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WhenTheTimeComes |
Listener - Scholar

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Chances are if you are reading this that you are feeling oppressed by a thought

or a feeling right now, seeking support to navigate it and feel more peaceful.

I aim for those difficult conversations for which you are turning to me to confide into

to feel like you are sitting on a sofa, drinking a hot chocolate with an understanding friend.

I am comfortable talking about almost any subject, at the exception of what 7cups

condemns and the eventual moment of doubt or uneasiness that might overtake me

in which case I would refer you to someone else.

One can trust that even the worst ordeals might meet a satisfying end... when the time comes

But I'm here for you in the meantime.

When you feel lost to the racing thoughts or suffocating feelings.

I have personal experience with :


Chronic Pain/Disabilities ; Domestic Abuse ; Parenting ; Weight/Eating Disorders/Diabetes.

I feel someone could be more experimented for you :

Cancer ; Casual talks ; Racial and Cultural Identity ; Schizophrenia ; Self-Harm.

🕙 I am available : on GMT+1 | BST | London

💬 I speak 🇬🇧 EN (Uk) 🇫🇷 FR (Eur)

Listeners at 7cups cannot support you if you're in crisis

Please find adequate support : Crisis Resources

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Feedback & Reviews
Kind, understanding, compassionate
She is the real deal. Very knowledgeable and empathetic. She cares, understands and supports with all her heart. She takes you seriously and is fully invested in the chats. I really appreciate her sincere efforts.
:) thank you so much for helping me
Very kind and honest listener!!
Really great listener
She is absolutely a star. No judgements at all. Pleasure to talk to you :)
Great understanding x
Understanding and helpful. Very friendly conversation.
She's really sweet and caring
Kind and empathetic listener. ❤
Most amazing listener I have ever chatted with. Very supportive and extremely helpful.
she was very helpful and interesting in showing me the way to a better place. I'm very grateful for our chat.
Really nice and talkative. Really helped me
They have a lot of experience!
Responsive and diligent.
Great listener! They were so genuine and easy to talk to. I felt so safe and comfortable talking to them. They showed me a clearer perspective of my issue, which I found so helpful. Feeling better after chatting!
amazingly kind and compassionate listener, generous with their time and a worthy asset to the site
They were very nice
she's so kind
They are by far the best listener I've encountered. Really sweet and caring and can help someone get distracted and calm down in no time. They've made me feel so much better a short time after started talking, they're really such a nice person to talk to, I'm really glad I had the luck to funds them.
She's very open. I like it
pretty cool
Thank u
Kind patient and insightful. I would highly reccomend this listener. Thanks for listening.
Very light to talk to, it was like drinking a nice drink with a wise and loving friend that you haven't seen in ages. Very patient, understanding and gives enough room so you can express yourself with respect...You are one of my inspirations now! I wanna do better because of you, I am very grateful for this chat. :)
Very good listener. A gem indeed
Helped me find a new perspective on a seemingly hopeless ordeal. A great listener with a beautiful heart and soul.
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