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Number of Ratings: 213
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Listener Since Jan 3, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
understanding, relatable, and kind :3
Thanks for listening
Very nice person. Reminded me that my own mental health and well being is something I can't forget about
love her
haha its nice to know somebody else is part of fandoms i am part of, really greatful to be talking to her, could work on being a bit more professional tho :o
👑 amisfit, more like queen 😆
if anybody needs help when they cannot sleep, i think it would be nice if they messaged amisfit. thank you huns 😌
11/10 for empathy ^_^
helped me so much with me eating disorder, made me realize that relapses are part of recovery, thank you so much amisfit. i really appreciate all the help and care you put into each message
You were great and super chill
An absolutely wonderful listener! Feels nice to talk to her because she understands and gives good advice
You're cool
he's the man you wanna talk to. he knows what your talking bout'. he's the guy you wanna mess your problems with.
Understanding supportive created a connection with me that made me feel better
She's really nice, and helps me
Hey there Arzina,
I'm going to write this as a letter because I'm not really knowing how reviews and stuff work, anyways, hope you don't mind.

So, I've been going through with so many terrible things and when you accepted my request, I thought that you weren't going to be much help because of past experience but, I was wrong. You were perfect to me. You just understand and explain how it all is, how hard it is, empathy is so important and it's what makes us humans and you, you're an amazing one. Thank you for staying awake with me and listening, I don't want to be heard, just listened to. And you, amisfit, did just that. I can't thank you enough. It's weird how one person can come in and fix you slowly and people like this make me believe in hope a little more, this world has things to offer, amazing things. And you just gotta hold onto hope. Thank you, I just ugh, thank you times the blue whale. It's nice to have an ear, I could always message you whenever and you'd still be there, so thank you.

You're beautiful, please don't change... :)
And this is so long, I'm rambling.. haha
Hope you don't mind and remember/recognize who wrote this
~fellow guest and warrior
amisfit. Is so nice she showed more love than anyone has.
they were so chill and cured my loneliness, thank you
Gives good advice
Very kind person.
you made me stop self-harming. thank you so much. no one has ever helped me as much as ari has. she is great for self-harm issues.
You care about me so much, you're so helpful and so nice to me. I also love your lame jokes and your timing was good too.

Thank you for all the chats we've had, I feel so much better
You listen and understand, and that, that amisfit, was all I needed. Thank you. I love you ~Lynn :)
Arzina is the best person I could have encountered here! She listens and shares advice and I was looking for someone with those qualities. She is very helpful and I love the way she sees things very optimistically.
Thank you! :)
They're really good, I'm feeling less reckless already.
Shes such a Thankful Person, Even when ur sad she makes u smile.
So amazing
Autumn is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for helping me
Thanks Autumn.
very cool person!
He calmed me down and made sure I got to the hospital safely. One of the best listeners Ive come across.
why are you so perfect
defo recommend him to other listeners
youre a hero
Autumn was an amazing listerner, he was very friendly, considerate and had a good sence of humour aswell as being supportive and understanding towards your problems. I would definitely recommend him to other listerners.
Very helpful listener and I don't have words to describe how he/she helped me something about relationships and may God bless him/her

~ jimmy

Life is a chemistry set
Reactions waiting to be discovered
Full of experiments and surprises
But record your work,
Because you might win the noble prize.

That's what you said to me and I spray painted that on my bedroom wall, that means so much to me. Thank you for everything
Im going to continue breathing.
Autumn, you're truly extraordinary
Thank you for making me feel so much better
love her : )
Thank you for making me feel okay. It was weird to smile, a real one but it felt good, great actually.
You're like the friend I've never had. Whoever has you in their life should be grateful. Thank you for all those late night chats we've had and hopefully continue, thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only one, thank you for understanding, I didn't think I'd make it this far.

You bring light into my cold heart. You give me hope

~ Antonio
It's really a great talk with this person. Hahaha he's really the best. I love this person so much right now! There should be more of persons like him here. ^_^
Autumn is amazing. I like how she doesn't judge and she relates to my problems.
Aww crazy like me!!! Thanks, man!
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