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babydino69 |
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About Me 😀: 

What you can call me: Bean or DIno or come up with something :) 

Jealousy is my middle name 👍

Pronouns: She/her

Relationship status: Single...

From: New York 

Loves to talk to people and loves to listen even if I am struggling. 

Fav Animal: Dogs & Snakes 

Fav Sport: Soccer,Football and Basketball

Fav Food: Idk right seems disgusting to me atm. 

Fav song: Too many but see below for fav song/relatable song lyrics 

Fav show: Stranger Things and Full House 

Fav Movie: Don't have one atm lol

Fav Subject: Math & English 

Fav Snack: Cake or Chocolate covered strawberries

Birthday: September 18th


Pansexual means I can like anyone without the gender mattering

Quotes: 😜

I know I have a purpose but I don't see the purpose ~ Juice Wrld

When I say forever I mean it ~ Juice Wrld 

Even tho your fed up you gotta keep ya head up ~ Tupac Shakur 

Now your just a stranger with all my secrets ~ Unknown 

We hurt people that love us and love people that hurt us ~ Kendrick Lamar 

My mind won't let you go ~ Wale 

They say pain is a prison lemme outta my cell ~ NF 

Break his/her heart I'll break yo face ~ Unknown 

Your worth every mile between us ~ Unknown 

Every girl has a male friend who is just a friend while the world thinks different ~ Unknown 

Love is love ~ Unknown 

Presence creates possibilities ~ America Ferrera 

To me your perfect ~ Love Actually 

What makes your heart smile? Yeah do more of that ~ Unknown 

She's never where she is. She's always in her head ~ Unknown 

Happily ever after isn't a fair tale. It's a choice ~ Fawn Weaver 

Nothing can be hidden forever ~ Unknown 

Spoiler,in the end we all die ~ Atticus 

Apologies don't mean a thing if you never fix it ~ NF

Music raised me more than my parents did ~ NF

 I love you for not only who you are but for who I am when I'm with you ~Roy Croft 

To the world you may be a person but to a person you may be there world ~ @MarissaHope

The way I see it,if you want the rainbow,you got put up with the rain first ~ Dolly Parton

When someone says you can't do it,do it twice & take pictures ~ Unknown 

Amazing people on here: 

TayTayy: We havent known each other long but whenever you pop in rooms and start a conversation, I always enjoy taking part in it,You make the rooms so much more fun. I see you struggle a lot but I wanted to say I believe in you and I think your a really strong person. Your an amazing friend,Keep trying to stay strong❤️

Nerdtastic01: Your such a supportive listener and always always leaves me a warm welcoming when I enter the rooms. I love hearing what you have to say,you never fail to come up with a unique answer. I would love to form a friendship with you. I'm proud that you're a listner and wanting to make others life better 😊

Ryan160: Since the first day we connected,you have always been there for me,checked in on me,made sure I was okay and did what you could to fix it if I wasn't. I really enjoy talking to you and I feel you understand what i've been thru. Not only do you understand but I feel your really supportive of it. Thank you for checking in on me every day and caring. Your awesome!!!! 💙

Zoup: My state buddyyyy,whenever you pop in & out of rooms you always make me laugh. Your smart sarcastic comments make my day. I notice you struggle a lot but honestly your a strong independant smart human, I believe you can fight for whatever it is. Stay amazing,your so kind💚

YourEmmie: It's always fun seeing you around in the group chats. Game night is also really fun with you. Thank you for hosting everything you host. Thank you for always supporting me. If you ever need a little buddy or a friend or just support I gotchu! your sooo cool💕

Fav/relatable song lyrics: 

" Cause there will be no sunlight if I lose you baby,They'll be no clear skies if I lose you baby,Just like the clouds my eyes will do the same,if you walk away every day it'll rain,rain ra-a-ain" It will rain ~Bruno Mars 

" it's better to love you from a distance..💔" Love you from a distance ~Ashley Kutcher 

"  But what's next? ion want no fuckin love sex. All I want from you is drug sex" Love drugs & sex ~ A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie 

"  Yeah,when my world is falling apart when there's no light to break up the dark that's when I,I I look at youuu!" When I look @ you ~Miley Cyrus

