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Elisabetta | twentyfour | uni student



Hello amazing people! Sometime life isn't easy and you need someone to talk to, well I'm a trained active listener and I'm here to remember you're not alone. I promise I'll do everything I can to help you in your hard times.

 I'm specialized in:

● Meditation + Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief

● Providing Motivational Support

● Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

I like to support people in need with my own style, a positive point of view + a caring, gentle and funny emotional support. As listener I can't give you any advice but I can help you to find your unique path. When I'm online, please feel free to contact me & if you see I'm offline or busy you can leave a message. I'll reply as soon as possible! 

La mia lingua madre è l'italiano, perciò se parlate questa lingua non esitate a contattarmi!


I'm also a Country Leader x Italy, this means my feed is full of new motivational italian post you can share + I follow the Italian community in the forum (Forum -> Cultural Connection -> Italian Community!!).

Number of Ratings: 56
Number of Reviews: 25
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Italian
Listener Since Feb 2, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 990
Cheers 55,827
People Helped 54
Chats 1,463
Group Support Chats 11
Listener Group Chats 0
Forum Posts 108
Forum Upvotes 158
Feedback & Reviews
An amazing listener.
I remember a quote of Francis Bacon which is, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested". In my eyes, people remember books as they can motivate you, give a purpose to your life, help you to find the bright side of your personality and if you don't have then they can help you polishing the dark corner of your personality to let them shine bright. I am here to confess that this listener made to write the biggest review of my life. You can find all the qualities like compassion, dedication, sincerity and consistancy to utmost. I belief that there are many sweet and beautiful people out there and yes, she is one of them. Believe me, I would say one thing which is that you are perfect in the way you are. Please never ever change yourself and one day, I would like to wittness you grow shiner and brighter so that everyone can see you the way you are and I would be feeling honoured and proud to know you here and have your acquaintance. I would highly recommend her and last thing. Please never ever change as it might be difficult to stay like the way you are but this world need people like you. SleepyStorm!
Elisabetta really is a compassionate listener and really understood what I was going through. She really helped me out to finding a way to overcome my problem
She's wonderful! Careful and lively :-)
Very helpful when you are in a very dark spot, she helped me figure out how to take a bad break down and turn it into a motivational experience. Great listener, very friendly, and not judgmental at all.
Very down to earth and friendly, great listener!
really really helpful.
thanks for being so nice be back later
Amazing. Very empathetic, positive and helpful. I felt a lot better after our chat. Thanks!!
She really helped me. She's so wise and empathic. I really liked talking to her. She brought some peace to my mind. Thanks!
Phenomenal friend
Good listener
Empathetic sincere
She is the first person in my life who has listened to me and supported me as much as she did. She is empathetic, professional and helpful. Though my problems are too complicated for a precise solution and I prefer more personal way of support but I think she does her best, and I'm feeling better for at least being listened objectively, other people always tell me their options instead of giving me a way for mine!
She is very understanding and good she will make you feel happy for who you are (the happier you) and dont think of the bad side of you :D
Wonderful listener
Helped me by listening. Thank you very much.
I felt much better after talking to her. She made me see how I should be happy with myself and try and keep motivated.
Great friend
after like 1 hour, she really changed some things about me and i'm more positive.
From your picture to your patience to your understanding, everything about you reminds any human in despair about the power of hope and the zest for bringing dreams to reality. Thank you so much
very kind
very kind
Very nice, gave me time and space and talk, asked questions - made suggestions and encouraged me a lot. Thank you :)
A listener fair and empathic, with the rare ability to ask the right questions.
My diction might be an issue for international listeners. Elisabetta was helpful to me though regardless.
She was fantastic.
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