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"I am"
To every one of you out there, I send you vibrations of love and respect towards your individual uniqueness, as we are all growing souls.
Hello to you specifically,
I congratulate you for reaching out in search of possibilities for a change in the direction of growth.
As a member of 7 cups of Tea and a trained listener, as well as having experienced working as a support for families of young children for many years. I am here to listen with an attentive mind and spirit, with love and compassion for you are part of the whole. I am in understanding of those young teens, that are facing many challenges in life, as I have as well. Parents and the young ones are in a constant battle for being understood and respected, that we often miss the fact that the tree gives its shade in company of its leaves and without that there would be no shade. One is not without the other.
We oftentimes take these symbols in nature for granted in life as they do show us true essence of unity and I am here to help recognize it's existence within all. Learning and understanding our connections, with all that is here on earth, it can be challenging It might feel like one is taking in the problems of the world into one's self. Well, I am here to help understand that it does not have to feel this way. We have to think for others as if we where indeed dealing with self.
In my opening, in time everything is going to be ok... Taking life one day at a time.

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