" Cause I got high,Because I got high because I got high" Because I Got High ~Afroman

" I don't get it mom,don't you wanna watch your babies grow? I guess pills are more important All you have to say is " No" But you won't do it will you? you gonna keep popin those pills til they kill you" How Could You Leave US ~Nf

" I'd do anything in my power just to see you smile" Smile ~Juice Wrld 

" And I cannot change you,so I must replace you" Lucid Dreams ~Juice Wrld

" Ask me how i'm doing i'll say " okay" yeah but ain't that what we all say" If you want love ~Nf

" I would lie and say that your not on my mind. But I got out and I sit down @ a table set for two and finally I'm forced to face the truth. Not matter what I say...I'm not over you.." Not over you ~Gavin DeGraw

" And when she doesn't notice how pretty she is. Tell her over and over so she never forgets" If you love her ~Forest Blakk

" I want you to drunk text me,saying you still need me. Tell me I'm not like her. I made you happier. I want you to drunk text me. Just empty it all out,please. Tell me you fucked this up. Tell me you're still in love w me..." Drunk text me ~Lexi Jayde

" And we stayed up for hours. What a time. What a time. What a time" What a time ~Julia Michaels 

" How can you miss someone you never met" Idk you yet ~Alexander 23

" Hold on I still want you...Come back I still need you..." Hold on ~Chord Overstreet 

                                             " I just wanna scream back at the world I just wanna leave But it make things worse I just wanna hate you but I can't...." I can't hate you ~Kayou

" Been about 3 years since I dated you,Why you still talking bout me like we together" Broken Clocks ~SZA

" And I want your boyfriend I'm not gonna lie" Boyfriend ~Raelynn

" I know you mad ain't ya cause he want me and no one elseee" I don't want her ~Eric Bellinger

" When she bites her lip,looks at me like that I wanna be more than a friend,more than a friend does she feel the same does she want me back I wanna be more than a friend,more than a friend" More than a friend ~Girli

" Pu-pu-pussy for breakfast,that's how I start my day,My dick is a pen it's written all over her face" All the time ~Jeremih 

" Lets play a game called simon says,simon says spread open you and put yo hands behind yo head" Simon says ~YC Banks"

" 16 lines of blow and I'm fine break my bones but act as my spine wonder who you'll fuck when I die" 16 Lines ~Lil Peep" 

" How can I blackout you,you,you" Blackout ~Freya Ridings" 

" Mixed signals mixed signals they're killing me" Mixed Signals ~Ruth B 

" Right from the start you were a thief you stole my heart" Just Give Me A Reason ~Pink

" Baby never cut!" Baby Don't Cut ~B-Mike 


Feel free to message whenever. i'm on a lot but during school days I reply slow. I hope ya'll have an amazing day. Remember to be your true self and whoever that truly cares for you will support you no matter what ❤️

"Hate me or be fake,ion care I still run my life 😌✋" ~ Tyler👀❤️

🔒❤️🔓Free Austin🔒❤️🔓

awesomeSpace8671/Ian is My amazing adorable bestieeee 😁❤️

At this point...I'm just surviving ...Not even living anymore tbh...

🍪Cookies and Choco Milk for reaching the end of my bio🍪

Fake friends - Have never seen you cry
Real friends - Cry with you
Fake friends - Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back
Real friends-  Keep your stuff for so long they forget its yours 
Fake friends - Know few things about you
Real friends- Could write a book about you
Fake friends - Would knock on your front door
Real friends- Walk right in and say I'm home
Fake friends - Will help you when you fall over
Real friends- Will jump on top of you and shout Doggy pile
Fake friends - Are for a while
Real friends- Are for life
Fake friends -Will read this 
Real friends- Will copy and paste this, just like I did
Fake friends say “love ya” jokingly.
Real Friends: Say, "I love you" and mean it.
Fake Friends: Will sit with you after a breakup and say, "I'm sorry."
Real Friends: Will call them and ask what their problem is before devising a plan to destroy them.
Fake Friends: Will read this.
Real Friends: Will steal this."
Thank you Blue and Dragon <3

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