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Hello and welcome to 7cups!
You can call me Blue and I am a Verified Listener!
I'm here with the hopes of helping, even if that means making a difference in the life of just one individual, even for just a tiny moment.
I am in my mid 20's. I have experience with NGO's and other aiding societies. I have had a fair share of unpleasant experiences so far and have learned that it is okay to feel lost and purposeless in life and that nothing is permanent !
Always know that opening up to someone and showing how vulnerable you are is not a sign of weakness, but that of immense strength!  and hence, I am here for you, if you ever feel the need to talk without having to worry about being judged.
You're not alone, even if that is how it may seem like.
I cannot promise to make all your worries go way, no one can promise you that, but sometimes talking about it can help you identify the reason behind why you feel what you feel, which gives a sense of clarity and peace.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
I am usually here around 10PM IST // 12:30 PM EDT on weekdays. But you can contact me anytime because I would LOVE to hear from you!
If I am not around, please feel free to leave me a message, and I'll try to get back as soon as I can.
You can talk to @BoChillah ,  he is such an AMAZING listener, you'll love him !

My Super Amazing Listener Twin is ResilientLucky !
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APPRECIATION TEAM  , where LOVE is something, we never fall short of !
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Number of Ratings: 98
Number of Reviews: 80
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Apr 27, 2016
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 168
Cheers 96,592
People Helped 173
Chats 939
Group Support Chats 20
Listener Group Chats 54
Forum Posts 336
Forum Upvotes 402
Feedback & Reviews
Nice person. Understanding and knowledgeable.
Good listener. Responds with care and consideration.
Blue I'm so grateful that have found you here, your wise words helped me alot. Thank you for listening and understanding my issue. And keep doing great! Stay blessed. ❤️
So helpful and kind. Very attentive
This listener really cared about me and my problems. They offered compassion and resources that I am eternally grateful for. 5/5
She's too good to miss talking to
Best is not the best word for the BLUE !! She was not only awesome but also angel for what any needy person can expect from 7cups.
a very supportive, patient, kind and helpful listener.
Extremely supportive!!
I am thankful for Blue, she is a very skilled person who listens. She is incredable! Truly gifted in what she is capable of helping others. She is to the point on understanding situations.
Blue is one beautiful soul. A perso really gets into detail and helped me see the bigger picture of my situation. She is truly compassionate about helping any way possible. Excellent listener, i truly am greatful there are beautiful people here that take time out of their day to fully help and listen and understand.
Very caring
Empathetic, intelligent, and helpful.
Amazing Listener. Superb !!!
Blue is a person you'd want to meet in real life. They are an ideal friend and guide. Such a perfect chat we had ! Awesome work.
They are such an Amazing Listener. Helped me a lot. Thanks.
They are the most understanding and empathetic person one can ever find. They were there for me Inspite of being busy and I appreciate it. It's tough to talk about my issues but it happened very naturally with them.
blue is really kind person !!!!!!
Shes a gem of a person.....u need a lot of patience to hear frm others......but thts the good thing abt her...shes so polite...........keep up the good wrk.......
beyondtheBlues is an incredibly supportive Listener who shows so much care and generosity in her conversations. Talking to her feels so comfortable, her responses are always so well thought out, and clearly specific to the conversation she's engaged in.
Blue. You came out of the blue and make everything greener in my day. Your warm welcome to my problems healed them and helped me analyse them so well. Thank you for those valuable opinions and above all your valuable support and time. I highly appreciate it. You are amazing listener. No doubt you are a master. :) i will always tend to be in touch with you. It was a great time talking to you. Once again thank you blue. :)
Just a great listener, and very helpful when a person needs a friend. Thank You!
thanks for the valuable time.
Thanks even though I did what I had to do talking to you was like a breath of fresh that I needed so badly
Blue is one of the nicest person I've come come across on the internet. Though 7cups is full of wonderful people, she is the reason why I'm still here.
She just knows how to say the right things at the right time and ask the perfect questions. She is willing and patient, and makes you feel completely at ease when you're talking to her. She is a thorough professional and understands her role as a listener perfectly.
I feel lucky that I got a chance to connect with her, and now there's no going back. I'd definitely recommend her to everybody out here.
Blue is the very first person I had the privilege to talk to, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that we will be able to exchange on a regular basis, because she is one of these fantastic, special, rare human beings that can literally change your life. Thank you, Blue...
Blues is really amazing
I truly enjoyed speaking with Blue. I came on this website feeling down, but now I am much better and could not thank Blue enough. The conversation was open and very thoughtful.
Thank you mam for helping and listening to me.
Simply perfect! Gets you to open up, analize your problem, sights ways of dealing with them... What more can one ask! Definitely one of the best listeners out here!
Blue helped me sort out my problems. I was previously very confused. Its a lot better now. She is really good at what she does. I think I will stick to her. I feel I can turn things around with someone like her by my side. Blue you are the best!
I had a wonderful time talking with her. I felt I could be open and she was very responsive. 10/10 would chat again.
great listener! quick responding too thankyou
Blue you are absolutely awesome. Thanks for being there for me. You're very passionate about helping people. Thank you for everything you said. For making me see the light.
I'd recommend her because she puts in her heart into it. No one can harbor the amount of empathy she has. If you seek to really be understood , she's the one for you. I always thought I'd be better off without writing a review. And I have never done it for anyone else. But blue is so good that you feel like doing it, that's the only way I think I can honor her. I hope I find more people like her. A friend and a guide. Blue no one can replace you !
Kind-Hearted, Sweet, Peaceful, To-The-Point, Intellectual, very Professional and above all Friendly.
