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Hello, I'm glad you found me on 7 cups of tea. I'm a trained and active listener and I'm here for you, whatever you tell me is confidential. At the age of 24 I've experienced a lot of the darker side of life so whatever the topic I'm here for you and im here to listen and will try my very best to help you move on from your troubles. You are not alone whatever the problem I'm always here.

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Feedback & Reviews
From the get go he was really nice and fast at responding, You know someone’s special when they can make you laugh after you’ve been crying. I felt like I was chatting to a friend I was that comfortable, it great talking to someone who gets exactly what your feeling who understands. Thanks so much for taking your time to answer my request I’m glad I chose you to talk to your a great person I hope you know that, I’ll keep in touch and once again thank you!! Highly recommend for anyone suffering from bullying or depression he’s fab
It's been a rough month to say the least, when I came to this site I was at my lowest and when I sent you a personal request my hopes weren't high they really weren't, i kinda thought this site was something youd do once and never return then when you said you worked a lot but would put the time in anytime you could I assumed it was just something to say to brush people off but I can't thank you enough for all your time that you've given me, all the extra support and all the laughs. I hope you go far in life as the world needs more people like you out there I really mean that. You've been brilliant kid. Thank you.
Thank you so so so much, honestly you've been my rock throughout everything without your help I wouldn't like to imagine where I'd be. your a true inspiration so young but so gifted. p's please go and get a job in mental health it's right up you street my friend. thanks again :)
When I first spoke to you I couldn't believe just how sincere you really were how you spoke about everything so passionately I assumed I'd be speaking to someone who claimed to know everything but you really did you really helped me through everything, I wish I had a friend or better yet a relative like you I'd never have suffered the way I did if that were the case, it took us a while but I'm loving this new place im in im whistling at my work again, I'm sleeping better and frankly im enjoying life again and you played your part well, my hats off to you sir thank you from the bottom of my fixed heart
Let me start off by apologising again as I wasn't the nicest to begin with, I was tired of people pretending they knew how I felt or what I had been through but this guy (Jamie) talked me through what I was feeling before I'd even explained and straight away I knew he knew what he was talking about, there was no pretence it was all real talk, it was like he connected with everything I was saying, I'm thankful for the time he's taken to talk with me because I felt no one understood me. The only thing (it's not a problem) I had is when I asked him about himself he changed the subject I know it's meant to be about the victims (victors) as he said but I'd have liked to know how he knew what he was talking about and how he has so much relevant information about it, regardless I want to say a massive thank you ill keep up with my appointments with the doctors and ill keep my head up high because I'm a "victor" xx
I find it hard putting into words how much of a difference you've made in my life. Your such an amazing person and the kind of person everyone needs around them, this will sound cliché but I don't have to force myself out of bed anymore I don't have to count the calories before I eat anything, I'm not scared of my scales anymore im 9 stone and proud. Hell im even wearing shorts again. The impact you've made has been tremendous and I can't believe you did all of it for free, the best thing you ever said to me still is in my mind this very day something like this "put down your blades and lose the shades, dry your eyes and keep your goodbyes, lead don't follow.... be yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself, be bigger, be thinner be sexy or nerdy, be pushy and clingy or shy and distant, be polite or be rude, no matter what just be who you want to be live how you want to live because it's just a one time thing and everyone's time is running out, don't regret just forget and move on this life is yours live the hell out of it and die a legend...follow your dreams whilst you can and always remember how far you have come" ill never forget this if it wasn't to long I'd have it tattooed on my skin as a reminder, your one of a kind really your family/friends/gf must be proud I know im honoured that you answered my cry for help.

Thanks for everything

Chloe xxx
I never leave written reviews on this I only ever give stars, but honestly I've never spoken to anyone in my whole life who can relate to everything im saying, someone who understands and has the right answers for all of my problems, self harming has been a big issue in my life these last couple of months and i've been to see specialists who haven't spoken to me the way you did, I told you I couldn't tell my mother and you said "show her these message's, show her your wrists, show her how you feel because it'll speak louder than words" and you were right she couldn't be more helpful and understanding she's on my side just like you said, because of you I will get the help I need I haven't had the urge to harm for at least 5 weeks we started talking 6 weeks ago and in just 6 weeks you a single person has made me want to fulfil all my dreams and live my life to the fullest when all I used to do was want to end it! I'm crying writing this because it's just so unbelievable of how things have changed for me I'm so thankful for all the time you spent talking to me all the late nights the early mornings all the things you said all the advice you gave everything, and lastly I just hope more people that self harm or have suicidal thoughts for what ever reason talk to you because I honestly didn't think I'd ever feel as good about myself as I do now and that is all down to you even if you don't take the credit. I and my mum really want to thank you for saving her daughters life. Good luck in the future and until we speak again thank you Jamie
Amazing listener, so thoughtful and understanding, made me feel better in a matter of minutes. So empathetic and knows all the right things to say, will definitely get in touch with him again if ever I need support :)
Sorry in advance for the book im about to write as my review. I'm not going to lie, as someone who was referred to this boy, I wasn't at all convinced he'd be able to help at all, I mean I'm in my 50's and he's just a young man, I shamefully judged him by how young he looks on his profile, and I'm not ashamed to admit as a senior I was wrong, this lad is an old soul in a young man's body, the helpful information he holds about problems he shouldn't know anything about is beyond amazing, I was shamefully rude to begin with and his patience with me was unquestionably great, I've spoke to a few older listeners and none of them gave me the time and patience of this young man, I was due giving up on this site I swore he'd be the last one I spoke to about my issues and he helped me see the way out or the bigger picture if you will, I guess that saying leave the best till last was correct in this case, I can't thank him enough. Amazing gentleman, well done son. Ill hold your advice with me the rest of my days x
I've spoke to Jamie on a few occasions and quite often had lengthy conversations with him, after our first conversation I stopped self harming as much and now after 1 full month I've stopped all together and finally getting my life back and I couldn't have done it without the help of Jamie (brotherGeo)! Recommend to anyone feeling down or upset, thanks for everything x
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