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awesomeSunset20 |
Listener - Virtuoso 8

Listener Rating
4.5 star rating


Hey there! Glad we bumped into eachother. I love to listen to anyone, about anything. I mean anything.

I would never judge for whatever you have on your mind. I No've been struggling with stuff myself and I'm always there if you need a listener.

A lot of ''I''s in there, but you're the one that really matters.

Feel free to start a chat when I'm online, or send me a message so we can set up a time to connect. I'm always there whenever you need someone to chat with.

Number of Ratings: 159
Number of Reviews: 94
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Norwegian
Listener Since Sep 4, 2018
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People Helped 598
Chats 3,981
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Feedback & Reviews
Lovely listener! Feel so much better after talking with them 🤗
Super calm to talk to, very emphatic to what you struggle with.
Nice, friendly.
Great listener. Very empathetic and friendly
Fantastic listener, attentive, responsive, as all listeners on 7 Cups should be, thank you!
very honest and open
Very kind, patient, and understanding listener. Highly recommend
Recommend this listener as they helped with my situation
Blissful chats, they know how to be there for you. So glad to have opened up to them 😊
Gave me amazing support when I needed it the most
This listener is intuitively kind, patient, caring, calm, yet engaging all at once! He really took the time, and care on comprehensively observing, analyzing, and translating those ideas/thoughts, and insights into something valuable. Ole sees the bigger picture of things in life, on so many aspects! He is remarkable.
Very caring and mindful in the approach to hearing and listening!
It was great. They listened well
Friendly and supportive. Seems like a nice person with kind responses.
He is genuinely the best person u will ever talk to.. he helped me through something I never deemed possible, he is just an angel sent from above to help those who need it, he gave me back my life, stayed with me when I couldn’t be left alone and gave me hope that life could be good again... thank you darling!! 😘😘. X.J.
very good listener, is understandable, knows every detail how to support!
awesome, i loved it!
A non-judgemental,empathetic and very patient listener with a critical thinking skill that will helped me decide on a decision I was uncertain about and gave an epiphany in a confused situation I was stuck in. Would recommend this kind hearted stranger 100%
Ole you're the kindest person I've talked to here
very good listener, helpful, and reassured me when I needed it most
Lovely person to talk to. Listened, talked sense. Made me feel better just to be able to get my thoughts out to someone without a vested interest in the situation. Thank you.
They were really kind and made me feel safe to open up about things that I'm always hesistant in opening up about!!
Very helpful and an amazing person.
He is very helpful and empathetic and also rational. He really helped me through a difficult time and was exactly what I needed.
Very supportive and understanding and helpful
great person he is very kind
Seems very calm and rational and friendly
very helpful person
Super nice, and great listener
I love it! Awesome chat ! Full of love and support
Very supportive. Friendly. I enjoyed our conversation. Made me feel better in the end.
Very empathetic and kind. Was willing to listen me and give me solid guidance
Good, friendly person to chat to. They're really good at making good out of a bad situation, which was what I needed!
He is a very active listener!
Very supportive, kind, caring, but also a fun person to talk with. Amazing experience ❤😁
Awesome, very kind, nice, patient and understanding! Really listens to what you have to say, doesn't judge and super supportive! 💕🥰
She's so understanding and nice. Wonderful listener. Let me get it all out and made me feel better. Thank you! You're the best!
I liked that I could dispose of my emotional load with him.
Great at listening and very friendly. Knows the right questions and replies that makes you talk more and feel better:)
Amazing smart kind very helpful
Best listener ever what a amazing listener I was just looking for someone like him all the time I went through so many different listeners and none of them seemed to get it he did straight away made me feel at ease all the way through I'm really looking forward to talking to him again
Kind and didn't make me feel bad. Nice work!
Fantastic listener, very considerate and caring. Non judgmental, patient, quick response times and does not ghost you in middle of chat. I definitely recommend this listener!
Awesome openness even whilst busy.
I wished someone would listen to me and I feel awesomesunset20 is a great soul :)
So wholesome, so compassionate. You feel like a gentle, strong, trustworthy hand is holding you up in your grief, talking to him. Very, very kind person who listens patiently, replies quickly, and is the support I think we all came to 7cups hoping to find. Thank you!
Amazing to talk to , but honestly how this person is ... is what you want ... just someone to listen
He helped me put things into the right perspective, offered his encouragement, support and personal experience. Great listener!
Great chat, quick answer, warm welcome, didn't disappear at half chat, interested in what I had to say, patient and understanding. To anyone who finds hard to find a listener that can handle a chat with them, I recommend this guy here ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I like how good they listen
Very helpful and compassionate!
Greeted me and supported me. Let me talk about questioning my gender and I felt super comfortable talking
One of the most mature and refreshing listeners I've had. He's non-judgmental, and I really felt safe and listened to. I can't say just how surprising that is. He's really thoughtful and careful with his responses.
lovely chat thanks for listening
Kind Hearted, friendly, generous
Exceptionally kind & and a fantastic listener.
It was a positive chat. I feel light after having shared my talks.
Flawless conduct. Very helpful.
Amazing ! Gave a lot of helpful insightful feedback .....Great Listener
An awesome listenner. Had a really lovely chat.
Took some time to do something that was a great help for me. I don't take it for granted. Thank you
Such a great help!
Really kind and helpful
Really easy to chat with and he genuinely seems to care .
a really good listener , smart and understood me very well
very nice and approachable
I feel so better right now...i cant be more grateful
Was respectful and courteous, and let me talk myself out.
very good listener, thank you
Helpful chat, so patient and a good listener.
awesomeSunset20 is a nice human being
Really amazing helped me realizing the fact i was lost and depressed ..he helped me find the way thanks really ♥️
This was my first chat and it was easy but new! So it was short and sweet. Very patient and frank.
A good listened. WIll understand your problem and tries to give a proper perspective.
Great person, really tries to understand, asks some questions and provides a good chat
It was great! Really helped me through bad times
Thank you for talking. You are really really really AWESOME!!!!!!
Great listener, he/she also asks really good questions
Good listening skills
This guy listens so well and really makes you think about your situation. With timely replies. Am really grateful.
was really understanding and gave good advice
Honestly, this person is the best
Thank you! You are awesome! for helping me!!
It was awesome talking to Sunset. An excellent listener!
yeah it was pretty good, idk i suppose i feel a little better/more like i know what i should do
Patient and kind. :)
Great fantastic guy
Great compassionate awesomeSunset20! Totally recommended!
Understanding and caring
Patient and understanding. Was very open and adaptive if I said a comment or tactic wasn't helpful to me. Genuinely seemed to care.
Well trained, experienced and empathetic. Says the right things at the right times.
Great listener! Gives you time and support.
Kind, empathetic listener. I feel better after the chat. Thank you!
Very empathetic and attentive. I appreciate this person tremendously.
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