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I am a warm introvert who loves writing, piano music and having a laugh. I love puns especially. I am also very straight forward; sometimes I may say things that a member might not want to hear. But I thinks honesty is the most important aspect.

It doesn’t matter who you become, or the hurt you feel along the way. Your greatest strength comes from your ability to keep pushing. The ability to to laugh and care despite circumstances is what defines a person; more than any label ever can.
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Feedback & Reviews
Awesome awesome awesome
One of the most awesome listeners ever.
Impressive, caring, sweet, cool...
sooooooooooooo supportive :') great help i got
Ahasbeamer spoke with me for over an hour. Quick responding, kind but firm, which I needed, and very knowledgeable. I actually sorted out a lot in my head because of this user! I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you so much!
Thank you. You were a great help.
Was a great deal of help.
Really good and caring person will definitely recommend to speak to somebody else that needs help like me
Very insightful!
Very considerate! Also checks on how you are doing :)
you helped clear my mind after I've been struggling to do that myself a while now, thank you :)
Ahas deals issues professionally , listen problems carelly n with patience, Now I knw how to deal with my problms. Thanks
She was wonderful!!! Very caring and smart
Showed me a way that I was oblivious to.
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