great person
Allowed me to gain perspective on an issue/dilemma that has been bothering me for many many months. he enabled to look at my life differently. thanks for everything. I will let you know how the story ends. :)
Just want to say thankyou. It really help me a lot. Nice job 😊👍
A great listen with a big heart and a lot off time. Made me feel so comfortable to talk about my problems.
Fascinating perspective. Great conversationalist. Very helpful.
Thanku TiredWithJoy
TiredWithJoy is a lovely caring person and he is amazing about listening and understanding people
It was a pleasure to chat with this listener. Gave some insightful suggestions and assessed my situation really well. Definitely recommend TiredWithJoy for whoever needs a empathetic listener.
The best one I've ever met! Would recomend! Have all of the stars!
Nice to talk to someone with relationship experience, a real help when i felt i had none. thank you
Great listener.. really cares and is helpful. def not by the book.. willing to be there for people. thank you for being you and going out of your way to help others.. keep doing what you are doing. keep being who you are. thank you so much
Listened to me very well, thank you so much.
Really good compassionate listener
Very nice
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