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**Due to the unpredictabillty of life, I do not take apointments. I am usually online between 9-12 p.m. EST and I pop on randomly to check messages or if I have a free block of time. If you need something reliable, regular, and guaranteed, I'm afraid I can't take that on because I would feel horrible if something prevented me from keeping an appointment**

I am an adult female, and I was a teacher at a boarding high school (so lots of experience with teens and young adults). I have a degree in sociology with a minor in psychology. I am married and I have a school-aged daughter. I have lived with depression and anxiety my whole life, had post-natal syndrome (postpartum depression and anxiety), and have been through almost every treatment there is. I can offer anecdotal information about what I've found helpful, I can listen to what's on your mind, and I appreciate a good conversation if you're legitimately lonely or anxious (not just bored) and need a friend. My schedule is often whacky, so I keep irregular hours. If I can't be online to chat some days, I do check messages and reply. 

I don't like to have multiple conversations going at the same time. In rare circumstances I may reach out to someone while I'm already chatting, but I still maintain an excellent response time. If I am busy and you'd like to leave a message, that would be fine, but it is possible that the person I'm working with will take up all my available time for the day/night. I'm not ignoring you-- I'm trying to give the best possible support which, to me, means minimizing multi-tasking and staying with a person as long as he/she needs. 

Please do not expect me to solve your problems . That is not something I can do. I do my best to HELP and SUGGEST, but I cannot SOLVE. I do not get paid for my time on this site; I am here because I want to help as best I can, but it is impossible to tell a stranger what to do in any given situation (unless it's life-threatening, in which case I will tell you to call Emergency Services, because I am not trained in crisis counseling). I will do my very best to get you to a better place, emotionally, but it really hinges on good faith and cooperation.   

Please, if you're not serious about having a conversation because you need emotional support, I would appreciate it if you found another listener. I'm here for people who are in true need of support. I am judicious with the Block button, so if you're hoping to say creepy things, you will be blocked immediately. LIsteners never know what to expect when they take general requests, and sometimes people can get frightening or abusive. Thank you for respecting my time and the time of other people who may need immediate help.  


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Feedback & Reviews
Very helpful
excellent at what she does. but I find it crass to "rate" people on a scale. she was better than 5 stars if I must rate her.
great listener
amazing empathy
Her respnses were helpful
Was extremely nice and caring, took the time to really understand me
I found this place and got connected in a short reasonable time with a great Listener. I found my experience here 100% successful. Thank you very much
Probably the best listener I've ever had.. she understands me completely and makes me feel like I'm worth talking to.. thank you so much
This person took the time and effort to really work with me on solutions to my problem. She displayed empathy and had extremely good response time. She was very helpful.
Very helpful. Thank you for your time. It's truly appreciated.
just wanna say thank you for being there for me. and thank you for taking care of me
Appreciable ☺️
I guess the number of stars in my rating say it all. Really helped me clear a lot of fog in front of my eyes. Cheers!
Thank you.
You were so patient,and I had a great time talking to you...I really felt much better.
A great listener! Really helped me
Very nice!
Great listener and very helpful
Too good to talk
Kind and understanding person who listened and kept me company when I was very down.
I really had a good session with her. She's very caring and gave a very good advice. I would love to chat with her again someday. Thank you so much! :)
Absolutely amazing! So compassionate and empathetic in every way possible. I appreciate how keen she is to listen, but also how open she is to share her own experience. I never felt rushed or judged was at such ease, HIGHLY recommend.
very helpful
really listens and deconstructs the problem. things are simpler than they seem after all :) thank you!
Such an amazinggggg listener. For real.
Gave me a couple of reasonable solutions
Exceptional listener!
You were very kind and personalized everything. it meant a lot. thank you
good advice, realistic approach
Very supportive and helpful ... golden heart and a beautiful soul ...
Understanding, nonjudgmental, helpful, great listener
Compassionate and understanding
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