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adamabinta |
Listener - Scholar 9

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I am taking an indefinite break from 7cups. I will not be available to respond to personal requests.

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Listener Since Nov 26, 2014
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Feedback & Reviews
Truely and genuinely a wonderful, and wonderfully empathetic person! She helped me through the night- if I could pay her in gold or befriend her in real life I would xx
Thank you so much for your help. At first I'm afraid what should I do, but when conversation starts I really enjoy and I really happy your empathy so I don't feel nervous at all. Thank you.
I really don't have the words to describe the thoughtfulness and brilliance of adamabinta. Her insight, caring, intelligence and empathy is truly remarkable and she is helping me wade through a very dark and emotional time. I am grateful for her willingness to share, and by doing so, bring insight into my own situation.
She is very caring and kind. She makes it easy to open up and talk.

this listener was so deep that I forgot about my responsibilities about things. she was very kind and understanding towards me in that regard thank you for gently telling me about my deficiencies so that I can improve upon them. much appreciated.
Really thoughtful and puts in so much time and effort into each message
Thank you so much. I am grateful to have been able to speak with you. :)
She is so kind and amazing. Thank you for hearing everything I had to say and being with me when I had a difficult evening. You made me see that there is hope and that alone is awesome because I never thought it could be true.
Thank you, I am so grateful for all the time you have given me. When I first met her, I felt so alone and facing what I thought was an impossible situation. She made me feel like I am human, and valued, if Christian really means Christ follower she is a perfect example.
Thank you, you have been so much help. Her expertise in psychology and her faith are admirable, but what I really love about her is the amount of genuine care she shows. She is the only listener who has ever checked up on me, even after months. She guides me gently into talking about my problems when I'm reluctant or afraid to. She seems to understand how I'm feeling from just a paltry amount of text I send to her. A great listener and person.
This is my second review for Adamabinta......for me talking to someone i trust grounds me....At this time i am in a high state of anxiety....knowing i can message her and be given a wealth of insightful information...calms me and helps me cope.....She is GREAT...Words cant express my gratitude
I can't even begin to describe just how amazing she is. She let me say things I thought I could never tell anyone, it took time but she didn't leave me. When I thought no one could understand she made me see that even if people cannot understand it doesn't need to be a barrier to them being supportive and not only did she listen but she gave me the courage to speak to people around me.
Adamabinta's ability to provide insight into complex psychological conditions and explain things on a deep level so you understand them makes her worth her weight in gold.

She doesnt just say things like..."oh its going to be ok" She listens to the problem and then makes a complex psychological evaluation

She has opened my eyes and helped me see why i do the things i do.

Talking to someone who is compassionate doesn't judge and is a "good listener" is very beneficia
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