When I needed someone she was there for me, when I was sad it was this girl who made me smile, I came here looking for a listener and I found a friend.
she is such an amazing listener! so willing too help. super sweet and friendly. i was really happy to talk to her. i'm very grateful. there should be more people like her.
This listener was nice and caring about everything I said, I would totally recommend her.
She was of great help! Gave me amazing and helpful advice! Very fast and concerned about me.. ☺ thanks again

she is super duper awesome. like so much awesome. sheer awesomeness. she went to the bottom of my problem found out the root. and helped me overcome it. i come here from few days but she was the first listener to go to the very bottom of the problem and solve it. and she has already promised that she will help me if something happen as such in future too. Blues, thank you for that :) you are an amazing person and an amazing listener. please continue the awesome work you are doing. god bless you :) i will come back soon :)
she is super duper awesome. amazing listener with amazing interpersonal skills. :)
I am very thankful to have had this person as a listener. She did not make me feel judged, and she calmly guided me through my problem until I felt okay. I've learned a lot of things from her.
Talking to Blue is a very valuable experience for any guest or member. Blue puts her heart and soul into each chat. She can adopt your point of view, while also pointing out things to work on. She puts a lot of thought into each response, and provides a lot of understanding and insight. Blue really takes her time to not just give short, generic responses, but to really delve into the topic of the chat. She's very warm, but takes the chat serious and always writes in a very professional manner. Definitely a high-class listener! :)
Thank you for being so honest ! I think I needed that. No beating around the bush, no unnecessary questions. I respect your style! I'd recommend them to anyone who doesn't like being treated like "a poor thing".
Blue, you are an outstanding listener. I spoke to you when I had no hope in life. When everything seemed impossible. I didnt know you could help me see the goodness in me. It's been over a month now and it feels like I am a new person. You took the discussion steered it towards the right path made everything so easy to understand and comprehend. Today I find new hope and new reasons everyday to be happy. You are a Lifter of spirits. Your positivity radiates in every chat that we have had so far. If I ever got the chance to meet you in person I would tell you how much you mean to me, because you changed my life , it takes years to realize it and it worked in a month. Call me crazy but I think it is a great achievement for me to see where I am at in comparison to what I was before. Talking to you is like a healing spell. Calm , composed, funny at times, really intelligent. And insightful. You have a gift Blue , a gift not many have. I would request you to continue with your magic and make the place a better place one person at a time!
An amazing listener and a wonderful human being...she is really understanding!!
very considerate and helpful, thank you for listening!
She was very patient , and it was a nice chatting with her! Was Kind and calm to explained me about my problem and a closest solution for that! it was awesome talking to you ! thanks a ton!
Blue is a top-notch listener, one of the best. She responds incredibly quickly and with great insight. She really makes sure to listen to what you are saying and she is very compassionate. I really recommend her to anyone looking for a great listener.
You are by far the best. Anyone who says otherwise needs to be evaluated. I love the way you talk in general. Amazing style. You're outstanding not only at listening but the feeling you give ,that we matter to you for real! Keep it up Blues!
She's undoubtedly one of the best listeners in this website, the best think that I like about her is that she means whatever she says, and she sure puts in a lot of effort and time in listening to you :) and that's what actually matters :) talking to her is extremely easy, it just feels she knows the right thing to say at the right time to make u feel better , that , coupled with utmost respect and professionalism is a potent mix! She's a genuine person, really cares, and is dedicated to help you.
She made me analyse my situation without advising anything, which was a great thing, with her help I feel a lot better these days! more happy, more confident :)
She's a listener who really knows what she's doing. Plus her style of chatting is simply stellar! Serious chats mixed with humor is a great way to ease someone in and make them comfortable.
Bottom line, I'd like to say that she's a great asset to this community with excellent listening skills. I'd recommend her to anyone :)
Very encouraging and supportive, chooses the right words and keeps a positive attitude throughout, I really learn from being listened to by her.
Considerate listener.
Was a very good listener, really took their time to listen to me and try to help me. Went out of their way to be the best listener they could be and is by far the best listener I have found on this site. I would highly recommend Blues, They truly are warmhearted and honest and very professional and caring. I really felt wanted and cared for. I will never forget my time with Blues.
Whatever she said was very Effective! I'm amazed at how much better one can feel after just one chat.
Very kind and helpful . :)
An amazing person. Made me feel so much better. Thank you!
Good listener and helpful.
Honest, Helpful, & Kind.
They were great
If you need a real listener. She's it. I'd highly recommend her to you!
She gave me the attention. I needed. I feel better now. Wish there were more people like her.
Why didn't I find you before? 7cups is a great place. People like you make it a great place!
She listened to my problems patiently. She has this calmness about her. I felt really good after the session. You've been the best so far! Great work Maria!
She is best..
A great listener. A true listener. I will keep coming back to her. God bless.
She listens to your problems and never tells you what to do... And maybe that is what I needed. I was tired of being told what to do. She just made me feel in control of myself. Which felt great! You're the best Blues!!!
She was very empathetic and provided me words of encouragement.She literally helped me in believing that I still have hope ,that I still can be strong.Thank you so much my friend for listening.She is a real gem of a listener.
She polite and non-judgmental..
IT really made me fell better
Thank you so much
Thank you beyondtheBlues. She is very responsive and gave a very sensible advice. Thank you once again :)
Very glad to talk to her. Listens to you like a friend you have known for years.
Thank you
Excellent listener & a wonderful person
I'm hard to impress,she did,that's it.
She was funny and laid back while still making me feel like she cared. Sometimes it takes a good joke to get us out of our sad-funk.
She is just amazing
Made me feel alot better :)
People like her are really hard to find shes like a diamond :)
So understanding and kind! cheered me up in a matter of minutes!
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