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Listener - Sage 8

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A passive person, A happiness monger, A blackhole for heart



* In an isolated system, Entropy can only increase *





*Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.*










For a heartless man, Captain Davy Jones sure did know how to take on Life.












Number of Ratings: 367
Number of Reviews: 113
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Languages English
Listener Since Mar 24, 2015
Last Active in last 6 months
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Cheers 167,763
People Helped 574
Chats 2,672
Group Support Chats 17
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Feedback & Reviews
I always want to talk to you!
Thank you
very sweet and understanding person! Gave the support and ear i needed
Just what I needed
so very very insightful & gentle & positive
Thanks for caring, and helping and for just reassuring me when I needed it. You made a difference today.
Wonderful and compassionate person to speak with. Thank you.
This person is good
Was very good talking to Blackholeheart. What he says make sense, even tho i know he was right, my heart refuse to belive, but i alway know what he says to myquestion is 100%correct.. so im one step close to be heal and find happiness again, thank you Blackholeheart for listening and also sharing your poin of view.. appriate that. God bless and keep up the good work. Definitely recommended to my friends and family.
Amazing listener and adviser
Amazing listener
Very honest, I loved that, I needed that.
great talking with you. I was really looking for someone to allow me to vent, and you did just that. blackholeheart was easy to speak with, patient, concise and kind. Thank you for your time
Amazing listener and really knew what to say to help me without making it feel like they were just trying to tell me what to do. Really brought me down and helped me feel 10x better about my situation.
Great listener, gave some great feedback and unbiased advice. just what I needed to get me back on track
This listener is very great, gives great advice and is really there for you. You can talk about anything without being judged. Highly recommend this listener!
It felt so nice talking very professional and understanding ....
Thank you! You've helped me figure some pretty difficult feelings out, it really means a lot.
Thank you very much, your very helpful :)
Listens to every word and gives genuine advice.
Nice! Keep going!
I didn't know that talking to someone would help me this much. Thank you. You made me realize that good people do exist😊
Good listener..
He was great.He could understand my pain and talk to me in a non judgemental way.

Thank you so much.You helped more than what you will ever know.
I think I've found the right person to talk with :)
He is the best!!!!
a good listener spending a lot of time for people in need. :) thanks
No doubt he is still my best listener..A good friend and a caring human being.
I felt that this listener genuinely cared about my issues which made me feel good :) It's a nice experience chatting with him.
This guy can really help people ... hats off ... GOD bless him
Great person, made me feel a little happier despite my issue.
The guy knows his stuff. Wish more listeners were like him.
So helpful and encouraging. Made me think and encouraged me to go out of my confort zone at my pace....thank you so much
Great Listener
They are one of the awesomest, and sweetest persons I've met! I never thought that I'd be talking to someone about what I've been through, but they are so amazing that they pulled me out of my shell, and let me talk. They are very kind, and considerate to my feelings. I wish I can tell more about them, but I'm all speechless. Brilliant! Thank you so (infinite) much! :') I shall never forget the conversation.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to me.. Opening up to you made me feel better about my situation. I appreciate it
Great listener who empowered me to systematically work through my problem, leaving me feeling more positive and able to deal with things by the end of our conversation. Thank you.
Really awesome listener! Helps you assess the problem and set goals to strive toward overcoming those problems. Would recommend if you need to talk. :)
Was willing to listen. Even when it was boring, and hard to keep up. A true blessing.
Master and helping for masters !
great listener! honest and kind
Great listener
Blackholeheart was an excellent listener and also great conversation partner, which really improved my mood!

Great listener. 7 cups needs more people like you. Really helpful and compassionate. thank you so much.
very nice and patient listener :)
Insightful, patient, kind, and really gets the the heart of what going on. Thank you for your help! Highly recommend.
best listener ever!
Jn a word.. you are awesome. thanks alot for everything. Very ubderstanding .. very supporting.. funny .. and more a good human being :)
Is extremely patient intelligent nice funny. I felt better not rushed my anxiety got better and I felt good
Such an understanding and helpful person.
listener was very attentive to me. listened to me and understood me. even certain things i didnt said he understood. he motivated and inspired . gave me hope. thought as if m speaking to a friend. he was extremely sweet to me.thanks u ,.,u are gr8 human being.thansk for being there, it really mean a lot
Awesome listener!
This listener is really great. I especially appreciate the calmness, empathy and careful listening. I feel very supported now.
The best 😊

He is the best listener. He made me a better person, just by listening to my problem. His patience, calmness, empathy made me realise, we all have these qualities.Because of people like him, 7 cups is growing. Thanku, is not enough, but words can't define my gratitude.
thanks buddy ... lots of love

---- your dilliwali friend! :)
He is always a great friend..
Good person :) likes to give out their honest opinion and support. Very thankful!!! RECOMMEND 100%!! Hehe ;)
He will tell you the truth but be sympathetic about it.
Nice listener
Good listener..and a good friend.
Great listener ^^
Thank you very much. Very considerate & helpful. Understood my situation very well. Nice to talk with him . :)
One of the BEST!!!
Compassionate and encouraging.
Helpful, nice, thoughtful. :)
Very helpful and responsive
You are superb, from the depth of my soul thank you for guiding to my objective.
This was really eye opening!! Thank you for the insight to which you guided me!!
Very good listener
Very helpful , helped me realise things i havent thought abouy
I wish u all the very best in ur life..You are really an amazing listener.I am thankful.You are an amazing fellow I have found during the worst time of my life..I am glad that I met you.May God bless you.$
Gave me my first good experience here
Thanks a lot
Excellent listener, very supportive, and kind
Thank you being there for me
Thank you, it was my first time on this for me. And I have been trying to find some one to talk to and this was just what I needed. I will be back.
Thanks a lot for your are a good listener..May God bless you
made me feel better and motivated..recommended

Excellent listener helped me by advising on what to do with my relationship!
Very pleased with the support 😊
Great listener
He is a good listener..:)
Good listener to talk to. Had a really good time and just people often turn out to be nice than you would expect. Keep going and Have a good life :D And yeah keep smiling. Be the way you are. :)
you really gave me hope and a reason to move on. Your the best :) Cheers always
Good guy with lots of educated guesses
Best listener in 7 cups
You are an amazing listener. Thank you so much, for all your help.
Blackholeheart listened to all my problems and responded in a good amount of time they didn't take to long and helped me with what I needed
Guy deserves more credit for what he does. Now that's one guy you don't forget
The best listener i have ever met..I was completely lost,but after a few talks with him my worries and sorrows melted away...He is the one who gave me all the courage to dream again...he colored my life again...You are a kind human no doubt.thanks a lot..u have spent ur time for me,i never forget that..and yeah your my one only reader :),thanks for reading all my silly thoughts and encouraging me to write again....May God bless u..
The best listener i have ever met..I was completely lost,but after a few talks with him my worries and sorrows melted away...He is the one who gave me all the courage to dream again...he colored my life again...You are a kind human no doubt.thanks a lot..u have spent ur time for me,i never forget that..and yeah your my one only reader :),thanks for reading all my silly thoughts and encouraging me to write again....May God bless u..
Kind and sweet listener who had good advice and calmed me down
Best listener i have ever troubles and worries are melted now...He is such a nice person,he was always ready to hear me..when i lost my last hope,he was there to help me...and helped me to colour my dreams again..he is the one who gave wings to my dreams again,and taught me to restart my life,and yeah my one and only reader :)...May God bless you..Thanks a lot for everything
Good listener....I feel better...
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